Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ndop Mayor Grants 4.5 Million to Wind Victims

Zincs worth 4.5 millions francs CFA was donated on the 1st of July 2014 by the chieftain of the Ndop Council management, Mbombo Abel to win victims answering to the call of several appeals from affected individuals and institutions from the Municipality. Reasons why the visionary developer Abel, passionate and indiscriminate the way he extends his charity coughed out of the Council’s meager resources 4.5 millions to assist his needy masses. The act and exercise falls within the framework of his ruthless development plans and ambitions in the Municipality that has spread her tentacles to torch every sector of human lives in his community. Most especially in the domain of opening farm to market roads, rehabilitation and grading of roads, provision of Portable water, health infrastructures, basic Educational amenities, social welfare services etc. At the Ndop Council Hall where the symbolic exercise played host, the Lord Mayor before the Administration of Ndop Central, headed by DO Poss Alex Francis and the beneficiaries, stressed that, it is their responsibility to ensure the Social welfare of the people reasons why, when the varied appeals came in, mindful of the Council’s crawling financial situation, he and his team decided to spare no efforts to react accordingly, which is the fruit of the ceremony currently witnessed. The DO commended such a stride by the Mayor, calling on benefactors to make proper use of it. Rev. Fr. Cosmos exalted the initiative that also gave a considering favor to Religious institutions in the Municipality. The Presbyterian Pastor on his part, saluted the effort, observing that the donation to schools is building a sound base for Nation building and taking proper care of citizen while cementing better grounds for development. The Benefactors are: -GS Ntongoh Bamunka Rural (1 Bundle of Zinc), -GPNS Bamunka-Ndop (1 Bundle Zinc), PSS Ndop (2 Bundle of Zinc), Health Center Mbissa (2 Bundes), Njoko Memorial Secondary School, Ndop (1 Bundle), Islamic Primary School, Bambalang (1Bundle), GS Mighang, Bambalang (1 Bundle), GS Tulouh, Bamali (1 Bundle), Divine Mercy Nursery and Primary School, Bmabalang (1 Bundle).

Mbah Shupong Michael Installed As CDENO Director

The minister of Livestock fisheries and animal industries, Dr Taiga has said the new administrative director of the north west livestock development find, CDENO, Mbah Shupong Michael is faced with many more challenges given that with the tarring of the Bamenda –Enugu road, the region will be exposed to a larger west African market and as such will need to do more to meet the imminent increase in demand from these neighboring countries, especially Nigeria. The minister who was speaking at the Bamenda congress hall on Friday 27 June during the installation of the new CDENO boss urged Mbah Shupong Michael who is an experienced economist specialized in economic policies to use his knowledge to meet up with the demand of the population which involves increasing the production of livestock to meet up with the demands of the population. The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council who in his address poured encomium on the government for carrying out several livestock development projects in the region which has gone a long way to help the population. He said with the recent announcement of the imminent take off of the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project which is funded by the African Development Bank and worth several billions, there is no doubt that the quality of life of the population of the region both in terms of the food needs as well as the creation of jobs especially for the young people. A north west elite who witnessed the ceremony ,Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle quipped that it was a great day for the region in general and the livestock family in particular, adding that all and sundry should throw their weight behind the new administrative director so that he succeeds in his daunting task. Also present at the ceremony were north west governor, Adolf Lele L’afrique ,Mezam SDO Felix Nguele Nguele ,elites traditional dance groups and a cross section of the population

Boko Haram Now Recruiting Hundreds Of Cameroonian Youths In Far North Region

Nigeria’s extremist Islamist group Boko Haram are believed to be actively recruiting fighters across the border in Cameroon’s Far North Region, according to residents and local government officials. “There are many Muslim brothers coming from Nigeria with the aim of preaching to the youths. The government has warned against this practice, but they still reach out to the young people because they make them promises and give them money,” said Ibrahim Haman, an Islamic preacher and elder in Mora District in the Far North. Residents of Mayo-Sava area in Far North Region say that unidentified preachers are secretly reaching out to youths in their locality. Haman pointed out that some youths have managed to escape the sect after being recruited, but many others have not returned. “Boko Haram is considered here as just another religious group, and it is not difficult to be a member if you want to. Young people from here have been induced into joining Boko Haram,” he said. Military training A seventeen-year-old young man recently recounted how he was brought back home to Cameroon blindfolded after failing to cope with the insurgents’ military training. He had been taken to Nigeria by a preacher. “I was the youngest among eight other boys who told me they came from the towns of Banki, Kolofata and Ngeshawa ,in Cameroon and Maiduguri ,in Nigeria. Before I was taken, they told my father that I would come back rich and a great Muslim, so he allowed me to go. We were reading the Koran and they would preach to us about fighting for the Muslim faith,” said Mustapha. “I went for my second military training in the mountains, but suffered many injuries and I was bedridden for one month,” he said, explaining that he was brought back as his injuries ruled him unfit for combat. A government official in Mora District, however, said that it is difficult to ascertain that Boko Haram is recruiting from Cameroonian border villages. There are similar ethnic communities in Cameroon’s Far North and northeastern Nigeria who have family on either side of the border, speak the same language and share a common culture, making undetected cross-border movement easy. “We don’t really have enough evidence to say clearly that Boko Haram recruits Cameroonians, but what isclear is that those fighting with them are from the border regions and can claim the nationality of either country whenever it suits them,” said the official on condition of anonymity. But a Mora resident who gave his name only as Daibu said that his brother disappeared in 2012 soon after joining a local Koranic school. “He just left and never came back. We heard from people that he had joined Boko Haram.” Insecurity in Cameroon’s Far North Region caused by Boko Haram has crippled trade between the region and northeastern Nigeria. Yaoundé authorities have bolstered security, but infiltration and kidnappings by gunmen suspected to be linked to the radical Islamists have not stopped. “Boko Haram had sent a letter to villages with warnings that all beer parlours should stop the sale of alcohol in Mora, Banki and other localities along the border. We can’t identify them but we just know that they are among us or have informants here,” said Mercel Kenfor, a trader in Mora. “We strongly believe that Boko Haram has elements in Cameroon…The maneuvers they make in Cameroon territory is evidence that these groups have a good mastery of the terrain…” “It is obvious that Boko Haram uses some Cameroonians. This is because an intruder cannot enter your territory when he has no idea of the area. Boko Haram must be colluding with Cameroonians to be able to move around easily.”

