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10 Reasons Why Schools Should Effectively Resume in Anglophone Cameroon this September

πŸ†Ž Ten Reasons why schools must resume effectively all over Southern Cameroon.πŸ”’ 
πŸ†Ž1) To stop our children from crossing over to La Republic schools where they continue to learn the french culture.
πŸ†Ž2) To prevent transfer of hard earned money to La Republic in form of school fees.
πŸ†Ž3) So that our future leaders be educated.
πŸ†Ž4-To prove to La Republic leaders that we control our destiny, especially our education
πŸ†Ž5) To prove to the world that we know the value of education and respect our Children's right to education.
πŸ†Ž6) To let the world know that our struggle is not against our own children, but against La Republic.
πŸ†Ž7) To prevent Ambaland children in the Diaspora whose parents have not spent sleepless nights like we do  from looking low on our children in.
πŸ†Ž8) To put smiles on the faces of our children, especially those who have not gone to school during the last 2years.
πŸ†Ž9) To safe our educational infrastructure from dilapidation and preserve them for the future state.
πŸ†Ž10) To attract Gods blessings for the struggle since children are like angels.
πŸ”’ Share if you love children. πŸ’―

Biya orders arrest of Military Officials on Human Rights Buse in the N.W and S.W region of Cameroon

A communiquΓ© was issued by the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma, this Friday night, on CRTV. Here is the content:
"The Minister of Communication informs the public that following the publication of a video stating unacceptable abuses perpetrated by armed men against women and children, the HEAD OF STATE has Ordered the opening of an investigation to clarify this case and to establish the possible responsibilities.
The investigation led to the arrest of the following military personnel:
    Lieutenant (N) FOBASSOU Etienne;
    Sergeant BITYALA Cyriaque Hilaire
    Corporal GODWE MANA Didier Jeannot
    Corporal Tsanga
    Private Sergeant DONOSSOU Barnabas
    Private SECOND MANASSE Jacobai Jonathan
    Private First Class NTIECHE FEWOU Ghisiain
The persons concerned have been put at the disposal of the courts and will be subject to a fair trial. It goes without saying that they have until now enjoyed the presumption of innocence.
The Minister of Communication removes the determination of the HEAD OF STATE to ensure that the abuses that may be perpetrated by some lost soldiers, are systematically investigated and result in appropriate sanctions if necessary.
It renews to the Defense and Security Forces the confidence, support and appreciation of the HEAD OF STATE and the entire nation for the bravery, professionalism and determination with which they fight against terrorists and other criminal groups , in order to defend the territorial integrity, peace and stability of our country as well as the security of citizens and their property. "

Tumi's AAC III Rescheduled for the 22nd November 2018

The Conveners of the Anglophone General Conference (AGC) met in Douala on Wednesday, 8th August 2018, to review the situation and identify the necessary actions to be taken towards the holding of a successful AGC. They noted with deep satisfaction that the Government welcomed the initiative while expressing reservations on some requests that were addressed to it. They appreciated the enthusiasm with which Cameroonians of all the ten regions and all political leanings at home and abroad received the announcement of the forthcoming conference, while taking cognizance of the scepticism, doubt and hostility expressed by some voices. They re-affirmed their determination to pursue, as politically neutral servants of God concerned solely with the welfare of the people, this initiative which is intended to lay the ground for finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis and for a return to normal life in the Northwest and Southwest regions.
The Conveners reviewed the various tasks to be accomplished in preparation for the conference and to ensure that this important gathering of the people of the Southwest and Northwest regions achieves its noble objectives. They concluded that more time would be needed to prepare for the conference.  They, therefore,  decided to postpone the holding of the Anglophone General Conference in Buea, initially scheduled for 29th and 30th August, to the 21st and 22nd November 2018.
The Conveners call upon the people of the Northwest and Southwest regions, wherever they may be, to continue preparations for their Individual attendance and effective participation in the conference. They invite all Cameroonians to pray daily to the Almighty God for the success of this conference and for the early return of peace and harmony to the two Anglophone regions.
+ Christian Cardinal Tumi
Douala, 8th August, 2018
For further information, contact:
Dr. Simon Munzu,  Spokesperson,  College of Conveners (e-mail:  anyopeuh@yahoo.; tel: +237695256460); or
Mr. Elie Smith, Head of Communications (e-mail:; tel: +237 699108387)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Our Icon of the Month:Meet Fon Kavin Shomitang II NOWEFU SG A Model Amongst North West Fons ; An Astute, Dexterous and Charismatic King

