Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bambui Village Salutes Coronation of Sub-Chief & Vice Ndi

in the person of Ntum Richard, who from the day of coronation takes up the appellation Tah Formanju, ably assisted by Ndi Sumbong Martin successors to the recently “passed away”  Sub-Chief Tah Formanju who happens to have ruled for over three Generations.
the said became blessed on the 24th of August 2012 and as Tradition will want and have it, the corpse was immediately kept to rest backed by all Traditional rites necessitating prompt actions for his gap to be filled in the college of nobles or the Traditional Chieftaincy class Assembly reasons why, a week after followed appointment, designation and the coronation of Ntum Richard a Business man in Yaounde and Sumbong Martin a business man in Bambui also respectively as Tah Formanju and Ndi.
The coronation exercise which began of the 1st of September 2012 lasted for three days performed by a strong Man Delegation from the “Ngumba” tailored by the “Ntum-Kwifor” Wankie John over the Lordship of HRH the Fon of Bambui Angafor Mombo-O the III. From the day of coronation, they own right of supremacy and control over the puplace placed under their control within their jurisdiction by the Fon of Bambui. Shall inherit the late father’s wives, duties and responsibilities above all shall cease to shake hands with commoners.
These young breed of Sub-Chiefs joins the Tahs to govern and administer for the collective welfare of the Village.
Bambui Village counts well over fifteen Sub-Chiefs, we name Tah Formanju, Tah Mokazang, Tah Moteuh, Tah Kande, Tah Fongeuh, Tah Asogho, Tah Forseh, Tah Nambe, Tah Nchuo, Tah Ngwanvie, Tah Forkube,Tah Fingue etc.

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