Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hon. Njingum Musa’s Trophy Leaves Ngoketunjia 13 Villages with the Unexpected

From the very day of the Launches of the Peace, Unity restoration and recomciliation Trophy in Ngoketunjia’s 3 Sub-Division to the day of the grand finals, subjects of this great illustrious Division are still marveled and yet to believe in what magic Honourable Njimgum Musa has been able to use, to successfully organize a hitch free trophy or competetion in all three Sub-Division made up of 13 villages harboring very controversial figures, not forgetting political manipulations and cultural divergence why not difference.
According to the Honourable MP, “the motivation and the mission of the Trophy which is to reconcile elite, rehabilitate peace, unity, love, dialogue and solidarity without any political influence or tribal imposition without any hidden agenda is responsible for the success story of what is now termed by the people magic hitch free trophy”. Hear him, “Only clean and pure love reciprocates genuine love, which is what I am carrying to my people, when you give with all your heart, love and strength miracles come your way. We should be thankful to allah, be honest to your people and they will be sincere to you”.    
This prestigious trophy which is rounding up to its finals was launched  in the Ndop Council Conference centre two weeks ago on the 15th day of August 2015 in a joined assembly of sport officials and representatives of the various clubs from the (13) thirteen villages to participate in the competition from Ndop, Babessi and Balikumbat Sub-Divisions.


The trophy already in its third week of play on a cash prize of 200,000 frs for each of the three Sub-Divisions leaving out the running cost of the sporting competition for the youths will end with a grand inter-club trophy for the Division jointly financed by renown elite of Ngoketunjia.
The trophy dubbed Peace, Unity and reconciliation trophy according to the honourable Questor, MP for Ngoketunjia Nord constituency Njingum Musa, is meant to boast first youth and animation programs in the Division during this 2015 holidays.
Since sports is a uniting forum and platform the honourable MP out of tribal limit and away from tribal difference and misunderstanding made known to officials present that “our roles as elected officials is first not only to ensure or speed up development actions or activities in our respective constituencies but, also to sow the seed of love and understanding barring the road for hate, war, anarchy, manipulation and blackmail. We are subjected to preach, practice, promote and enhance love and unity amongst our people. Gone are the days when hatred use to take central stage and properties were destroyed, lives snatched and people’s belongings  looted, today we are living an era where peace and social security is most solicited and it is the civic responsibility of each and everyone to contribute his or her own quota for the social welfare of mankind”.
The trophy according to Honourable Njingum is a symbolic way to say to the people of his constituency and by extension his Division “thank you, that they should be more united to form a common front to bar the road from Boko Haram to filter in their suicide bombers in Ngoketujia”.
Speaking to sports officials at the meeting, the Hon. MP warned strongly against corruption and cheating given the intension of the trophy, cautioning also that the intension of the donation should not be misinterpreted or misconstrued and that it has no political coloration or that it is meant for any other purpose than animating youths during holidays and Shawn them from all evils at the same time keeping them united.
If there is one point he hammered and reiterated more on, it was the fact that he charged sport officials to also guide youths during this period to be ware of witches and cult officials who go around initiating people’s children in the name of inviting them to take oath to stand by the course of a particular party. “Politics should not go to the level of initiation or oath taking, that to me is witchcraft and cultic”.   

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