Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nation Wide Strike Eminent: Council Workers to Rebel against Call for Wage Reduction

*Condemn Mayors for No Motivation & Not Reclassifying Workers
*Asking for the Harmonization of Pay Bareem   
*Express Annoyance over the Fact that “they amass while Elected Mayors are only there to Squander”
-Stating also very clearly that if or should that be the case, government should withdraw the salaries of Mayors who are even asking much (areas) and motivate rather council workers who toil tirelessly to fetch the running income which elected officials only come in to squander with the complicity of their Sectary Generals and Municipal treasurers. 


This call to action or national rebel is in reaction or in retaliation to a provocative call made by Mayors directed to all Sectary Generals of Councils last 2015 ending asking or calling for the reduction of the wages of Council workers who apparently have been suffering the gross marginal effect of poor wages, no working incentives or motivation or conditions and the problem of reclassification deliberately subjected to by what they term as “acts of wicket Mayors and SG’s who want all for themselves”.

In flaring and panting tongues Council workers all over the Republic early this 2016 expressed their woes and anger in dispersed ranks condemning the call by Mayors asking for the reduction of Council Workers wages threatening to take the streets if government allows or visas their accord for the implementation of such a decision just after acknowledging their status and that of miserable council workers still hanging. Such an act or a call to them, is termed “as a greedy and wicket one or better still, a diabolic” proposal to government by elected officials, I quote,  if implemented “will catch fire, people who come in only to squander what we work for as Council finance under the cover of projects execution and council running expenditures”.
Sad and very hard to bear or accommodate, council workers expressed their grudges to this Reporter, “like play, it may come to pass if council workers do not stand up for their rights now”. Hear another, “how much do we earn and what working advantages do we have before they are talking of wage reduction, rather we need to be motivated and reclassified annually which is even blocked by some of our own very greedy SGs, MTs and Mayors who are disguised contractors wanting all for themselves leaving nothing to us the bottom dogs” .
“How we wish government was taking note of some of those their unscrupulous acts of pilfering and squandering council resources or finance through cooked up plans, which is very obvious and is the strength behind council stagnation” some cried fowl.
“Crying for a harmonized bareem to Council workers asking, What explain that in places like Yaounde Douala and the South West most of their workers are placed on Zone “A” bareem, while in the North West some are on Zone A and others on “B”, this to them is fashioned by some greedy Mayors who turn to exercise favoritism at work. This is well noticed in the case where they bring in family members and make them permanent staff of the councils and not long advance them yearly, paying all their areas while seasoned workers wallow in abject poverty. In some areas, the SDO signs for the payment of areas which some Mayors pick and pile dribbling around playing for time. How wicket some Mayors can be. This diabolic act to council workers is not surprising. because elected officials care more about their welfare than that of workers, fed up with the whole thing and not very satisfied with the move FENTEDCAM (Federation of workers trade Unions from local councils of Cameroon) is making would be left with no other option than take the streets a language best understood by the Cameroonian government for prompt actions to be taken..
“Something must be done and should be done by somebody, some where, enough is enough, if that their trash is not revoked then we will have no option than take to the streets. Biya just answered their prayers through the efforts of FENTEDCAM and they want to give us but hard times, which will not work as we shall stand as one to fight this act which can be best classified under gross human right abuse”.
In all, the cry is national as tempers rise and flare daily, from reports coming in, Council staff representatives of all Councils in the North West are planning a Regional come together to come up with an action plan that will be combined to that of other Regions for a more effective move to water down the deliberately orchestrated stratagem.


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