Barrister Nico Halle’s Education Talk at CCU Convocation Ceremony Theme: KNOWLEDGE AND INTEGRITY

It is definitely with profound gratitude to God that I address you all present here today, on the heels of a very special historic event, spotlighting the great achievements of the Pioneer and graduating Batch of students of the Cameroon Christian University (CCU), christened the Batch of Justice and Peace. On November 08, 2013 at 11.41am, I felt exceedingly blessed receiving a phone call from the CCU Vice Chancellor, Professor Emmanuel Chia, inviting my humble self to be guest speaker during this all-important and uncommon ceremony in the life of this great institution. We all have definitely been looking forward to this great day with a lot of joy, enthusiasm and thankfulness to God Almighty for the milestone. To the VC and staff I say thanks for affording me the honour to be here and speaking. My Dear friends, before I delve into the theme of our discourse today, let us go down memory lane and take a brief look at the conception, establishment and evolution of CCU. The idea for the creation of a Christian University by the PCC was timely conceived by some members of the Bali Old Boys Association (BOBA). Following persistent calls from Christians and other opinion leaders, the PCC saw the need to establish a University that would be inspired by strong Christian values in order to further forge ahead with what the Church was already accomplishing at the Primary and Secondary School levels. Under the able stewardship of Moderator Emeritus, the Very Rev. Dr. Nyansako-ni-Nku, the Committee for the Establishment of a Christian University (CEPU) was put in place in 2005. As per its Mission Statement, the Cameroon Christian University will pursue unfettered knowledge through teaching and research and provide service to humanity predicated on the core values of Christian faith. In line with the motto of the University: “Scientia – Veritas – Probitas” (Knowledge - Truth - Probity), graduates from CCU are expected to be worthy in learning and character, therefore able to make a difference for the betterment of society in terms of dedication and probity. Cameroon is blessed with eight State Universities, a few Private Universities and several other institutions of higher learning which churn out tens of thousands of graduates every year. Yet, this beloved Nation – Cameroon, Land of Promise and Glory, Africa in Miniature, is plagued by all forms of Moral Decadence, bringing our Nation to its knees. We are often tempted to put to question the quality of education acquired through some of our institutions of learning. It was C.S. Lewis who stated that “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather making man a clever devil”. Dear friends, the PCC is conscious of the above and encourages quality education at a higher level - anchored on a strong foundation of solid Christian values by which some of us have been nurtured. Against this backdrop, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Asana, Moderator of the PCC, Proprietor and Chancellor of CCU, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, unconditionally gave his blessings and CCU effectively opened its doors and received its pioneer students, you are, on October 16, 2010. The vision was that CCU, as a model of a University, a reference in Cameroon and beyond, will produce, in its pursuit of excellence and the search for the truth, the much needed genuine intellectual for our society. This is in line with the common belief that the heart of education is the education of the heart. To some the realization of this dream might have come late, but in the words of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Asana: “What is worth doing is worth doing well”. Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen: On the heels of the above, I have chosen as our theme for discourse: KNOWLEDGE AND INTEGRITY. I have made it simple, devoid of any legal jargon or terminology, for the understanding of all to avoid any insinuations, innuendoes, misapprehensions or subterfuges. Dear friends, in talking about knowledge and integrity, I take into account your time and experiences while here and the individual paths you shall trot as you leave CCU today. Knowledge is information we gather and accumulate as we go through life. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is what is left when all is forgotten. Knowledge is obtained from various sources, including but not limited to schooling/education, personal and shared experiences, information disseminated via public media and the press/media, etc. I would like us to note that having knowledge about something does not mean intelligence. Analogously, being knowledgeable does not indeed mean wisdom. To put it laconically, knowledge represents nothing without the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10). There are many in Society whom we call learned, whereas they are a disaster in their lives and professions. It is common knowledge to find high profile members of our society and church who have accumulated academic degrees and achieved fame in academia, but who are an embarrassment and disgrace. Why? Religious knowledge and moral education have been thrown to the dogs. Despicable. My beloved brothers and sisters, a good number of us have passed through institutions in Cameroon and abroad, yet these institutions seem not to have passed through us. Dear pioneer graduates, I have no iota of doubt on my mind that you have not only passed through CCU, but CCU - a Christian citadel of learning - has also passed through you. I am firmly convinced that the knowledge you have acquired here has been backed by morality, making you veritable agents of change that are much needed to transform society. You are therefore expected to play a pivotal role in contributing to Nation-building and making a difference wherever you find yourself, by your moral probity and dedication to work. Each of you should be a beacon of change. I know that you are graduating today on the basis of the efforts you put in during your stay here and not by “Sexually Transmissible Marks” or other unorthodox means as it is the case with some of our Institutions of Higher Learning. Note that false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. It is quintessential to know that having now gained knowledge you must be able to positively impact society. Do you know that what you are is God’s gift to you, and what you make of yourself is your gift to God? You are blessed to be graduating from a citadel of learning with emphasis on university education with a moral core aimed at producing enlightened Christian graduates. Through your lives and work, you are expected to bear witness to the Gospel wherever you may be. You receive today a great commission, namely: to transform society. (Matthew 28:18-20). As you go into the world from here, you are expected to be role models to your peers by your behavior, in your homes, professions, within the church, the Nation, avoiding adhering to the standards of the world. (Romans 12:2). The challenges ahead of you are uncommon and undoubtedly enormous. As recommended by Abraham Lincoln, you should pick up weeds and plant flowers wherever you find yourselves. To be able to do so, you must not at any point in time compromise your integrity. Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character. Integrity also means: - Honesty, Humility, Love, Patriotism, Transparency and Accountability, Peace, Kindness, Faithfulness, Self-control, etc. Do not be fooled that building integrity will be devoid of opposition as you seek not to conform. You shall be persecuted because society seems to be content and comfortable in the moral squalor and decadence that it has created. St Paul in 2 Tim. 3:12 says: Everyone who wants to live a godly life in union with Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Be this as it may, do not fear such resistance by society as good will always triumph over evil. Some of my most enjoyable and pleasant moments in my life are when I am aware that I am being persecuted for the sake of the truth. In such situations I remain uncompromisingly steadfast. Each time you are persecuted for the sake of Christ, rejoice and be glad for your reward is in heaven. (Matt.5:10-12). Do not be a people-pleaser. To cower in the face of such opposition will portray a lack of integrity. It is said that the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who sat on the fence and watched evil prevail. Martin Luther King has said, “All it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing”. Dearly beloved, one of the daunting challenges you shall surely face is the worrying morose economic situation of our country and the world at large. The prevalent hardship in society today has caused many young people, men and women, to engage in dubious means to make fast money. Acts such as bribery, corruption, embezzlement, homosexuality, promiscuity, blackmail, occultism, conflict, chaos, anarchy, hypocrisy, bootlicking, etc. are legion in our society; even the Church is not vindicated. Do not get infected by the “get-rich-quick” virus. Be reminded that it is not because some people are faulting with impunity that makes it right. They might not be many but the impact of their act is devastating. Chinua Achebe aptly puts it in the Arrow of God “Lunatics may be outnumbered but they own the place”. You are expected to be CCU Ambassadors with a mandate to transform society. Your respect for the hierarchy of the Church and State Institutions should be without reserve. Romans 13. Some of you may want to get rich at all cost even if it means shaking hands with the devil. The general trend in society today is to measure success in terms of huge bank accounts, the type of mansions we have, the brand of cars we drive, etc. No and No. What would it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Matt 16:26. Suffice it to say, that your integrity is worth far more than Billions of CFA. Nobody is against honest wealth though. That begs the question why we must seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto us. (Matthew 6:33). My dear friends, we are not oblivious of the reverses you faced and still face here: Lack of adequate and befitting infrastructure for conducive learning, enrolment problems, scarce financial resources, inadequate teaching staff, etc. It is however often said that nothing good comes easy. No cross, no crown. Victory comes only after adversity. It is even good that the beginning is tough in order for us not to lie on our laurels. We are however, happy and thankful to God that our Church authorities are doing their utmost to reverse the trend. As you graduate you will certainly face a litany of challenges every day of your life; but at no point in time, and under no circumstances, should you trade off your integrity either for fast gain or transient pleasure. Yes, nobody is perfect and none of us can brandish perfection. This, however, does not in any way mean that we should allow evil to engulf society. Your responsibility is to effect positive change wherever you are, decrying slogans like “Who well”, “If you go to Rome do what the Romans do”, “Heaven helps those who help themselves”, “nobody is perfect’’, etc. Also do well to transform the plethora of obstacles you will encounter in your way into stepping stones towards attaining your goal. As you start a new journey, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, who is the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2). Always remember that God is bigger than all our problems, present and future. Yet, I like to heartily congratulate and encourage all of you graduating today as pioneer batch of CCU, for having been diligently focused on your studies despite the several upheavals characteristic of such beginnings. We are also all conscious of the fact that the zeal/enthusiasm/euphoria that gripped PCC Christians upon the announcement of the creation of CCU has considerably waned. As if it is not enough, the Medical Department has been suspended by Government for want of infrastructure, equipment and teaching staff. Who are those responsible for the meltdown? Are some of us not directly or remotely responsible for this saddening nosedive? We should be ashamed of ourselves if we are. Why have pledges that were made during meetings organized by the CCU Fund Raising Committee in Yaounde, Douala and Buea not been met? My clarion call is that those who have been making significant contributions towards the growth of CCU should not tire as God will always bless and replenish them. Excellency the Governor, Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I however take the liberty to doff my hat to stakeholders who have put hands on deck in the realization of this dream. Permit me acknowledge with gratitude while extending glowing tribute and congratulations to the following sterling personalities: -The Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Asana, soft spoken, emblematic and efficient Moderator of the PCC, who came on board with the “Vision of Change”, with special emphasis on transparency and accountability, which vision has gone a long way in making the resources of the Church healthier though this is hurting to embezzlers; -The Very Rev. Dr. Nyansako-ni-Nku, Moderator Emeritus, who cogently embraced the idea of a Christian University and effectively laid a firm foundation for the take-off of CCU before the end of his mandate; -The Rev. Abwenzoh William, Synod Clerk of the PCC for his steady and compelling