Monday, February 9, 2015

Pinyin Chieftaincy Crisis Reaches Climax: Fon Victor Asobo II Speaks out *Deceased Kingmakers are Responsible for all the Maledictions *I Left Because of Insecurity & will never go Back *They Should be leaking their Wound Quietly & Follow the Course they Chose *They Should Stop Crying over Spilt Milk *A Fon IS Never enthroned when another is Still Alive *I Wish them the Best *Mezam Administration Declares Throne Vacant With Fon On Seat *New Fon to Be Presented to Administration On March 30

The Senior Divisional officer for mezam, Nguele Nguele Felix, has received Kudos from the Pinyin clan elite and development organization for putting to rest decades of Pinyin chieftaincy crisis.
The SDO’s decision to declare Pinyin throne vacant comes after the December 30, 2014 working Session presided over by him at PINYIN Fon’s Palace in Santa Sub Division. He arrived Pinyin Fon’s Palace and realized that there was total disagreement between the Kingmakers and some natives of the fondom who have imposed to seat by the Fon of Pinyin.  The SDO asked who the real kingmakers of Pinyin were and was told that the Pinyin tradition holds that there exist group of 7 king makers with the Fon inclusive and 9 notables who sit around the Fon.
During the Identification process of the legitimate kingmakers, Njighe Jeremaih Awah, Tanyi Awah, Wah Peter Muluh,Amah Christopher Anyam,Mba Meyang,Khan vitalize Mancho and Godfred Ayaba Tanni ii(current Fon )were presented to the public. The 9 notables were, Mokom Jeremaih (late),Awah Tengim,Penn Amah,Tisighe Nkam, Azamah Aaron, Mundi Samuel Muluh,Nkem George,Ndeh Atamenya and John Solomon Warah.
The SDO observed that the working Session was to solve the exasperation and  serious unrest and intrigue perpetrated by some villagers who had taken advantage  of the Fon’s ill health.
Asked whether Fon Godfred Ayaba Tanni II was traditionally enthroned, the kingmakers unanimously said there was no traditional rites performed on him which could have been an error committed by the  former kingmakers.  The SDO therefore declared Pinyin throne vacant “because Fon Godfred Ayaba Tanni II is not recognized by the administration”
`In a bid to settle the unrest in Pinyin fondom, it was agreed that the Pinyin traditional council shall meet the SDO on March 30, 2015 to present the right person to be the new Pinyin Fon.
The SDO told Fon Godfred Ayaba that his designation as paramount Fon of Pinyin did not reach the final stage of approval by state Authorities through the executive order of the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization.
In a letter to Fon Godfred Ayaba Ref. 001/L/E.29/P.s of January 2, 2015, signed by the Mezam  SDO, Nguele  Nguele Felix, he called on him to strictly respect the resolutions of the meeting. “Therefore, you (Fon Godfred Ayaba) should henceforth govern the Pinyin clan in Council and any document emanating from the Pinyin Palace to be considered authentic and valid should bear the signature and number of National identity cards of at least, 3 of the 9 notables”. Beside, he added that Fon Godfred Ay
Fon Victor Asobo  II on Abdication 40 Years after Proprietor C.C.C Mankon College Bamenda

aba whom the SDO addressed as “Godfred Ayaba Tanni II” was enjoined to lead to his office on march 30,2015 at 10 am a delegation of kingmakers to request him (SDO) either process his file for appointment by the Minister or invite him (SDO) for fresh consultative  talks in view of the designation of a legitimate paramount Fon of Pinyin as stipulated by the regulation in force.
When accosted, the Provisional Administration of Development Organization of Pinyin clan, Tangne Martin Nji, said the legitimate Fon of Pinyin clan was one Asobo Victor II who abdicated the throne in the early ‘60s ruling for fifteen years and since then, no Fon has been legitimately enthroned in Pinyin given that North west tradition holds that no Fon could be enthroned when the Fon of the Fondom is still alive.
The abdicated Fon, he explained, is one of the co-founders of CCC Mankon, Asobo Victor.
In a chat with the abdicated Fon Asobo Victor II in his Nitop compound Mankon, on January 19, 2015, he said he abdicated because of insecurity and for personal reasons “there’s no turning back to the throne.” He said at over 80 years now, he was enjoying his retirement and has nothing doing with the thrown” embittered Fon Asobo Victor II said the people of Pinyin should stop crying over spilt milk, you cannot eat your cake and have it. What ever maledictions is befalling the village and villagers is caused by false decisions taken by the then king makers who are of later and their successor are bound to inherit the consequences. There is no coming back or I am not moving back to anything, they are only selling after the market. Let them be licking their wounds quietly and leave me alone. I left them over forty years ago and have never complained, why do they think I may still have interest for that thrown. By the way our tradition does not permit a Fon to be enthroned while another is still alive. I am sorry, it is really a pity but they are subjected to ride on the course they chose to take” I wish them the best and well.  

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