Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pending Doom for the Biya Regime: Mighty Storm of Change from Gabon Evades Cameroon *As Election Unrest Cause Many Fleeing into Cameroon

*Cameroon Caught in the Web and at the Middle of the Road
*As, France, UN, US, Joins the Course of  Pace Setting for the New World Order through Change of Old Systems & Gullible Regimes 

 There is one thing in world’s political history today which is very much certain and need not be questioned nor doubted, “the blowing wind of change rocking the world”. Change most absolute by the growing strength of the blowing wind of change coming in from the UN, US, Europe (most especially France with regard the case of Gabon and Cameroon), the Arab World, Asia and Africa just as in the 50s and 60s which are sure signs of the predicted “End Time we all know”.
That is why the world is consumed by war, terror, chaos, civil right march, anti-government campaigns and coup d’etats. The “New world order” evolving scientifically and globally into a planetary village with a common market square, has also moved to the reversal of world order which at one time entertained the company of dictators, absolute monarch, a system that could not be questioned, a ruled order that was instituted by a people subjecting others to all type of odds, a situation where women had no voice, a period where there were no liberal rights to one that give room to question, assessment, accountability and transparency. 
The early 50s and 60s crushed this status quo with revolutions that consumed and marked the world but with no meaningful redress as independence was granted and the force of creeping democracy surfaced. Introducing a new set of tyrants and dictators in the face of mankind who in less than 40 years of leadership rule wanted all for them selves and remained conquerors over all principalities.
Time passing and change had to enlighten or open the minds of myopic citizens who gradually smelled the wind of change blowing over Europe into Africa again to seek for their rights. Then emerge freedom fighters of this generation copying from Luther king, Karamchan Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu etc.
Today in the 21st century we are living the reality of a supreme dispensation by natural ordinance that is gradually kicking out voluntarily or involuntarily those who held power tight. The case of Ali Bongo and the new President of Gabon Jean Ping elected president last 27th August 2016 strongly highlight the fact that it is time out for all dictators in Africa, just as the Libyan strong Man Ghadaffi went, Sadam Hussien, Desire Kabila, Lumumba, Mumbutu, Laurent Bagbou, Maoew Kibaki etc went.
The UN, US and France’s situation, which is presently canvassing for a woman to take over leadership rule over the United Nations organization, the US White house for Hilary Clinton and the former President Nicolas Sarkozy with his terrorist inclined mentality threatening to regain France magistracy are bad signals to all world leaders who are adamant to the “new generation wind of change” blowing all over the world which is also seeing effect in churches through their wild multiplicity around nations.
The case of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump has already proven that Trump is no march to Hilary the Democratic candidate who will certainly pick up victory in the US November polls to come up as another historic Presidential figure in the world just like Barack Obama when he came to power as the first ever black African American President. Hilary will also be coming in as the first Female history making Democrat taking over from a historic Democrat who out of “yes we can” entrusted to a woman who upholds strongly the values of togetherness to beef up America’s strength unlike Trump who thought of making an already Great Nation like America great again by antagonizing Muslims, straining relations among Americans and other nations.   

The Cameroon Regime a neighbor to Gabon leaving the same existing reality that has been toppled by the join tasked forces put up by the opposition headed by Jean Ping now her new president is sleeping with all eyes open. Not only family or matrimonial issues are affecting the state but the rotten system with ailing corrupt individuals are having sleepless nights as the man in power battle with natural and spiritual powers to maintain his grip while playing the tortoise in cajoling Cameroonians who are growing enlightened daily.
One thing is certain the days of the regime in place is numbered if Sarkozy bounds back as French President considering his growing and increasing popularity. His coming back will certainly stage a coup, cause the immediate release of Marafa Hamidou Yaya who had long been his favorite choice for the Presidency of Cameroon even before Francois Hollande took over from him. 
The future is bleak, the way forward glaring and uncertainty looms, God knows best and how, what we are left with is to wait and see as the hand writings are clear on the political landscape. One thing we must also note with certainty is that the ways of man are not the ways of God but what ever is jointly decided in the assembly of men, it is sanctioned and injunction in heaven to come to pass.