Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How N.W Fons, S.W Chiefs Betray S.Cameroon

Scandal & Error of the Century;

*For a House of Kings, Chiefs & for Money*SCNC’s Hopes Shattered
It is rather and absolutely a big pity, why not a big scandal that Yesterday 29th of August 2012, North West Fons 50 in number at their secretariat under going renovation resolved unanimously to dump SCNC and secessionist ideas, just like their counterparts in the South West on the 3rd of September 2012 who also unanimously resolved to throw all their weight behind La Republic advocating for a one and indivisible Unitary state with La Republic unlike John Ngu Foncha of Late in 1961 who was deceived into the pact with La Republic because of the low bargaining power of the points he tailored through out the conference. Here, the big century question at hand is whether they took “Banga” before making such a declaration, or “gomboo” was the over driving force influencing them to take such a stand? And by the way where was La Republic in their Midst? Or was it a planned escorted deal of the Prime Minister, Achidi Achu and the said Emmaneul Nebafu head of the fabricated Cameroon Council for Re-unification to push them make such an open Declaration ahead of October 1st in exchange for Billion?  
29th Day of August 2012 and the 3rd of September 2012 enters the annals of Cameroon history respectively as one of those days North West Fons and South West Chiefs were duped into taking an assassinating decision backed by greed and gullibility. A championed course, well organized, executed and supervised by Ex-Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameron Simon Achidi Achu special adviser to the North West Fons who doubles as La Republic’s puppet and spy in Southern Cameroon.
Old, retired but not tired, like it or not Pa Achidi from all indication cracked a deal with La Republic on the SCNC subject to distort history in Exchange for Billion before this October 1st,  rallying the Fons to deny being part of any secessionist move advocating for a unitary state.
The Fons shamelessly without reason or insight embraced the idea totally, today thanks to
Gluttony as one of the Fons remarked from Menchum “Poverty and hunger was responsible for our being part of the SCNC mess” here you can measure to what extend the havoc hunger and poverty is causing admits Fons Pushing them to sell Southern Cameroon to La Republic for a plate of food and pennies call it stipends.
This exercise call it the worst mistake and crime ever committed by the Fons and Chiefs has reduced them to Zero before their subjects, as the world is yet to accommodate such a betraying act which does not take into consideration the future and hope of young southern Cameroonian mindful of all the ruling at Banjul.
This days sees the end of any move to Southern Cameroon’s liberation as North West Fons 50 in Number headed by Fon Teche of Ngemouwa, the Fon of Bafut, Nso, Chomba, Bafmen, Babungo inter-alia, South West Chiefs headed by Chief Tabe Tando, Chief Njifua of Fontem, Chief Atem Bate Ebako, custodians and the voice of the people resolved not to be part or party to SCNC idea, ideology or the 500, 00 signature exercise campaign vying for autonomy before the UN. Which is what provoked the emergency executive Fons meeting of NOWEFU and South West to puncture SCNC’s deal under the guise of consolidating national unity.
In this their sell out act dubbed “cut throat decision of the century” it was resolved also that with their firm commitment to consolidate national Unity, they shall create a North West Elite association, that all seven Divisional Presidents of the Union shall each summit a list of 20 twenty elite from their various Divisions but for Mezam which shall submit 40 Forty because of her populated nature and this shall be before the 15 of October 2012. They also resolved to remain dedicated and devoted to their partners Orange Cameroon and Tradex Petrol Company for their promises and support in roofing, tiling and sustaining her activities and functions.
Enters the Achidi Achu’s Mafia to Position Wife for Ministerial appointment
Pa Achdi Achu Ex-Prime Minister well known and noted for marrying many wives and “settling them” by positioning them in key post in government to be self reliant. Is now eyeing the post of Minister “Mafor” Amatutu Muna for the wife Judith Achidi recently crowned “Mafore” by 50 Fons of the North West acting on the instruction of their special adviser Pa Achidi Achu who for selfish interest wants government to pull of eyes from Amatutu the original “Mafor” for the wife who is a photocopy.
Judith Achidi is presently the Boss of Camtel North West and should be one of the well positioned and most literate wives of Pa Achi and why not the most loved reasons why Pa thinks the Title “Mafor” will beef up lobby strength for her to enter government and why not kick out Minister “Mafor” Amatutu Muna.
Public opinion holds that they believe and know very strongly that they have and trust in only one “Mafor” who is Amatutu Muna, Pa Achidi should stop misleading the Fons for selfish interest, that it is time he takes a break and leave the stage rather than drive the Region to chaos because of the ego.
One Region can not have two “Mafors” at a time for that will spark confusion and disorder, which the public thinks that is what Achidi is aiming and driving at. even at his age!

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