stewardship; -Mrs. Ines Nsame Mbongo, PCC Financial Secretary, for the great feat she is accomplishing by aggressively blocking all illegal outlets of the Church’s resources, which austerity measures are nevertheless resisted by pilferers; -The Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Anyambod, Secretary Committee of the Ministry, for the spiritual input and accomplishment within the various Departments of the PCC; -The 46th Synod of Justice and Peace that held in Kumba from 17th to 19th Nov, 2013 and took far-reaching immediate, short-term measures to salvage CCU; -Our venerated fathers, landlords, HRH Senator Dr. Ganyonga III of Bali, and HRH Senator Nfon Victor Mukete of Kumba for providing land for CCU, including an enabling and peaceful environment for studies; -The Committee for the Establishment of a Christian University (CEPU), for all its efforts to enable CCU see the light of day; -The celebrated CCU Pro-Chancellor (Prof. Mrs. Dorothy Limunga Njeuma), who has recently been immortalised at UB; -The determined Vice Chancellor (Professor Emmanuel Chia); -The hardworking and unassuming CCU Registrar (Prof. Paul Mbangwana); the devoted teaching staff and all other stakeholders, who are indefatigably working in synergy for the upswing of CCU; -The dynamic Vice Chancellor of UB (Prof. Nalova Lyonga), for guardianship and mentorship of CCU in their academic programmes; -Some Christians of the PCC who are making enormous sacrifices to ensure that CCU stands on its feet; -All the students and parents whose sacrifices have enabled CCU to get to this point; -Deserved gratitude to the Minister of Public Works – H.E. Patrice Amba Salla - for gracefully tarring the road from Njenka-Bali to CPC/CCU campus; -Very special thumps up to the Administration of the North West Region led by the dynamic Governor, H.E. Adolphe Lele Lafrique, for the Peace that reigns in the Region; -The Minister for Higher Education H.E. Jacques Fame Ndongo; -The Prime Minister and Head of government, H.E. Philemon Yang; -The Head of State H.E. Paul Biya, for the support and peace that CCU in particular enjoys and the Nation in general; -Above all to the Almighty God who has continued to sustain CCU. Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen: I am very positive and optimistic about the future of CCU, as Jeremiah 29:11 reassures us that God’s plans for us are for our prosperity and not for disaster. Dear graduates, please bear in mind that you are all graduating today thanks for the most part to the generosity of your parents/sponsors. Before you leave here today, it is important that you formally recognize with gratitude the various roles these persons have played in your success story. As such, I would request that you please give your parents, guardians and family members who are here today to accompany you through this last phase of your time here a standing ovation. This is probably your most pleasurable experience this far. Equally, put your hands together for your eminent Professors and Lecturers who through their devotion and commitment ensured that the burning of your midnight candles was not in vain. I have regrettably with hindsight noted that man is an ingrate, always taking kindness for granted. On a more serious note, I exhort all of us to continue promoting Peace, Justice and Dialogue whenever we are assailed by conflict. Peace has no price. It is the most precious asset for each nation. Some of us promote conflict to make financial and political capital of it. I am sure you know some of the conflict mongers in the Region. Let us all learn from the Historic 2006 Green Tree Peace Accord between Cameroon and Nigeria, brokered by the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Without dialogue and peace, tens of millions of Cameroonians and Nigerians would have already perished in a senseless war. President Paul Biya and former Nigerian President - Olusegun Obasanjo patriotically shelved their pride, ego and self-interest for the safety of their people and property. Wasn’t this a great feat for the good of Cameroon, Africa and the entire world to copy? An award was prepared to be given to these Statesmen during the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Cameroon Armed forces in Bamenda some four years ago but was shamelessly torpedoed by some evil forces of darkness of the Region. Yet, on the heels of what we currently are experiencing one might ask what the global church is doing about the killing and permanent maiming of God’s people all over the world. Is the church helpless in the face of this horrendous carnage and molestation of God’s people? You know the answer. I strongly urge the PCC to urgently take a firm stand against the terrorist gangs whose violent and devilish activities are destabilizing and destroying the peace of the world at large, Africa and Cameroon in particular. Continuous fervent prayers are equally recommended at this trying moment. Finally, away from Convocation proper, 2014 is another crucial year in the life of the PCC, as we are renewing leadership at all echelons. Our integrity is being put to test in the way we choose our leaders. A litmus test indeed. Nobody or group of persons should toy with the image of our Church - PCC. Let us pray that God should guide the Clergy and Laity to choose a Moderator, Synod Clerk and other leaders of our Church, who are spiritually-worthy and equipped to continue the excellent task being executed by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Asana and his team. We do not deserve less. Make no mistake. I call on the entire PCC to be vigilant. There are already cases of widespread electioneering witnessing an unprecedented crescendo in the PCC. What used to be benign is now malignant. Despicable. Never in the life of the PCC - during elections - have we experienced such filthy blackmail, witch-hunting, vote-buying/selling, masquerade, disgusting influence peddling, threat of life, sugar-coated campaign sermons, media campaigns, image-cleansing, hypocrisy, make-believe, manipulations, inordinate, vaulting and unbridled quest for power, etc. - a charade indeed. I bet you if we allow riggers or the morally-compromised to get to power then all about the PCC will be rigged, the image sullied and we shall all be held responsible. God forbid. It has been said that if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. Someone has also said that truth without love is brutality, love without truth is hypocrisy. The Governor of the North West Region; Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; Dear graduates; Thank you all for your big dose of patience and attention, as I pray our awesome Lord to bless and take us safely back to our various homes. SHALOM. Barrister Nico Halle International legal consultant

