Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AN OPEN LETTER DEAR NFOR NFOR, How he Masterminded my (Nwachan’s) 16 Arrest in SCNC Struggle

As the People of Southern Cameroons inch up towards the 51st Independence Anniversary on 1st October 2012, would you, please, permit me raise certain outstanding issues concerning your personal role during the Buea arrest at the same celebration in 2011.
You would quite remember that you were neither numbered among the group of 50 leaders, encircled at the premises of the Nigerian Consul, nor the 125 others detained at the Police Station. The fact of your having not been arrested is enigmatic and worrisome.
It would also be recalled that flanked by private escorts, you were freely circulating outside, despite the marauding security teams of our oppressor. Although your visits to and fro between the two groups of detainees sought to project you as a communication link, the impression was faker than convincing.
For a supposed devoted champion to be enjoying exceptional freedom, during a crises moment for all others, is reminiscent of an identical SDF experience. While SDF Party Executives were under House Arrest, you would recall that one of the senior members was freely shuttling between his peers and the Security Services of the oppressive regime. The masses, off course, had lost no opportunity to openly brandish him as a traitor.
There is a second observation to your Buea apparent manipulation. Being one of the least known to the Buea - based Securities Services, how is it then that I was the most targeted, if not by the betrayal of a Judas Iscariot, from within the very SCNC ranks? The following brief narrative is how it happened.
After dispersing from the confines of the Nigerian Consul, my members and 1 left Buea immediately without telling anybody. With little money to have stayed longer, we needed to return fast, in order to raise money to send to our detained members. Strangely, while already in a bus at Mile 17 and due to kick off in less than five minutes, I received an anonymous phone call from Buea warning me to hide, because a Police van was dispatched to trap me at Mile 17. Why was I the only person being sought after for re-arrest, when they did not even know me?
You can guess why, of all the leaders, I should be particularly suspicious of you. The fact is that you have such a track-record of treachery 4ewards”my SCNC branch that it would be abnormal for us to suspect anyone else. In fact, every threatening cloud on my way throughout the past 10 years, since 1993 when we parted ways, has featured your scheming. The following examples are in order.

a) That in 2009, you, your late Northern Zone Chair, your late Secretary General, and your late National Minutes Secretary, hatched a plot with the then state Counsel of Batibo, and two Bamenda-based staffs of the Post Newspaper; who published a false report that I had organized villages in Batibo to linge the State Counsel.
b) That consequently, I was arrested and detained for 36 days. Honestly speaking, the late Martin Ngok had, while on his dicing bed, divulged your respective roles and confessed his part. Though I forgave him, I had issued a curse of death on the four of you, which I am extending to the two Journalists of the Post Newspaper and that State Counsel, as well as any other Southern Cameroonian traitor of this struggle.
c) That you also served as an informant to the Security Services, who stormed and arrested our meeting at the Azire old Church in 2006. Your members had warned that you would not permit any SCNC meeting, other than yours to hold in Bamenda. Moreover, a sympathetic senior retired Police officer was to graphically express shuck and bewilderment to me at the Mankon Main Market. Said he: “Why won’t your colleague of Cow Street let you work?”
d) That on several occasions, you instigated Securities in Kumbo to arrest my members. Then you would send your Country Chairman to go advise them to tell the Police that they were associated with your SCNC branch, so as to be released. However, my members always refused, preferring to rather remain in detention than be released by association with untrustworthy leadership. It is divine retribution that you and that infamous Country Chair uncompromisingly broke ranks, and are not even on talking terms any longer.
It is necessary to reveal this information in the run up to the Buea of 1st  October 2012. So that the people of Southern Cameroons can be vigilant over your apparent treachery, (70) instances of which I have complied in a separate document, to be released at the appropriate moment. For sure, there would always be some members of the Public, who hold the proverbial view that “dirty linens may not be washed in Public”. Unfortunately, it is this prolonged concealment that permitted you to ascend as high, in spit of your evil schemes, which have greatly retarded the struggle.
Our people should know that my 16 times of detentions is a lot of suffering, a lot of which is caused by insiders of the very SCNC, whom they should begin to hold accountable for any further disloyalty to the struggle. May there be no more secret deals with the Regime as we look forward to the 51st Anniversary.

Yours respectfully
Thomas N. Nwachan
B. A. Hist. M.A. Pol Sc, M.A. Mgt
1969 combined winner of Fulbright of US Congress and
Lawrence Wien International Scholarships
Through Brandeis University, Mass, USA.
National Chairman
Formerly the Secretary for International and Communication
Formerly the Executive Secretary General

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