Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mayor Tubah to Go the Ntsimi Avouna Style; To Embark on Mass Broking of Houses Not Complying to Building Laws

*Not complying to Building Laws
*Following Instructions from Minister of Housing & Urban Development Jean Claude Mbwentue
*To Secure the Lives of Million Cameroonians

Such a ruthless action for the welfare of Cameroonians in and around the University of Bamenda Municipality the council area in command of Mayor Tanjong Martin, is absolutely and abundantly backed by the Minister of housing and urban development’s letter which read does; 
“With reference to the Regional Delegate’s report no 0110\e\54\L\HDU\RDNW dated 22nd of July 2015, on the subject collapsed storey building at Atunibah Quarter in Bambui village, mindful of all the circumstances, I call your attention and service to the fact that government undertook to implement a development strategy for the National territory by enacting the decentralization reform as well as law No 2004\003 of 21\04\2004 governing town planning in Cameroon. This is to give supervisory powers to government Delegates, Mayors in respect of the execution of construction works and their completion, as well as penalties against professionals. In this light, I will like to insist that you operate as follows:
-issue building permits exclusively for projects certified by your technical team, before commencement of construction works,- issue building permits to recently built structures, which after verification, proof of haven’t been executed in conformity with building and construction norms, -consistently demolish all recent structures which falls short of obeying these standards. Its is my humble wish that for the interest of the Nation and yours in particular, you comply.” A Letter written to the Mayor of Tubah, the governor, SDO and the Regional Delegate served copies. 


It should be noted that this letter comes in to strengthen and corroborate actions or decisions of the councilors who had earlier in a council session resolved to hire the services of a competent engineering firm to come and reassess, evaluate and monitor buildings clandestinely belt this short while around the municipality not following the law at the owner’s expense.
Failing to do so, the Council will now step in with official powers conferred to them to call for demolition and subsequently break down those houses if owners hesitate to do so within the prescribed limits.
With the student population to rise now that all the Faculties are fully operational, the Mayor observed we shall spare no chance to secure the lives of young Cameroonians from the hands of young business men who adventure with buildings for money making in the name of building hostels at the speed of light. Prevention is better than cure, it is either they conform to the law or we do the other wise and gain a bad name from some of these adventurer than allow them come and get rid of the lives of innocent souls. That can only happen after me, for we shall enforce and execute the law to the teeth whether they like it or not”. 

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