Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Meet our Legendary Icon of the Year 2015 Chief Mbonifor Isaiah of Nsem Bafut Accredited Winner of World Echoes Newspaper Group Inc. International Trinity National Press Icons Award, Voted by the Press, the Civil Society & the Cameroonian Public

The venue where he was crowned Highly Profiled and a Monumental Legend of our times was at the All Saint’s Parish Bayelle Church inside Pope John Paul the II hall amongst other dignitaries in the Republic on the 27 of June 2015 that was on the occasion of Cameroon’s most Prestigious Award Awarded by World Echoes Newspaper Group Inc. International National Press Award for Excellence committee dubbed 2015 Trinity National Press Icons Award in synergy with the Catholic Church using the Holy Cross to Edify the World and invoking Powers from the Holy Trinity to redeem the World in the heart of scourging terrorism, 21st century diseases and man’s in human actions to environment at the same time mandating Laureates to clamor for World Solidarity and Unity while at the same time championing the course for collective peace. 


  Chief Mbonifor  the Double Award Winner from World Echoes Newspaper & the International University

HRH Chief Mbonifor Isaiah Neba Ngwanu is a highly inspired traditional ruler who has stood the taste of time replicating most actions of the wise King Solomon. The Soft, dignified and highly spirited and religious traditional ruler was born 20th August 1934 at Niko , Bafut, qualified as a first school leaver in 1952, obtained his west African school certificate in 1957 (ies GCE O\L), pursued correspondence studies in the UK on intermediate cooperation of sectaries in accounts, Economics and general principles of English law in 1965 London, he is a Fellow of the Institute of administrative accountants (FAAI) London 1970, has attended several courses in Local government course in the Institute of Administration, Enugu Nigeria 1960,  Local government Treasurer course Buea 1963, Taxation course Buea 1967, Taxation course in Yaounde 1973, not to mention the several courses in cooperative management, village development and HIV\AIDS etc.
HRH Chief Mbonifor has held several duty post of responsibility in this country, first as Basel mission teacher in 1958, local government service from 1959 to 1967 and served in the Senior Posts of Council treasurer, administrative sectary in Ndop, Kumba and the then Victoria. He was later transferred to government service, taxation department in February1967and served as Divisional inspector of taxes at Bamenda, Mamfe, Kumba, Ndian, Nkambe and Kumbo inspectorate of taxes up to 1989 when he ret

 Chief Mbonifor  the Double Award Winner from World Echoes Newspaper & the International University
                                        Chief Mbonifor at the Nsem Palace Shrine
                                          Chief Mbonifor  the Nsem Palace Shrine
                                       Chief Mbonifor in the CMF outfit God Fearing

                                   Chief Mbonifor a Fatherly Father & Lovely Wife those early Days
Chief Mbonifor In front of the Guest House at the Nsem Palace

ired from the public Service.
Looking at Chief’s Traditional and social engagements, it is also fully loaded; he was appointed the first Chief of the 2nd class Chiefdom of Nsem in May 1982, financial sectary of Bafut Development Manjong 1972 to 1996, pioneer member of CAMIFU-COS September 1991, served as the Provincial Chairman, treasurer and current member of the BOD, has served as chairman of finance committee of PCC Ntamulung 1968, Kumba-Mbeng and PC Nsem. From 1990, Vice President, auditor in Chief, Treasurer and now adviser of CMF Bafut\TUBAH Presbytery, chairman of supervisory committee of North West Cooperative association Bamenda from 1993 to 1996, chairman of Finance committee of the then Bafut Rural Council, the administrator of Bafut oil palm farmers cooperative society Ltd (BOFCOS Ltd) from 1999 till date, the President of Nsem Traditional council since 1982, the chairman of Bafut council of Chiefs till date, the board chairman of Cameroon organization for the welfare of Ageing people (COWAP) 2009 and Was a customary court judge from 1999 till date.
Chief Mbonifor was Awarded recently an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the International University of Bamenda, he has won many Awards in the UK and even including the United State of America, he also hold the prestigious Cameroon Knight order of Merit in 1980. What a rich career profile heavy and befits the crown that wears it HRH Chief Mbinifor Isaiah Neba Ngwanu of Nsem Bafut.   


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