Monday, April 21, 2014

UBa again on Fire: After ENSET Strike, Student Population to Revolt against decentralization of Faculty

Just immediately after the 3rd Convocation ceremony of the University of Bamenda, expectant students waiting earnestly for posting which was not forth coming unlike their friends of other state runned universities had to draw public attention to that through another pacific strike demanding a countless number of things from the Administration. The ENSET and HND students full of grudges, on the daily increase in fees from two hundred and twenty thousand francs to three hundred thousands, enrolment amount and accompanying levies for intership, supervision, registrations and reseat fee etc have also sworn with impunity to call Prof Akume and regime to order before they are excited to follow road justice. Another strong wind of destruction gathering momentum is amongst the desperate students and population of the North West in dying need of the Faculty of Arts and Economics, yet its Vice-Chancellor Prof Tafah keeps clinging on the Faculty of Medicine which can barely accommodate a handful of the population, mostly made up of Francophone and Ministers Children. This situation was made worst when in their last Council deliberations, time was wasted on where the school of Medicine will be belt instead of arranging, seeking ways or possibilities on how the Faculties of Arts and Economics should go operational by next academic year. Parents are tired of still sending their children to Yaounde, Dschang, Buea, Maroua and Ngoundere with a University at their door steps and are left with no other option than demonstrating through revolt for government to give a listening ear to their multiple worries connected to the presence of the University, its welfare and its advantage to the very expectant student population of the North West Region. Hear a good number of the population “what is in the school of medicine that they keep talking of it day in, day out. When thousands of our children still move out of the Region for studies, we are sick and tired of the situation of our great and beloved University under the management hands of these incompetent hands probably hired to mare its smooth function.” Government should act very fast or expect the worst from the population who are not ready to seat and watch the institution move from one error to a trillion of blunders daily.

RECEWAPEC: Press Release

ADA 2014 Elderly Health Care Alert to Cameroonians Age Demand Action Campaign team noting since 2008 with major dismay that 70% of Cameroonian elderly persons lack access to appropriate health care because of poverty, negligence, inappropriate health measures and infrastructures, and to a greater extent weakness on the part of policy makers in prioritizing health care values for the interest of old people, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 2014 World health day under the theme “Preventing and Controlling vector borne Disease” announce in clear and strict terms, while joining other ADA Voices to call on Government and policy makers to mobilize more than ever before, all efforts, income and resources to provision for increase health care facilities to old people in the form of multiplied health infrastructures, rehabilitation centers for the very old and free health care screening for all old age accompanying diseases. -Putting in place of a strict commissioned tasked committee to properly follow up and inspect all over, not leaving out the legal instruments for fines and charges to defaulting families on their old ones. -Finally charge Social workers and centers with the responsibilities of identifying most critical cases for redress. Done by ADA 2014 Health Care Campaign Group