Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Most Recent Investigation Holds that, “Bda” Regional Hospital Officials & Regime Blamed for Nkwenti’s Death

What is evidence and utmost clear from that very first blessed Monday to the Biya’s regime when Nkwenti Simon CATTU’s CEO was ferried in at his critical state to the Bamenda Regional Hospital for treatment in the name of proper medical attention to re-animation right to his death on that sad Friday is well analyzed to be propagandistic.
As the regime has ever longed to see the said in a helpless situation to hide behind it and eliminate him. Thank God due to over stress, which stems from activities of his Trade Union and government’s countless missions to kill it, no doubt Nkwenti Simon has been a good threat to the regime.
Nkwenti Simon and the diabetes he has been pampering through medical prescription for long now was flung to an uncontrollable health state which rendered him mute, helpless and was now placed at the disposal of the Biya’s regime cream of Physicians and Chemists to experiment with their medical know how as statistic has always proven that most of them carry out treatment based on trial and error.
For this case, and situation at hand, acting on instructions from above, the said Doctors and attendants at the Bamenda Regional Hospital tailored and guided Nkwenti Simon into the grave in the most unrecognized and could not be identified ways. Which is today termed by many gradual killing or merciful killing better still euthanasia, a practice conducted to eliminate a necessary evil according to the Cameroonian Regime who knew and had qualified Nkwenti as the number one strike activator in Cameroon through his trade Union which had made him grown with so much a popularity at home and abroad that became a threat to the regime in place daily, call him a canker worm.
Nkwenti Simon now at that helpless state was pruned to all type of administrations prescribed by the Physicians attending to him. Who had the free will right to do what ever thing they wanted with him in the name of impressing the public that proper attention was given to him.
The public up till today questions why a whole Nkwenti was not referred to a better and a cleaner and competent catholic or a Chinese hospital in Yaounde so that the said health situation was better looked upon than allow him in the hands of adventurers known reputed for poor services.
Nkwenti, if you asked many was killed, either by slow poison, one shade of opinion holds, another very categorical on the fact that over dosage, wrong administration and prescription may be responsible for his death and to a greater extend that the regime in place is responsible for his death.
For it is obvious that instructions must have come in from Yaounde, “do all you can so that he does not survive” and today Nkwenti is no more to the happiness of  members of the Cameroon Teachers association who saw his existence a threat to their selfish progress in the domain of trade unionism as CATTU stood tall and was ever respected and shall for ever be respected but for the absence of the actor Nkwenti who knew where to touch and how for changes to be effected for the betterment of teacher’s life in Cameroon.
Nkwenti did his best and could have not been of help to all while most of whom he positioned and promised positioning before dying are gnashing their teeth’s, others who were not privileged and longed for assistance to come to their beg and call are happy with the fact that considerations will cease to follow appointments with his death.
Nkwenti, undergoing all the threats, molestations, persecution, no salary dies today as a martyr who fought for his fellow colleagues and died at the services of the nation leaving behind nobody to fit squarely in his shoes.
What a great lost as hopes are now shattered about the future of CATTU, and TAC taking up the battle relay stick so that two things can now be compared.  

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