A lot of hard work is necessary before somebody becomes a genius, an enlightened despot. In fact there are people who have achieved as much for their society in terms of fighting for the welfare of their people. One of such is persons is World Echoes Newspaper’s 2018 “Model Icon of the Month” that is his Majesty Fon Kavin II of Bambalang Kingdom.
Part of Fon Kavin’s greatness comes from birth which is royal, and self acquisition of Knowledge and wit through conscious efforts which makes him morally and financially strong amongst class and kind rates.   
While others only made it because they inherited great wealth or were appointed to high places, of responsibility, our Man of the Month personally and self seeking bulldozed his way through.
This he did by burning the mid night candle even after his coronation while as a student in the University of Buea and later a student in the National school of Administration and Magistracy. Thanks to his search for knowledge even after ancestral wit, he is refined and define, why not dynamic in all he thinks, do or say because of the wisdom in him. This knowledge is also responsible for his sense of belonging and direction, why not right thinking reasons why he is loved and cherished by his people. His kingdom without mixing words is the only kingdom in the grass fields not facing chieftaincy crisis.
He is a Fon, an administrator, an economist and why not jurist by extension from ENAM. Amongst Fons he is the Sectary General of North West Fon’s Union.
Our idol and icon of the month, simple and unassuming, down to earth and God fearing has succeeded in giving the “Sha'atang cultural festival running for its 85 Edition world recognition. Not only that, the Mbaw-Yakum multipurpose museum has gained national and international recognition through UNESCO thanks to his lobbying power.
Bambalang is blessed today and witnessing fast face up lift infrastructural wise and development wise thanks to the God send king of Bambalang. The people today can heave a great sigh of relief as there is total and complete synergy between the village Administration and the Bambalang cultural and Development association.
Our man of the month has indeed done so much for his region and the nation, yet, more is still to be rolled out of his sleeves which this our special edition cannot contain,
A general over view of Bambalang Village;
 Bambalang is a village located in the NorthWest Region of Cameroon. The village of Bambalang is one of the four villages that make up Ndop Central Sub Division and one of the thirteen villages that make up Ngoketunjia Division. Bambalang village saw most of its fertile land flooded upon the completion of the Bamendjin Dam in 1974 giving rise to some Islands like Mbissa, Nkeshie, Mbefekhu, Mishie and Mpayah. The Bamendjin Dam was constructed mainly to serve as a reservoir to feed the hydroelectric plant at EdΓ©a. It was constructed across the Noun River, a tributary of the Sanaga River that operates the hydroelectric plant at Edea. The construction of this dam has served as a source of mixed feelings for Bambalang people because while those whose fertile land were flooded look at it as a mishap, it is beneficial to a cross section of the population given that it is contributing enormously to the economy of the village with thousands of fishermen whose lives and that of their families depend on fish (Bambalang fish) gotten from the water. The vegetation is Guinea Savanna as farming has destroyed most forests with the exception of the "Pa’ah Ngwong" Forest at the heart of the village (about 3.5 km2). Bambalang village is mainly a hillock stretching in a North West, South-East direction. It is narrow at the North-West and broadens towards the South East, appearing as a semi-Island or a promontory. Bambalang has a length of about 21 km and a width of about 8 km giving an area of about 168 km2 supporting a population of 20.863 people.History Myth holds that the Mbaw-Yakum people (known as Bambalang upon the arrival of the Germans) sprung out of a lake in a forest “Pa’ah Ngwong” at the heart of the village. It is believed that the original founders were nine in number referred to as “Ngwandipuh” i.e the “Big Nine”.