100s Gather to Grab at Tubah Council Hall: World Echoes “2014 Prosperity Icons Award”

It was all an atmosphere of jubilation, self fulfillment and enthusiasm that ushered thousands of laureates, family members and friends into the ceremonial hall of the Tubah Council where they were to be recognized for the great works they did in the course of the year 2013.This was during the dual ceremony of the World Echoes Newspaper 6th Anniversary and the Awards of honours to 2013 prosperity Icon laureates as selected by the Newspaper’s Award Management committe. In his introductory remarks, the publisher/editor of World Echoes Newspaper, Tamukong Roland Angong pointed out that after six years, and through a sample collective survey, some Cameroonians had been selected by the community as outstanding individuals who have contributed to the prosperity of society as well as their own individual fulfillment .He pointed out that after a rigorous exercise they were gathered to grab the awards that crowned their efforts. To underscore the critical importance of the ceremony, a high mass to call on God to cover the laureates was said early that Saturday morning during which the men of God called on the Almighty Father to protect the Laureates. The Award certificates which also had the inscription of covering all the winners with the blood of Jesus drew thunderous applause when it was first presented to the mammoth crowd that jammed the Tubah Council Hall to overflow capacity. For the first time , winners travelled all the way from neighbouring Nigeria to grab an award in Cameroon. This was the presence of the Director of Research and Development of the Institute of Loan and Risk Management of Lagos Nigeria , with a very powerful delegation. Inspired by the World Echoes Awards, Innocent Ozumba said beyond creating a centre in Cameroon and already in discussions with the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training ,his institute will go the extra mile ,thanks to World Echoes Newspaper to chat the possibility of starting up degree programmes in Risk and Loan Management, beginning with the University of Bamenda. Prior to his intervention ,it is a thunderous and ambiance packed atmosphere that ushered in the 2013 World Echoes Prosperity Icon Man of the Year in the person of Professor Peter Abety .An elated and highly spirited Peter Abety said ever since grabbing an award as the best Cameroonian Poet and Writer in 1991,he could not hide his joy being honoured by World Echoes .He further stated that the award was a clear indication that life has become better .Being a die hard militant of the CPDM, Abety explained that in the not too distant past, the north west was at war with itself, traditional rulers fighting each other, inter tribal wars land conflicts just to name a few. But today ,he said thanks to collective effort peaceful co-existence ,especially in politics has come to stay .It is for working towards these ideals that Abety said he had been honoured. He added that though he served as a government minister for eight years travelling with the head of state to all parts of the world, he has been particularly humbled and challenged by the prosperity Icon Award. For this reason, he pledged to get back to work and do his best for people to live better. The enigmatic mayor of Tubah Tanjong Martin who hosted the event and doubled as a laureate for his part welcomed the guests to his council premises promising them all the hospitality that a home can provide to anybody. Tanjong who grabbed the award as the Prosperity Icon in democracy and transparency said it was more challenging for him because in less than two months he has been honoured thrice. He however went further to say that receiving an award from his own municipality and his own council chambers was even more demanding because it is a call to duty .He said his biggest wish is the fact that if he is to get another award next year ,it should be for the development that he has carried out .It is for this reason that he said whatever development means ,he would do all it takes to deliver it to the Tubah people. The mayor of Bamenda II council, Balick Awah Fidelis who was Best Mayor of the Year, said he remains indebted to World Echoes Newspaper for making him know that his efforts have not gone unnoticed .He said for 24 years, his party has been working to make democracy a reality in Cameroon and that they would stop at nothing to make it a reality. It is at this point in time that Balick received acclamation for the beautiful town hall that he constructed .This achievement even made the minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization ,Rene Emmanuel Sadi to travel all the way from Yaounde to inaugurate the structure. During that inauguration event the minister lauded Balick for using more money than he received to construct the council chambers. Mayor Balick later told pressmen that the World Echoes Award was the best organized in the history of awards in the region. He said he would live up to the expectations of the newspaper. Pastor Wara Solomon who prayed for the start of the ceremony was also one of the laureates who grabbed the Award as Best Pastor of the Year and his RAMAH Christian center was recognized as the best Religious institutition. During his spiritual intervention, the man of God called on the Almighty father to let his grace be felt by laureates. He said if God be for the laureates, no one can be against them, calling on them to stand by what had made them to win the awards. One of the high points of the event was that for the first time ,two catholic friars who won the awards personally turned up at the ceremony to collect them Rev Fr Roberto Pirovano and Rev.Fr Joachim of the Capuchin Friary Bambui. Other laureates who were also very prominent at the event include the management of Moghamo Travel Agency ,the Divisional officer of Tubah,Alim Garga who personally answered present, the Divisional delegate of economy, planning and regional development for Ngoketunjia,Mr Tamfu Denis, Dr Chenui Peter, the DO of Ndop, the director of the women empowerment centre Ndop, Nee Cecilia Ndi, amongst a host of other laureates. The ceremony was also accompanied by Popping of wine, wining and dining. Winners *Man of the Year -Prof Peter Abety *Highly Honoured Cameroonian of the Year -Rt Hon.Senator Achidi Achu *Male Politician of the Year -Tah Nformi Ngalla Gerald *Female Politician of the Year -Senator Mundi Regina *Best Director General of the Year -Libum Nikeng (Director General of Customs Cameroon) *Ngoketunjia’s Politician of the Year -Nkwenui Joseph (Pa Dollar) *Symbol of Peace & Emblem of Hope -Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle 7)*Best Lawyer of the Year -Barrister Suh Fuh Ben (Amity Chamber) *Best Technician of the Year -Azumbom Funiba