Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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The recent Bamenda join meeting between NOWEFU and a two man Delegation of a professed London-based CAMOCORE necessitates a prompt SCNC reaction, and here comes it. we are not the least worried by the occurrence, nor should any Southern Cameroonian Citizen be bothered.
The meaning of the meeting
Their meeting has instead occasioned a tremendous advantage for SCNC, all along, we have been at great pains to convince our curious grassroots, especially the advocates of an armed struggle, of the huge progress at high speed, which we are making on our pacific motto of the “force of argument and not the argument of force”.
The rare meeting has revealed the fear and panic, and greatly weakened the international position of the Yaounde Regime. or else, why did the Yaounde Government not stage such a meeting before now and why on Southern Cameroon’s soil, if not the last kick of a dieing horse.
The Regime’s best opportunities to have, off course, only delayed us was to have responded to the repeated request of messes J.N Foncha, and ST Muna prior to AACI, which would have prevented the two statesmen from resigning and its consequence to the Regime.
They also bluffed off the post –AACI request to engage urgent measures to address the Southern Cameroon question, preferring intimidation, torture, maiming, life sentencing and extra-judicial killings to silence us.
The main achievement is to reveal the strength of our struggle, for us to hold our ground while, on the other hand, displaying the Fracophone government as a sinking man grabbing around for whatever string of CAMOCORE and NOWEFU to hold onto for survival.
The insignificance of CAMOCORE and NOWEFU
The North West Fons Union and by extension, their South West Counterparts have no political relevance whatsoever to the SCNC struggle. Fooled by the empty title of auxiliary to the Administration and the self defeating power of exploiting and brutalizing their own subjects, they sold themselves out to the regime 51 years ago for a livelihood of crumbs off the table of immense resources from their own very territory.
The CAMOCORE from London is a recent creation by the Yaounde Government. It shows their continuing effort to retain the Southern Cameroon in perpetual annexation. It is one of the many initiatives of the regime to use us to defeat ourselves. Some of the earlier experiment in the Diaspora included, paying off members to resign and become wayward to the struggle, to the ironic extend of some, who held positions in the transitional government, returning to contest Presidential elections in the Republic of Cameroon.
At the home front, the drive to corrupt some officials of the struggle was also carried out.
We have heard of leaders who advocated either a referendum, negotiations or dialogue, as well as adopting a fallback position, all of which are euphemisms for the truncated federalism the Biya regime now seeks, since more than a decade ago. It is absolutely impossible for a republic to organize any of these options in another Republic on the mere basis of de-facto occupation.
The portraying of the CAMOCORE delegation as UK-based is no big deal, so long as its executive leader was never known in our nationalist ranks, he commands no followings even in his very London base, and much less at our domestic front. His anyi-nationalist role smacks of the similar creation of a government SCNC under Chief Oben and Theodore Leke, to undermine the SCAPO case at Banjul.
What is this exaltation of one of the members of the delegation as a researcher at the British House of commons, where CAMOCORE was supposedly also given birth. The regime has yet to understand that, unlike a Francophone, who capitulates to the intimidation of authority as being divine, the Southern Cameroon, by his Anglo-saxon intellectual culture, only yield to no reason. We have come of age and are knowledgeable enough that the Prestigious House of Commons can not allow itself to be linked to a demeaning organization.

