Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NATCOM Advocates for Religion Diplomas to Seat Concours for Public Office

Rather than join the band wagon of complaining Cameroonians against rampant corruption and embezzlement in public offices, the National Committee for men’s work in the Presbyterian Congregation of Cameroon has launched what can be termed “a salvation pill” to advocate that government should enact a law that religion diploma be a prerequisite to sit for any public exam or ascend to any public office in Cameroon.
This new development from the Christian folks is coming on the heels of a war against corruption among Christians launched last year by the mainstream churches that came together. Ntumfor NICO Halle who equally spearheaded that course holds that for anybody to pursue the fight against corruption and embezzlement that person must be corruption free. The Church is not void of corruption which gives reason for Christians to decry such practices and cleanse selves in order to have the authority to preach to the secular world if not all that is being done would be hypocrisy, he said. Ntumfor inferred that since the launch new grounds have been covered by the movement which is thanks to solidarity and the hierarchical leaders and infinite power of the Holy Spirit that has been helping the movement in the course. 
The advocacy crusade was made public recently in Bamenda championed still by Ntumfor Nico Halle National President of the Christian Men Fellowship CMF during NATCOM general Assembly. The objective of this crusade Ntumfor says is to cleanse the society of the moral decadence that has besieged the lives of very many people in Cameroon.  CMF President cries out wondering how come the venerated and unbeatable Holy Bible has been relegated to the backseat in our social lives which equates it being thrown to the dogs. In the days ahead a message shall be sent to all the powers that be and to all government offices stating that religion diplomas should be considered as the first document when applying for any job or when vying in to any public office in Cameroon. This shall go a long way to implant in to the consciences of Cameroonians the presence of God almighty and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that will check in to any attempted urge by any to abuse an office entrusted in their care.
According to Ntumfor Nico Halle most Cameroonians are being appointed in to offices without any moral background in the fear of God. These group of people have shamelessly moved from the dictum of the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom to the Fear of money, fear of politics, fear of property and fear of man as the beginning of wisdom which is why decadence has continued to be the order of the day in Cameroon. The present state of corruption and embezzlement by a few has ruined this country and deprived over 90 percent of Cameroonians of their right to enjoy God’s given wealth.

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