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Cameroon, Ngoketunjia: Bangolan Chieftaincy crisis, Grievances since 1982 Exposed: * Fon Chafah’s Days Numbered as NI John Fru Ndi & MPs Joins Camp of New Fon *Decrying Military Terrorism & Persecution of Innocent Individuals

* SDF/CPDM Battling to take Total Control of Bangolan

*As Fon Chafah Solicits Help from SDF MP (Hon Yoyo)

*15 Page Memo Addressed to the PM \MINATD Boss\Governor Justifying the Actions of the People

The Bogolan Chieftaincy crisis that has been running to two months, is gradually on a “U” turn as Divine and retributive justice is taking its course, from  nowhere the SDF National chairman vexed by the bias intervention and arbitration actions of the administration on the matter between Fon Chafah and his people together with their new crowned Fon Salim has decided to jump into the matter on grounds that he has seen the rights of the people greatly been violated by Fon Chafah, the Government and their mass arrest opening life bullets on innocent individuals clamouring for their rights.


After about two trips to Bangolan to reinstate and broker for peace to no avail, the SDF Chieftain Ni John Fru Ndi who has been very instrumental in calming acts of rebellion in the Region without favour or consideration met the Governor of the North West Region Adolph Lele L’Afrique on the 25th of February 2016 together with a cross section of Bangolan elite all over the Republic to ask for the release of Bangolan subjects out rightly arrested and subjected to torture. That was on the occasion of the Governor’s intervention in the matter that saw the arrest of the New Fon and others leading to the stoning of his service car.
Ni John Fru Ndi and MPs in the likes of Hon, Bananzem, Njong, Awudu Mbaya at the meeting asked for the release of those Bangolans in detention and to order troops stationed in the village to stop acts of terrorizing innocent villagers. The Governor and all present resolved that a meeting be held on the 27th of February 2016 chaired by the SDO of Ngoketunjia Division Kuela Valeri Norbert in Babessi for lasting and workable solutions to be arrived at so that the Bangolan Chieftaincy crisis is finally put to an end.
At the enlarge meeting playing host at the Governor’s premise in Bamenda, a fifteen page memo was presented to the governor, a chunk for MINATD, another for the Prime Minister Head of government Philemon Yang bearing on the Bangolan people’s grievances against their Fon, Chafah since 1982 and the inhuman recent acts of terrorism orchestrated by their dethroned Fon to force the people reverse their decision on a new Fon.
The memo to the Governor read does; A memo against the militarisation of our village, wanton arrest, destruction, military terrorisation, massive displacement of the villagers and persecution of our people.
We the beloved people of Bangolan of Ngoketunjia Division in the Babessi Sub-Division resident in Bamenda and its environs have the honour to bring to your Excellence attention this memorandum. Proud of our cultural diversity and our cultural heritage which constitute part of our constitutional rights enshrined both in the constitution of the Republic of Cameroon and in many international legal instruments ratified by our country;

 Bangolan Villagers Crying for Help & Rescue

Mindful of the afore said provisions; we proceed to denounce all acts of terror being carried out in our beloved Bangolan village. That the people and kingmakers of Bangolan had long decided and declared that Chafah Isaac had committed grave infringements in her customs and and traditions which he was enthroned to protect and therefore he was dethroned. That the SDO of Ngoketunjia and the DO of Babessi have been following up this issue from its inception and on the 10th of February 2016 in the presence of the SDO and the DO of Babessi, the wishes of the people of Bangolan were expressed by vote cast of the kingmakers and by an overwhelming majority, Chafah Isaac was defeated and declared persona non grata in favour of the proposed Fon. That as we speak now, the whole of Bangolan has been militarized by the BIRS from Kumbo, who have targeted the civilian population and particularly the kingmakers, their family members and any body who is against the EX-Fon. That peace was maintained in Bangolan until late in the evening on the 19 of February 2016 when Mbipefah Usman Forpeh the brother of Chafah Isaac exploited your presence by firing gun shots with life bullets and orchestrating other mischievous acts together with his children, chafah’s children that excited violence to use it as a bridge to make use of the is then that the family of the Ex-fon started violence which has left Bangolan in the position where she is today. That as we talk, members of the Royal Family (chafah Isaac and some of his supporters) are clad in military attires with guns terrorising the whole village and illegally effecting arrest in the homes of the kingmakers. As we write, more than three civilians have received bullets from the elder brother of chafah Isaac and are presently hospitalized in the Banso Hospital (BBH).

That as we talk the people of Bangolan are displaced with many crossing over to Bangourain, Bambalang, Wasir and many have taken permanent residence in the bush. Many villagers who are tipped to be supporters of the ngumba’s decision have been abducted and taken to unknown destinations and many others have been displaced for fear of arrest and torture.
Your excelency our people are suffering being arrested and tortured against the expression of their rights and liberties which to us we think it is illegal and deserves protection from yourself and all your other authorities in this country particularly as we are in a state of Law.
We therefore from these fore goings urge you to order a halt of the present crimes against humanity which is being perpetrated in a peaceful Bangolan that was never violent even in the whole crisis for about two months now until the evening of Feberuary 19, 2016.
Should the failure of the administration to cause an arrest of the situation and bring the perpetrators to book may provoke all the sons and daughters of Bangolan to go and be part of the genocide which is about to be committed therein and we shall inform the international community before taking such a step. In such a critical situation when our country is plagued with the fight against the Boko Haram sect. While waiting we count on your prompt action. Also find enclosed memo to the PM and MINADT and reasons for Fon Chafah’s dethronement. (NB Content of the Memo to the Governor just as it is written, for their other memos you shall have all subsequently our following write ups).
Not very much at ease with moves, steps and actions to be taken by the people of Bangolan if proper and convenient decisions are not taken for the people’s interest, the Governor of the Region is also very much worried of the irrational step he took to arrest the New Fon and others because it was not within the competence of the Governor who is only supposed to handle chieftaincy issues concerning first class Fons and not second class Fons. Today, some if not all the blames of the present clash or confrontations in Bangolan is directed to the governor reasons why he had to transfer competence back to the SDO of Ngoketunjia Division who was handling the matter squarely certainly to the liking of all which is why some certain degree of calm reign then, but the unfortunate truth lies in the fact that if Fon Chafah happens to step his leg out of Bangolan for the meeting in Babessi Sub-Division on the 27th that will be all for him as access back will be blocked.
That not withstanding, the timely intervention of the SDF chieftain Ni John Fru Ndi will certainly speed up actions for the release of the new Fon and others who will certainly regain back their positions gainfully in the village at the mercy of Fon Chafah whose various plots would have been watered down and neutralized to go packing out of the village with shame.
At Press time, from sound revelations this reporter is reliably informed that Fon Chafah confused with the way things are going and with Fru Ndi’s intervention on behalf of his rivals called Honourable Yoyo SDF one time MP for his Municipality to solicit help and would lovingly join SDF if they turn their support but to him. Where we are in the crisis is not final as many are suspecting that it will escalate to something else, this should serve as an alarm signal to mischievous and adventurous Fons of North West Extraction.   

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