[2] Ethnological studies trace the origin of the Mbaw-Yakum people from Ndobo in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon as well as other Tikari Villages in Ndop Plain. The Tikars migrated from Bornu in Northern Nigeria through Ndobo, Bafia and the Western Region to the North Western Region in the late 17th and early 18th Centuries A.D. The first settlement of the Mbaw-Yakum people must have been at Pa’ah Ngwong where a mysterious lake exist. It is in this small lake at the heart of the forest where myth holds that the founders of the village sprung out covering their heads with leaves of a herb “mbimboroh” (piper umbellatum). At that time tribal wars were rampant leading to frequent migrations. This explains the movement of small groups of people usually under a leader seeking refuge. The present Mbaw-Yakum village originated from a number of small villages led by chiefs who arrived and settled at different periods. Pa’ah Ngwong was the site where Yakum-Ntaw I had settled with his people. These groups were frequently attacked by enemies and at times the others united with enemies to fight against each other. It was to avoid this continuous fighting that a number of small villages were united by Yakum-Ntaw I to form one village under one leader known as Yakum. They decided to call themselves the Mbaw people under the leadership of Yakum hence the name Mbaw-Yakum. Mbaw-Yakum is related to other villages because they hold that Ngwafuongmbie, wife of Mangwa (leader of the “Big Nine”) had two sons and a daughter. The two sons were Tining and his elder brother Chungpikuh. Chungpikuh was a hunter while Tining remained at home and succeeded their father. Chungpikuh led a group of people who settled at the present land of Bamunka and became the Fon of Bamunka. However, other Mangeh villages belief that Mangeh had five children, two sons (Tuningmungwa and Chengfong) and three daughters (Byiae, Vhenji and Mekheng). The eldest Tunigmungwa succeeded their father and formed Bambalang while his brother Chengfonf established the Bamunka village whereas Byiae formed Bamali, Vhenji forned Bafanji and Mekheng the Bamunkumbit village. Bambalang and Bamunka were descendants of the males (sons of Mangeh) while Bafanji, Bamunkumbit and Bamali are the descendants of the daughters. These five villages, have formed the Mangeh Family Association to maintain peace and unity among themselves to ensure progress of all. These villages have no defined boundary between them because they know that they are one.Sha'atang (Annual Cultural Festival The Sha’atang epitomizes the Mbaw-Yakum people because it is a period of communion and reunion. Before the coming of the Christmas, villagers knew that they had to buy new dresses for their children during Sha’atang. Before the reign of Fon Ghogomu, death celebrations of late Fons were frequent often provoked by problems that threatened the welfare and health of the Fondom. In such situations, the gods of the land were always consulted. A common answer was that one of the late Fons was angry that the villagers have neglected him for long. An eleven days of ceremonies (to usher peace) was then observed and the celebration carried out. If after this a similar revelation was made of another Fon, another death celebration was carried out immediately, so that a lot of time for farming and other gainful activities were lost this way. Because of this Fon Ghogomu suggested to the Kwifon that the celebration of all late Fons could be jointly done, once a year. i.e an Annual Cultural Festival. This period is a week of peace (retreat) when there should be no quarreling, fighting, shouting and farming. The rest of the period could therefore be used for farming and other gainful activities since this is done once a year.