Ignatius *Special Prize of Recognition for Immense Generosity to UBa -To all the four Fons of Tubah *Best Mayor of the Year -Balick Awa Fidelis *Most Prominent & Dynamic Mayor of the Year -Mbombo Abel Chenyi *Senior Divisional Officers of the Year -SDO Ngoketunjia Division *Best Sub-Divisional Officers of the Year N.W -Itoe Peter Mbongo DO Bamenda II -HRH Poss Francis Alex DO Ndop Centre * Most Transparent & Honest DO of the Year -DO Alim Garga of Tubah *Best Divisional Delegate of the Year -Tamfu Denis MINEPAT *Model Women of the Year -Chengwe Nee Yah Cecilia Ndi (MINPROF) & No.1 Female Right advocate -Malionpe Magdalen (4th Deputy Mayor Ndop Council) -Ngwe Eunice (3rd Deputy Mayor Tubah) -Musi Evelyne (Councilor Balikumbat) *Legendary Icons of the Year -Samuel Asobo Mbuyah (TAMAC Consultant) -Peter Nsanda Eba Registrar St. Louis University *2014 Transparent Social Democrats -Mayor Tanjong Martin -Wechui Barnabas -Chikilem Boniface -Ngwe Eunice -Tumchia Vincent *Best Rector of the Year -Prof Anaclet Fomethe (Dschang University) *Most Popular Vice-Chancellor of the Year -Prof Tafah Edokat *Best Director -Ndi Jonathan Nchotu (Director Technical School of Agriculture Bambili) *Most Dynamic Principals of the Year -Bumuh Martin Viyu Principal CCAST Bambili *Best Female Contractor of the Year -Mme Ruth Bujung *Best Micro Finance -Bambili Cooperative Credit Union *Best Credit Union President -Shey Nfor Musa BAPCUL *Best Credit Union General Manager -GM Bayelle Credit Union *Best Rev Friar of the Year -Rev Father Roberto Pirovano (Fr Magic Friar Superior of St Francis Capuchin) *Best Pastors of the Year -Rev Wara Solomon Che *Best Religious Institution -RAMAH Christian center *Best Evangelism & Humanitarian NGO -LISAC-Cameroon *Best Organization for the Elderly -RECEWAPEC *Best Medical Institution -Shishong Cardiac Center Kumbo *Best Private Clinic -Foundation Clinic *Best Health Driven Program in N.W -CBC HIV free South West & North West Project (ANC) *Best Research Clinic, Foundation Researcher -Raynbow Clinic & Foundation, Dr Abiodun AKA Flusher *King of Traditional Doctors & Master of Natural Mystic -Dr Abeweh Jerome Zeshi *Best Bakery -Mr Baker -Top Star Bakery *Best Hotel of the Year -Moitsa Hotel Young Proficient & Dynamic Councilor of the year -Maitre Mbuyongha Eventius *Best N.W best Entrepreneur Proprietor Moitsa Hotel & Whole sale Depot *Best Community Driven Project -BAWA (Bambui Water Authority) *Best & Most Listened Community Radio -NDEFCAM Radio Bamenda *Best Contractor of the Year -Andangfung Eric *Most Industrious & illustrious Son of Tubah -Mbie John *NW CPDM most devoted Militant of the Year -Prince Mbonifor Kennedy *Best Décor Enterprise - Mubah Louis Decor *Best Travel Agency -Moghamo Express -Mondial Express *Best Security Unit in the North West -BIR under the Leadership of Col. Ayuke *Best ICT Expert of the Year -Dr Chenwi Peter *Best ICT Training Center -Gates Inc Institute *Most Promising Business Man & Establishment - Lah International Ltd *Best Female Regional Delegate - Abong Judy Ngwe MINPROF *Best Design & Fashion Shopping centre -Ngwa Fashion Shopping centre & Merchandise *Youngest Councilor in the Republic -Mundi Valery Tafah *Most Devoted CPDM Youth Section President -Tibatim Cyprain *Best Petrol Station -BOCOM Petrol Station *Most Acclaimed Director of the Year -Dr Lukong Kenneth ENSET Kumba *Best Hotel Management Director -Doume Zacharie Director Ayaba Hotel *Best Head Teacher -Kubri Linus Ngwa *Best Gov’t Poverty Alleviation Program -PIAASI\ISPISA *Best Environmentalist -Paradise on Earth -Mendel Foundation *Most Exemplary Franciscan Friar of the Year - Rev Father Joachim *Best Senator of the Year -Senator Chamua Wanlo John * Best Prison Administrator of the Year -Gen. Tiwa Jonas * Best Parliamentarian of the Year -Ndong Larry Hills of Menchum * Best Ardo of the Year -Hamidou Adamou *Young Enterprising Manager of the Year -Tafili Magnus *Best Female Credit Union President -Ikome Emerencia Tangang *Best Business Contractor of the Year -Fopa Elvis *No.1 Agrarian of the Year -Wirsiy Fabian * Best Business College -Optimistic Business School *Best Professional Institution -Certified institute of Loan & Risk Management * Female legal right advocate of the year - Tamukong Elvis A Welcome Address Presented by Tamukong Roland Executive Director of World Echoes Newspaper Group on the Occasion of her Sixth Anniversary Celebration cum 2014 Prestigious Global Press Award of Excellence to Meritorious Cameroonians. *His Royal Highnesses & Majesties, *Our Excellencies here present *The SDO & DOs *Delegates *Fellow Laureates -Ladies & Gentlemen You are all welcome to this our Prestigious Icons Award ceremony of Excellence in Jesus Mighty Name. Permit me on behalf of World Echoes Newspaper group, officials and partners at home and abroad (most especially those at Ghent Belgium, Notre Dame University Australia and of South Asia Journalism Association) to graciously recognize your honoured presence to our invitation and immense sacrifice. We are abundantly grateful to know you are having us at heart, patronizing every works of ours. God will surely on our behalf reward you plentifully as we remain indebted to your kind unreserved favor. With fresh memories from the special Mass we offered today at the St Peter’s Catholic Church here in Bambui for God’s Guidance and protection through out 2014, permit us table this humble submission before your honoured presence for the smooth function and the social welfare of Journalism in Cameroon. As victim of the countless and unavoidable bad circumstances surrounding the profession we are inviting you to pray against the wanton arrest of Journalist, pray for less court cases, unfair trials and actions against Journalists. In your varied prayer requests and intensions, ask Christ to soften the hearts of Journalists to report for Nation building, for humanity, the underprivileged, the voiceless at the same time crusading for Christ through evangelism. To my fellow colleagues of the Press I also exhort you to add Divinity in all that we think, write or say to reconcile with the realities of changing times which requires God in all that we do to promise. Emerging circumstances need emergency strategies which can only come from the Press mirror of the society which should build and not destroy, restore hope and not ignite chaos or war. Talking about the Newspaper and the Publisher, duly registered and legalized in 2008, the Publisher with a vast standard stock of experience in the field of journalism from almost all the Mediums under Mass Media and a solid academic background, from inception, was subjected to singing the Cameroon National news as censored, she graduated later into plain and blunt reporting, jumping into the dare daring sector which almost took his Head (I am talking about me) for exposing most unscrupulous acts some men in cassock commit hiding under the cover of the church. We were not and have never been judges in our practice but were always arrested, impeached and were always subjected to daily threats. Recent times and the demanding request of Humanitarian reports to rescue the world in the hands of unpredictable circumstances and innovative reporting gradually tilted our attention to economic issues and advocacy while talking about politics, sports, Evangelism and human interest stories. Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow laureates of our Prestigious Icons Award, End time is around, so we should all help society collectively to come out of her clouded darkness by reshaping moral actions and ethics to promote social justice, equity and peace. You have all contributed enormously in your respective area of work reasons why the mandated National Press Award committee had to select you amongst the list of nominated figures for this Prestigious Award of Excellence which you are soon to receive. Be a Model for Jesus as we pray for God’s Guidance. You are all prosperous Cameroonian from the designated honour here today and shall all be abundantly covered with the blood of Jesus. You are the selected gentiles amongst the Jews in Cameroon so let thy light shine and no weapon fashion against you shall prosper. To day, remains memorable and shall ever last in your minds so we the Journalists shall go tell up the mountain in all the sweetest possible ways. Ladies and Gentlemen You are all highly favored and honoured to this our Christened assembly of Award Fellowship seeking new dimension to justify and recognize the omnipresent power of the Lord and his presences in our respective lives. So I pray you to take and promote the gospel we are trumpeting here for development and nothing but development to others. You are examples worth emulating and model God bless Cameroon through you in your endless and tireless sacrifice to the Nation. Long Live World Echoes Newspaper Long live our dedicated Laureates Long live the Republic of Cameroon

Four Months to Cameroon Bar Elective Congress without Bonu: Who is Next President? *Barrister Ben Suh Fuh, Bobga Harmony, Kenmende Henry or Njoya Joseph?

*Bar I Results this Week *French\English Notary Saga Quenched What Becomes Of Cameroon Bar Association After Barrister Bonu Are questions that really matter, In what has been termed as the need for the rejuvenation of the Cameroon Bar Association tongues have been wagging on what becomes of the Cameroon Bar Association after senior Barrister Advocate Bonu, The man who as highly tipped to succeed Barrister Sama Francis Asanga as the President of the Cameroon Bar succumbed to the cold hands of death while in the line of duty, marking the 2014 bar exams in Yaounde which are still in the offing. The issue resurfaced during the ordinary general assembly of the bar association that took place in Buea on Saturday 26 June 2014. During the assembly it was disclosed that the delay of the 2014 bar exams have hitherto not been released because of the death of senior barrister Bonu Innocent who played an instrumental role in the organization of the exams and finally died in Yaounde on April 17, 2014. One of the biggest consequences of the death of Barrister Bonu is the fact that he was the representative of the Bar Association on the issue of the creation of the law school in the University of Buea. That is why the Bar president, Barrister Sama Francis noted”the project of the law school is in place and I must admit that late Barrister Bonu was the representative of the Bar in this big process. His demise will cause a stalemate, but we are working tooth and nail with the University of Buea and the Supervisory ministry to see that the school goes operational in the nearest future” Revisiting the Passing Of Barrister Bonu Innocent Born on December 7 ,1956, Barrister Bonu was sworn into the bar in 1989.He died on April 17 2014 after suffering from a malaise while marking the 2014 bar exams in Yaounde. During his 25 years practice, he trained some 29 lawyers in his Mutengene based Liberty Law Firm .Prior to joining the legal profession, Bonu practiced as a journalist. Hundreds of lawyers, other members of the judicial family and sympathizers turned out to pay him their last respect, first at the Buea Court of Appeal on June 9 and the Bamenda court of Appeal on June 10. Barrister Sama Francis Asanga ,the current president of the bar association described the late Bonu as a legal colossus who did much for the growth of the law practice in Cameroon and who equally trained many lawyers. Lucy Asuagbor ,president of the south west Court of Appeal in an emotion packed eulogy said Bonu had gone through a trial that has defiled all the rules of procedure ;one that gave no room for submissions .Bonu’s only charge was that his time was up and he was not given given room to plead for time. She said Bonu’s death was an opportunity for the judicial family to plead for mercy because time had come for the judicial family to orientate the nature of their practice. Barrister Akere Muna for his part said he was deeply aggrieved by the demise of Barrister Bonu , but prayed God to reserve a befitting place for Bonu who died on his legal feet. The representative of the minister of Justice, Joseph Fonkwe Fongang, Attorney General of the south west region. He said Bonu was a tenacious lawyer whose voice still echoes in the court rooms around the country. The mortal remains of Barrister Bonu were finally laid to rest in their family compound in Bambui on Tuesday 10 June at about 4;30 pm after a funeral mass was said by the Bishop of Mamfe ,His Lordship, Andrew Nkea Fuanya. Close to 3000 lawyers witnessed the interment while eulogies poured in from prominent personalities like Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle,Senator Nfor Tabe Tande ,Honourable Enoh Tanjong,Lady Justice Vera Ngassa ,Barrister Eta Besong ,Senator Mbella Moki Charles amongst others. New Bar President to Be Elected In November Who takes the Baton? The new president of the Cameroon Bar Association who will succeed Barrister Sama Francis Asanga will be elected in November 2014.This is one of the resolutions that was arrived at during the ordinary general assembly of the Bar Association that took place in Buea on 26 June 2014.The ordinary general assembly was convened and chaired by Barrister Emmanuel Tang,president of the bureau of the general assembly of the Bar. Issues discussed during the meeting included the presentation of the report of the president of the Cameroon Bar Association ,report from auditors, approval of the operating budget of the Bar ,and the protection of the rights of lawyers in the exercise of their professional duties