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Souls & Spiritually Transforming Messages of Pastor Warah Che Solomon of RAMAH Christian Centre Bamenda Cameroon: MESSAGE OF SUNDAY 4th Jan. 2015 ANOINTING FOR SMOOTHNESS “Journey with God” or “Walking with God” Ezra 8:21-23

The church is a journey. Every new year we start a new journey with God. Going to New York without God is going into a New Yoke. In Is. 45:2 the Lord promises to go ahead of us. We should always allow Jesus to go ahead of us in every journey we take and he will lead us to be successful and fruitful. Do not walk with agents of the devil, alcohol, cigarettes etc. But hold on to Jesus let him lead you to through the right path of life.
In Dan 9 and 10 Daniel prayed and fasted and God open doors to his children and they were successful. In our fast we will experience 21 days of favour, grace and breakthrough. For when we fast we provoke a revival and revival provokes arrival and arrival provokes success. During this 21days fasting you are going to metamorphose, change our shells, change colour, change level etc. Every journey from heaven will have a giant enemy which will come as you go along, but what we need is God. For if we want to succeed in life; it doesn’t matter what we have but who we are walking with. All we need to do is to put our trust in God and he will never fail us. God is an expert in dealing with our enemies and he is so great that he swallowed Pharaoh in the red sea. Some enemies are wicked forces causing us not to progress in life but when you walk with God, He will fight against every evil plan of the devil in our lives.
 In Jos 1:3-5 God says he will go ahead of us. And when God sends you on assignment He stands to back you up. We need to put our trust in God and look up to him and he will see us through our lives challenges. Ps 114 says the Israelites went through their trials safely because every barrier trembles at the presence of God. God goes ahead of us to deal with our enemies to give us rest. Ps 127 says unless God builds a house the Labourers Labours in vain.  John 16:32 says in this world we will have tribulations but the Lord is with us. We just need to humble ourselves and fast to have direction from God.
Romance 8:14 mentions that those let by the spirit of God are the sons of God. As a child of God allow yourself to be let by the spirit of God and you will be fruitful this new year in Jesus name.

In Greek New Wine is called “Oions” Matthew 6:18-19 and 22
As we fast we should understand that God is interested with our hearts, our expectations as we pray and fast not our errors when we fast. Ezra 8:21 says humble yourself and fast and ask God to protect you and your generations. When you fast God prepares a greater package for you. Psalm 46 says even the mountains crumble our souls will receive fresh water.
Oions stand for the power and the move of the spirit, which causes a revival at the same time. When Jesus entered the wedding feast in John 2, He introduced new wine but in the laws of Moses it is the Old wine.  On the last day God promises to pour his spirit which is New Wine. In Isaiah 43 God says I will do something new in the life of His children. There is new wine in 2015, a new wine of preaching the word of God, new wine in every dimension, career, job, education for us to prosper. To say it all new wine is the most precious gift of God to every generation. The wine skin in Mark 2:22 refer to our bodies. God doesn’t want to waste His new wine and pour into an old wine skin that it will burst and the wine will waste. God is looking for a new wine skin a vessel to empty his spirit inside and cause you to explode in every dimension in life.
1 Corinthians 3:16 says our body is the house of the Holy Spirit; do well to often clean your vessel so that you can receive new wine. Examine your house, Is 51:10 says pray let God give you a new heart and pour out his spirit in you. In Ezekiel 36:25 God says “I will sprinkle clean water and put a new spirit in you, removing the heart of stone and putting the heart of Love. The temple of God must be kept pure and holy. Do not allow pride to take over your heart but humble you for God to fill you. It is often good to change your driver and take a new driver who is Jesus Christ who will drive you safely through all life’s challenges. If Jesus drives your car you will never crash or have an accident. The heart of man is the driver of man; just look up to Jesus let him drive you safely. All you need is to humble yourself before God and revival will come. Repent by fasting, Joel 2:12 & 18 says return to God with all your heart fasting and he will give to us all we need to succeed in life. Return to God in fasting and he will send wine, oil and brain. For you to receive the blessings of the Father and be fruitful, you must empty all the negative spirits in you for God to drive you.
Genesis 39:1-6, 4-8, 19 and Gen 45:4
Heaven is a spiritual world but God placed us here on earth so that through us the Will of the Lord is done. Before you are born there is a God’s given purpose for your life. In Jer. 1:15 God had a purpose to send us here on earth and you can only go step by step or stage by stage. In life you must go through trials, which will prepare you to achieve your purpose in life.
What we need to succeed in life is not money as starting capital but the presence of God. Joseph was born to feed the world for it doesn’t matter where you come from but how you have to succeed in life. Our futures are all in the hands of God as read in the scripture in psalm 20. For you to make it in life man must not l
Pastor Warah Che Solomon of RAMAH Christian CENTER Bamenda Cameroon Born to Heal & Deliver God's Forsaken
ove you first, for the Lord was with Joseph even though he was a slave. “It doesn’t matter what you have but who you have”, to succeed in life we need just one person who is God not our money or background. When you are with God he will transform you from nothing to something. To be fruitful you need one capital which is God. Job did have his God even though he was wretched and after his trials he was blessed triple times more what he had. In life stumbling blocks only become a stepping stones to take you to a higher level.
When man rejects you God accepts you, the only thing you need is to have God, maintain his presence. When things go wrong do not quickly draw conclusions for wants to prepare you for a new level. Just be kind and trust God for the plan of man to bring you down is the plan of God to lift you up tomorrow. God’s children go through challenges in life but know your purpose in life, do not compromise the presence of God. For you to succeed and be fruitful you need to be firstly very prayerful, renew your fellowship with God everyday just move with the presence of God. Second, you also need to live with the word of God. Love the word of God and desire the word as you desire pure milk. Thirdly you need to desire God, open your heart for God to come in and take whole. Desire the things of God.
Just decide that all the noise that people make about you become a fan, which fans you to take you to a higher level.

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