Declaration of a Group of 20 Political Parties to support the Candidature of the Head of State H.E Paul Biya, in the 7th October 2018 Presidential Election.

Every citizen who has decided to create a political party has as ambition, the supreme magistracy of his country. Since the re-introduction of Multi party politics in 1991, Cameroon has recorded more than 250 political parties. In democracy, the opposition plays the role of checks and balance thereby ensuring a certain level of stability in the running of state institutions. Leading a political party is not synonymous to a systematic opposition of all government initiatives, neither does it confer on its leader national stewardship as it is considered in Cameroon and in most African countries.
Since the Presidential election of 201, some members of our group requested the putting in place of a dynamic framework for change to take place in the political arena in Cameroon. To this effect, three (3) preconditions were suggested as follows;
a)A single candidate for the Opposition parties for the 2018 presidential election
b)The implantation of branches of our group in the 360 subdivisions of Cameroon
c)Create a platform to work in collaboration with elections Cameroon (ELECAM) in order to obtain a massive registration of citizens of voting age on the electoral roll.
It is evident that the opposition in Cameroon cannot succeed to win a presidential election by presenting multiple candidates. This way, their votes would be divided leading to mediocre results. As such, the candidature for the CPDM being the only Political Party well represented in the 360 subdivisions will always have an urge on the opposition.
Our proposal for a single opposition candidate met resistance from those who think that they are strong and can win the presidential election single-handedly.
Since 2011, the CPDM elite has been carrying out sensitization on the field to encourage their militants to register on the electoral roll, unlike the opposition which only woke up from slumber on the eve of the poll.
How can you think of winning a presidential election without any important electoral base? Most opposition leaders are contented with the “ONE MAN SHOW” syndrome characterized by frequent appearance on television channels and social media, forgetting that elections are won on the foeld.
Due to the lack of organization of opposition political parties, the egoism of some of its leaders, the inflated ego of some pretenders to the presidential seat who are all in the logic of  “ME OR NOBODY” the lack of a credible manifesto, and lack of means, the opposition can only dream of change.
We the leaders, of the opposition parties united under the “GROUP OF 20” have decided to give our total and unconditional support to the candidature of H.E President Paul Biya for the 7 October, 2018 presidential election. In our opinion the head of state possesses the qualities and wherewithal necessary for maintenance of peace, stability, national unity, economic progress and the respect of Cameroon in the international community.
We are neither CPDM militants nor its sympathizers but after a thorough analysis of the economic and political challenges, as well as those in the domain of sports, we think that the candidature of president Paul Biya merits the support of all Cameroonians of goodwill and those having love for country and the future of children.
Notwithstanding, our support for the candidature of H.E President Paul Biya is not without conditions. We are requesting that after his brilliant re-election, he should look into the preoccupation of our militants and those of Cameroonians in general. These include;
1.the acceleration of the decentralization process and the provision of the necessary means to the new ministry of decentralization and local development to carry out concrete projects on the field.
2.speed up construction works on infrastructure for the CAN 2019 so that all the major projects (construction of stadia, hotels, and hospital etc.) should be ready before the D-day as promised by the Head of State. Our credibility is at stake.
3.proceed with the revision of the contract between the state of Cameroon and ENEO, so that the quality of their services to the population, especially those in the East, North West, Adamawa and FAR North Regions is improved.
4.harmonize retirement age at 60 for all state agents: we think that there is no reason to allow a certain category of state agents to retire at 55 when they are still useful to our country.
Our position on the situation in the NORTH West and South West Regions in unambiguous. Unity, peace and social cohesion must be preserved so that Cameroon remains that nation admired in Africa. The government addressed all the grievances raised by teachers and Lawyers which caused the crisis in November 2016. Available facts indicate that the Head of state even went beyond the demands of the striking lawyers and teachers.
Nothing can therefore, justify the attitude of a minority who wants to take hostage the two regions of our country, causing pains and desolation to families. Cameroon the cradles of our ancestors, does not deserve this image in the 21st century.
Taking into consideration the above;
a.we reiterate our position for a Cameroon that is neither Anglophone nor Francophone, but a united and indivisible Cameroon in its linguistic and cultural diversity.
b.request for gov’t to maintain a firm attitude of no tolerance towards our compatriots who have taken the risk to undermine national unity,
c.request gov’t to hasten the trial of persons arrested for violence and crimes carried out in the North West and South West Regions. The guilty should be punished while the innocent are freed,
d.reject all appeals for amnesty for terrorists arrested in fragrant delito of rape of our children, destruction of public and private property, burning of schools, hospitals and health centers, cowardly murder of elements of our defense and security forces in the North West and South West Regions;
e.request the gov’t to take appropriate measures to track down terrorists who recruit, drug and enlist children aged between 11 and 16 years in their militia and living in makeshift camps and bushes causing terror in certain localities in the North West and South West Regions.
f.exhort some of us naΓ―ve compatriots in the North West and the South West Regions following the terrorists in their senseless quest to create an imaginary state to drop their arms and return within the Republic for disorder doesn’t benefit any one for Cameroon being a country of freedom offers legal framework where grievances can be expressed without violence, racketeering, organized crime, intimidation and blackmail.
g.Thank the Head of state for putting in place the emergency humanitarian plan for the North West and South West Regions, hoping that this plan will bring the necessary assistance to all internally displaced persons and Cameroon refugees in Nigeria.
Convinced that the Head of State is the custodian of our constitution,
We the “GROUP OF 20” opposition political parties, through our declaration of this day make our modest contributions to nation building. This justifies our support for the re-election of the Head of State for the 7 October 2018 Presidential election.
Done in Yaounde, this Friday 20th July 2018   

