Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Capitol Institute Twin with “UBa” for Degree Program

While a few North Westerners are yet to give up the fight trying to fragment the newly created University of Bamenda UBa arguing that some faculties be taken to other parts of the region, others are wholly that it be relocated entirely from present Bambili, Capitol Higher institute of Health Sciences is rather seizing the opportunity of its accessibility to partner for a degree program for her students.  
Ngalah Edward CEO and founder of this private initiative holds that Capitol has moved from Cameroon syndrome of formative, certificate base to a transformative training best for the job market of today in the world. He further prides self for being the pace setter for the many private institutions of learning sprouting today in the North West. To partner with University of Bamenda is another accolade as the first to do so from the private sector while others are partnering with Buea, Dchang and Yaoundé. To him bride future and many advantages surrounding the baby University of Bamenda has just started unfolding and only foresighted few can properly utilize such opportunities saying students from Capitol won’t have to write entrance exam in to University of Bamenda. The CEO of Capitol intimated that though founded in 1996 the school was only given a formal authorization from the minister of higher Education Prof Jacque Fame Ndongo in 2005 under authorization letter with reference number 05/4340/MINEUP/DDES/ESUP/SAC/ebm dated October 3 2005 to go operational. Another special authorization was granted Capitol on application to offer both the Higher National Diploma HND and Higher Professional Diploma HPD programs. By implication of the above authorizations Capitol Higher Institute of Health Science according to the CEO is the lone school for now to offer the two in the North West Region.
Harping on the present trend of business today and tomorrow Ngalah Edward observed that henceforth business won’t be based solely on the trade of goods and services for information is fast taking center stage. This a domain that Capitol wont stay back given that student have as obligation to fit in the global network of change apt with information high Technology. He reiterated that there is only one Chancellor in Cameroon who is the Minister of higher education and that any diploma not signed by the minister of higher education is questionable. Speaking on behalf of 2012 graduates from Capitol at a party in honour of their laurel Atiaibong Kingsley and Ayindong Comfort, the duo applauded the management of Capitol for the strict discipline and apt training accorded them in the health sciences. To Kingsley who could not make it last year in his former school says he is damn lucky he did not make it in that school for he would have missed out on this solemn training offered by Capitol coupled with modest fee.

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