Who Will Be the Next Bar President With Bonu now gone the big question has been who has already done enough groundwork as late Barrister Bonu had done in anticipation of becoming the next Bar Association president after Barrister Sama Francis Asanga steps down later this year? There is no gainsaying the fact that there are quite a number of fine lawyers who have stood the test of time, and who now stand the best chances of picking the top job in the Bar Association anytime soon. Prominent amongst them are four Bamenda based lawyer who have all the mettle that it takes to take the relay baton from Sama Francis Asanga. First is Barrister Suh Fuh Ben of Amity Law Firm in Bamenda. The works of Barrister Suh Fuh Ben have not only earned him accolades in the Bar Association, he has also earned honour from diverse segments of society including the press. After a sample collective survey, Barrister Ben Suh Fuh on Saturday 28 June grabbed the prestigious Prosperity Icon of the Year Award as the best lawyer from World Echoes newspaper. Beyond this his exploits in his political party where he militates have also earned him a very high standing amongst his peers. Then comes Barrister Bobga Harmony Mbutong. Besides running a prominent law firm in Bamenda ,Barrister Bobga Harmony also runs the Hurcled Centre which seeks to deliver justice to those who are on the fringes of society. Besides improving access to justice for poor local people, Barrister Bobga Harmony has defiled all threats both from public authorities and security men to stand for the fact that Anglophones in Cameroon have a problem and that the SCNC must be supported. He has carried the SCNC case on his head, defending the group in Cameroon, in the African court on human and peoples’ rights in Banjul, Gambia,in the United Nations, and all over the world. For this reasons he is highly rated in the Bar especially for his audacity in the eye of a storm. Again, there is Barrister Kenmende Henry Gamsey , another no nonsense lawyer who has proven that he can stand for his colleagues ,Barrister Kenmende Henry Gamsey shocked the Cameroonian public when he was appointed divisional delegate of ELECAM for Ngoketunjia. Though he was hoodwink to take up the job, Barrister Kenmende soon tendered his resignation on grounds that as the representative of the Bar Association in the north west his functions were incompatible with the post of ELECAM Divisional head. Rather than choosing to stay in ELECAM where some of his peers had chosen, he decided to work for his colleagues by staying as Bar representative. This also earned him many points from his colleagues to the point where he is now tipped as a possible successor of Barrister Sama Francis Asanga. Last but not the least is Maitre Njoya Joseph Fonyuy. Though a sheriff Bailiff, eyes are still looking up to him as one of the finest, and most probably the youngest person who could put up his hand and grab the top job. His self discipline, youthful exuberance, honesty amongst others have placed him in a favorite position, especially as the choice of the youth. Other than the above mention collective opinion holders believe that if the Bar is entrusted in the hands of the international Legal Consultant Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle new dimensions will be injected and sorted in the management of the Bar rigorously following the will of the general aspirations of Lawyers at the same time reforming the corps with his religious skills and Knowledge without favor or discrimination. Ntumfor Nico Halle remains a legal icon that Cameroonian knows, a household name who happens to be the major brain behind the reconciliations of Lawyers before Last Cameroon’s Bar Elective Congress that brought in Sama Francis as President after several years of Stagnation. He brought Etta Besong and the rest together for the 2014 Bar to be launched, he has always been there and is always available to offer the much needed advice to enable the Lawyer umbrella Association to forge ahead. Many believe and are of the opinion that if he is handed that baton of command over the institution, more than ever before, the Union will vibrate radiations which are common to the aspiration of every Legal practitioner in Cameroon. Bar I Exams Results to Be Released Soon During the ordinary general assembly of the Bar on 26 June 2014,the president of the Bar Association disclosed that the results of the Bar exams part 1 would be out very soon .He said the delay in the release of the results was due to the death of Barrister Bonu Innocent who played a very important role in the organization of the exams. He said “ in the days ahead ,by law ,the results of the Bar Part 1 will be published by an order of the Minister of State, Minister of Justice” He used the occasion to thank the minister of justice and the Bar Association for organizing the exams in 2014.According to Barrister Sama Francis Asanga ,the results of the previous Bar part II had long been published and the lawyers are already being sworn in ,beginning with the North on 26 June in honour of late Barrister Aboubakar. Those of the south west will also be sworn in memory of late Barrister Bonu.Sama dispelled rumours that the Bar exams were marred by financial scandals ,stating that there was total transparency. Reacting to rumours that he and Barrister Bonu opened an account into which the candidates paid in the bribe money ,Sama said ”if anybody gave a bribe to the late Barrister Bonu or to me, that person should come out publicly and say it”.Sama promised to take legal action against rumour mongers who are trying to assassinate his character. Bar Assembly Rejects Appointment of Notaries to the Common Law Jurisdiction Lawyers in the North West and south west region as have vehemently denied that notaries must not be appointed in the common law jurisdiction which involves the North West and south west regions of Cameroon. This was arrived at during the ordinary general assembly of the Bar on June 26 in Buea. The lawyers resolved that the profession as exercised by the advocates of these two regions is an ancestral heritage and there is no way any government will attempt to change it as at now. Such change is not necessary. On what will be done if the government decides to act otherwise, the lawyers told pressmen that it will mean that the government is working against our people and the consequences will follow. Some Anglophone lawyers who had applied to be appointed notaries were also advised to withdraw and it is not an issue anymore. The lawyers expressed satisfaction at the resolutions arrived at during the Bar general assembly saying that they shall continue to practice as advocates and notaries in this part of the country, urging government to respect the views of the lawyers on this matter.