Gross Human Rights Abuse Ongoing in Bamenda; Popular Music Artists Tambang Akem Afanyu Wanted for Playing Liberation Song

Information reaching our news room today the 5th of July 2018 from the public Police security post old town Bamenda holds that there is a serious man hunt after one Bamenda based popular musician for playing a liberation song in support of the ongoing crisis in Cameroon which started since 2016 and is growing wild today as a result of propaganda fanned by activists.
It should be noted that just as the crisis is increasingly growing in momentum, government actions are also been multiplied to get hold of perpetrators at home and abroad.


The genesis of the matter of this styled Bamenda Based music artists Tambang Akem Afanyu stems from an unexpected arrest of Alphonse at the Mother’s Birth day party in July at the PNEU Junction. According to complain, addressed by the mother to a human right lawyer in Bamenda, Barrister Luma Elvis, the regime has been behind his son for singing a liberation song on the current Anglophone struggle. Since then, there have been several operations organized for him to be picked up after he and others were arrested and granted bailed the following day.
As we report the Popular Bamenda based music artist is no where to be found, just as there are increasing calls for the mother to be arrested for hiding the where about of his son a front line supporter of a movement that has grounded the English speaking part of the country for over three years now.
It should be noted that all these gross human right abuse and reckless arrests are been done before the watchful eyes of human activists who are helpless before the whole show because they are not also exempted from such ungovernable acts of the military. This we of this organ condemn in sound and high terms calling on the international community to step in.

Anglophone Cameroon Struggle: Gov’t Intensify Crackdown on Secessionists; Son of Late Southern Cameroonian Activists Abanda Mathias, Devine Abanda Seriously wanted

With the Southern Cameroon liberation movement cum Ambazonian struggle for Independence taking a new twixt and going rift, the government of Cameroon is sparing no efforts and has taken upon herself to go fishing out sympathizers and frontline activist to help put restrain to the revolution that is growing in frequency daily. Reasons why organized raids and arrests are conducted in the trouble zones or areas unsparingly.
This decision comes from the security resolutions arrived at in the last security council meeting that took place on the 27th of June 2018 in Yaounde.

Going by its resolutions and ordinance, the forces of law and order have suddenly become brutal, breaking into people’s houses, raping, looting, and arresting at random.
The last scenario in Batibo weh precisely, has left untold suffering in the hearts of the people and unimaginable destruction of properties with human loses that cannot be counted.
As we news in, families of front line activists at home and abroad are a subject of serious attack since Paul Biya declared war on the Anglophones in March styling separatists as terrorists.
A particular case has to do with the family of late Abanda Mathias a staunch leader of the then Southern Cameroon Liberation movement whose family and children are still suffering persecution today most especially at this point in time where there is a serious man hunt after his son Devine Abanda currently living in the UK and followers Elvis MBAH, Eric Tebo, Daniel Abanda, Akum Julius for fanning the crisis and aligning with the purported armed militia group known for perpetrating terrorists attacks on the military.
As the situation goes worst daily, the military is equally radicalized and vandalized bearing in mind that there is absolute need for peace to be reinstated at all cost in these two English speaking parts of the country before 2018 Presidential elections slated on the 7th of October.