Capitol Institute Twin with “UBa” for Degree Program

While a few North Westerners are yet to give up the fight trying to fragment the newly created University of Bamenda UBa arguing that some faculties be taken to other parts of the region, others are wholly that it be relocated entirely from present Bambili, Capitol Higher institute of Health Sciences is rather seizing the opportunity of its accessibility to partner for a degree program for her students.  
Ngalah Edward CEO and founder of this private initiative holds that Capitol has moved from Cameroon syndrome of formative, certificate base to a transformative training best for the job market of today in the world. He further prides self for being the pace setter for the many private institutions of learning sprouting today in the North West. To partner with University of Bamenda is another accolade as the first to do so from the private sector while others are partnering with Buea, Dchang and Yaoundé. To him bride future and many advantages surrounding the baby University of Bamenda has just started unfolding and only foresighted few can properly utilize such opportunities saying students from Capitol won’t have to write entrance exam in to University of Bamenda. The CEO of Capitol intimated that though founded in 1996 the school was only given a formal authorization from the minister of higher Education Prof Jacque Fame Ndongo in 2005 under authorization letter with reference number 05/4340/MINEUP/DDES/ESUP/SAC/ebm dated October 3 2005 to go operational. Another special authorization was granted Capitol on application to offer both the Higher National Diploma HND and Higher Professional Diploma HPD programs. By implication of the above authorizations Capitol Higher Institute of Health Science according to the CEO is the lone school for now to offer the two in the North West Region.
Harping on the present trend of business today and tomorrow Ngalah Edward observed that henceforth business won’t be based solely on the trade of goods and services for information is fast taking center stage. This a domain that Capitol wont stay back given that student have as obligation to fit in the global network of change apt with information high Technology. He reiterated that there is only one Chancellor in Cameroon who is the Minister of higher education and that any diploma not signed by the minister of higher education is questionable. Speaking on behalf of 2012 graduates from Capitol at a party in honour of their laurel Atiaibong Kingsley and Ayindong Comfort, the duo applauded the management of Capitol for the strict discipline and apt training accorded them in the health sciences. To Kingsley who could not make it last year in his former school says he is damn lucky he did not make it in that school for he would have missed out on this solemn training offered by Capitol coupled with modest fee.

NATCOM Advocates for Religion Diplomas to Seat Concours for Public Office

Rather than join the band wagon of complaining Cameroonians against rampant corruption and embezzlement in public offices, the National Committee for men’s work in the Presbyterian Congregation of Cameroon has launched what can be termed “a salvation pill” to advocate that government should enact a law that religion diploma be a prerequisite to sit for any public exam or ascend to any public office in Cameroon.
This new development from the Christian folks is coming on the heels of a war against corruption among Christians launched last year by the mainstream churches that came together. Ntumfor NICO Halle who equally spearheaded that course holds that for anybody to pursue the fight against corruption and embezzlement that person must be corruption free. The Church is not void of corruption which gives reason for Christians to decry such practices and cleanse selves in order to have the authority to preach to the secular world if not all that is being done would be hypocrisy, he said. Ntumfor inferred that since the launch new grounds have been covered by the movement which is thanks to solidarity and the hierarchical leaders and infinite power of the Holy Spirit that has been helping the movement in the course. 
The advocacy crusade was made public recently in Bamenda championed still by Ntumfor Nico Halle National President of the Christian Men Fellowship CMF during NATCOM general Assembly. The objective of this crusade Ntumfor says is to cleanse the society of the moral decadence that has besieged the lives of very many people in Cameroon.  CMF President cries out wondering how come the venerated and unbeatable Holy Bible has been relegated to the backseat in our social lives which equates it being thrown to the dogs. In the days ahead a message shall be sent to all the powers that be and to all government offices stating that religion diplomas should be considered as the first document when applying for any job or when vying in to any public office in Cameroon. This shall go a long way to implant in to the consciences of Cameroonians the presence of God almighty and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that will check in to any attempted urge by any to abuse an office entrusted in their care.
According to Ntumfor Nico Halle most Cameroonians are being appointed in to offices without any moral background in the fear of God. These group of people have shamelessly moved from the dictum of the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom to the Fear of money, fear of politics, fear of property and fear of man as the beginning of wisdom which is why decadence has continued to be the order of the day in Cameroon. The present state of corruption and embezzlement by a few has ruined this country and deprived over 90 percent of Cameroonians of their right to enjoy God’s given wealth.

Memories of the Fallen Cameroonian Spartan who Fought and is death without surrendering for the fate and sake of Teachers through CATTU

“Today’s picture before you carry the message of a character full and an example worth emulating icon who for the sake of a particular class of people in the society fought and fell in the course for them. Today the regret is that he is no more and the struggle may discontinue because the shoes he wore does and can never size anybody, vanity is all as Teacher’s may come back to the normal status quo with nobody we mean it nobody to be bold enough to cry fowl of the regime’s misconducts. Almighty Nkwenti Simon is buried with his CATTU nobody should deceive Cameroonian and bet us the regime is at peace” A Dieu Nkwenti Aziz