Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cameroon Government Intensifies Crackdown On Homosexuals & Homosexuality

*Afegnui Aban Paul Amongst others Facing Gross Human Rights Abuse and Wanted  
Since the enactment into law on homosexuality as a criminal act in Cameroon, the government of Cameroon has launched an endless fight against what it refers to as immoral acts that has witness an increase in the past few years. Long before the act of homosexuality and lesbianism became crimes, the ruling CPDM led by its President, H.E Paul Biya, Head of State of Cameroon has been clamouring for a decent Cameroonian society free of societal ills through its policy of rigour and moralization.  
As a way of discouraging the public from the act and nipping the perpetrators in the bud, those suspected of the act are arrested, tried in law courts against heavy jail terms if found guilty. Several young men and women are today serving heavy jail terms in prisons across Cameroon for acts of gay, homosexuality or lesbianism. Others guilty of the act are operating in hiding or have escaped out of the country for fear of being arrested and jailed.
The case of one Afegnui Aban Paul remains a glaring example who is into gay and has suffered a lot in the hands of persecutors, public attack and government hunt.  From our findings, the said Aban Paul who is a twin brother to Peter Funui Aban, born in the year 1985 , son of ita Abimnui and Aban Emmanuel  got engaged into gay introduced to by a roommate while at the University who now remains as a lover since 2008. Caught red handed in their love adventures by neighbors who considered their actions to be abominable, subjected them to serious torture and were taken before the community council where they were almost excommunicated following or accompanying other litigations and extrajudicial actions stationed for them. His story is very pathetic and is just one amongst several other cases as persecution persisted even after graduation and even while taking up his Master’s studies. The situation went rift in 2012 when he could not bear the series of public humiliation and decided to travel to Quarter where he spend almost a year and a half to be back in 2015, got arrested by the police at the point of being lynched (that is him and Romarick the lover) by angry bike riders, for open exhibition of what is forbidden in the community. News avails that after languishing in jails for some months he managed to escape and is nowhere to be found. 

Only for other news reports to hold that he escaped to Nigeria where he is certainly in hiding as Cameroon government continue with its ceaseless series of man hunt. The news of Aban Paul being gay and for promoting and practicing Lesbianism in Bamenda is out and wild. Several local radio stations and newspapers have picked interests in the story as “breaking news” since the Cameroonian government was now acting contrary to international norms and laws given that such acts of homosexuality and lesbianism are authorized in most part of the world.
In addition this government crackdown action is receiving heavy criticism from those who are into such engagements and human right organizations have also picked on the government for human rights abuse and violation.
As we report, such an awkward action by government is receiving wild media attention and is a serious cause for concern as most of those who are already deeply engaged in the act are now caused to flee homeland. Confirmed security reports holds that close to well over 1500 partners have fled to neighboring towns for fear of arrests.  

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