Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Prophet DD ALLO & the Mystery Behind his Prophetic Calling, Mission, Vision & Ministry (Living Gospel Ministry International) here on Earth

ward Winning Prophet
All You Need to Know About the Spiritual Mystical Life of Prophet DD ALLO
Prophet DD ALLO of  Living Gospel Ministry Int. Called from a Poultry Farm to Rescue Humanity 

A new, young, but award winning Bamenda based Prophet DD Chefor ALLO of the Believers Living Church AKA Living Gospel Ministry International, is already creating shock waves in Bamenda, North West Region and beyond. Brought to Ministry and created since 2006, the famous Living Gospel Ministry International Bamenda, now prides self of a vast Church of Christ which attracts thousands every Sunday, blessed Wednesdays and Fridays with consultations going on Daily at Mile 4 Junction Nkwen, Bamenda III Sub-Division, 1000 meters from the former Bamenda III council premise. More to that, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization together with the powers that be at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon has okayed its functioning and existence given her mission which is purely Evangelical and spiritual.
Because of several miracles performed by Prophet DD ALLO attracting people from far and wide, he is now fondly called “The True send servant of God called from a Poultry farm to rescue Cameroonians and the World”.


Recently a crack team of Bamenda based Journalist caught up with Prophet DD ALLO and his biological father Pa Allo Wilfred aged 60, which is unusual, both of whom revealed what makes Prophet DD ALLO and his Church Living Gospel Ministry International increasingly strong and tick in the face of rising Ministries and increasing Ministers of the gospel I the Republic.
According to Pa Allo Wilfred, his son, Prophet DD ALLO, is a genuine Prophet par excellence, he said, several mysterious spiritual happenings surrounds his (Prophet DD ALLO’s) birth given that before his mother put him to bed, some strange persons were usually spotted by the night watchman and housemaid around the compound. Hear him, the house maid often recounted, when asked why she never loved putting him in bed even when he was sleeping? “While in bed on every occasion coming to take him I usually see strange aunts and snakes in the room she was kept to sleep”.
Pa ALLO said although as young as his child was, he use to turn down traditional medicine even when his brother and sisters embraced. He said, “still a teenager, his son DD ALLO started evangelizing on the streets and moving from house to house spreading the good news. Until one day he said the Lord has ministered to him to begin receiving people in the house. “The first day, about 18 persons turn up and he preached to them. He even told me that many more were going to follow suit until the compound was full to capacity and today thousands attend service in this signs and wander Ministry full of miracles, blessings and break through”.
Pa ALLO noted, stressing that at one moment, he sent DD ALLO to Nigeria this was after he started performing miracles to TB Joshua in Nigeria, for the Man of God (Prophet TB Joshua ) to ascertain whether Prophet DD ALLO was genuine, “And behold, while in a Church service at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of all Nations in Lagos Nigeria, TB Joshua disclosed that Prophet DD ALLO was a true servant of God called to serve and save mankind at the same time welcoming him in the folk”.
Pa Allo Wilfred regretted that all did not go on smoothly before Believers’ Living Ministry AKA living Gospel Ministry International was established. He said many including some Pastors started calling his son Prophet DD ALLO a devil, adding that he was using a demonic ring to perform miracles by healing and delivering people. He said, he was even told to stop DD ALLO from evangelizing and performing miracles else he and his entire family were going to be excommunicated from the said church they were worshiping then. “One day I was forced to misinterpret the Bible by preaching that no miracles are performed today and that any such act is contrary to the Bible and diabolic”. “I attempted to preach in respect to the instructions and collapsed. Since then, I left that Church and started worshiping at Believers’ Living Ministry with my entire Family”.  He said when the Christians of that Church pass by, and see the multitude of Christians worshipping at Living Gospel Ministry International, they are marveled and jealous of how God is using his son spiritually to do great things for his people. “The Lord even ministered and revealed to him much about a North West based Man of God (retired senior citizen) whom he asked to come and receive it, but because of pride and for fear of submission wanders about during services at the Ministry not coming direct to asses the growing strength of the Ministry”.
Comes in Prophet DD ALLO
Although the mile 4 Believer’s Living Ministry counts thousands of worshippers, Prophet DD ALLO said, the number that worships now is not up to 1\3 of the number that is yet to endorse their membership as the Ministry grows beyond lips and bounds. He said he intends putting up a befitting church building that can be capable of containing millions that are yet to come.
True to Prophet DD ALLO’s word, although only seven years old, Believers’’ Living Ministry prides self of a renown TV channels for spiritual transformation and restoration through broadcast dubbed “My Righteous TV” which is creating enormous shock waves in the Nation and around the world enabling Christians to receive their salvations and miracle where ever they are.
At Prophet DD ALLO’s abbot, call it prophetic ministry, the blind have seen, the lame walk, people healed of Cancer, HIV\AIDS, medical reports have proven, hear him “there is nothing God cannot do through his anointed servant, it is time for Bamenda people, Cameroonian and those of other countries to posses the possessions which are rightfully theirs from the Man of God” “I went me to no healing school or theological college, I have no mentor, what I am doing is simply the handy works of God in my life for humanity, I have two normal eye but see with Divine inspiration and act according to Divine instructions”. 

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