Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cameroon;Livestock Breeding & Animal Husbandry: FAWCAM Gives Hope to Donkey Owners in Bui, Over 560 Donkeys Placed under Strict Health Care Services & Facilities

The Foundation for animal welfare in Cameroon (FAWCAM) the premier animal welfare organization in Cameroon has made a significant impact or difference to the lives of well over 560 Donkeys and their Farmers or breeders in Bui Division, of the North West Region of Cameroon.When FAWCAM arrived Bui three years ago, the main problems encountered were animals with wound, lameness, respiratory diseases, and fungal infection called EZl that at times was very fatal. A cross section of the Donkeys were looking very weak with unpardonable wounds. Others could not stand for long periods because they had overgrown hooves and injured legs.The owners, over 500 subsistence farmers, and cattle herds owners, rely on their Donkeys to transport good to the market to and fro, water and firewood for domestic use, yet have little knowledge on how to look after them health wise while domesticating.
The owners depend on the animals for their livelihoods, yet many of them lack animal welfare training and could barely identify or dictate signs of deseases, sickness or fatigue in the animal due to over work. The lack of proper professional veterinary health care skills has made situation worst.  
The negligence or lack of total concern about the welfare of the Donkeys by owners is not as a result of wickedness but as a result of the lack of support means and health care management skills.Most often a time for their convenience, the Donkeys are over loaded and over worked to their early graves or paralysed. Through educational workshops, FAWCAM has succeeded to replace harmful traditional practices with correct and compassionate animal health care measures.
FAWCAM a community based organization funded by the Donkey Santuary UK, in collaboration with government staff from the Divisional Delegation of Livestock, fisheries and animal industries, have been offering Dokey owners improved trainings and education on how to better carter for the animals.
After three years of effective and exhaustive work with the Donkey community owners in Bui, almost all owners were woed into the new Donkey Cooperative society created by animal welfare officers (AWOs) of FAWCAM. Thanks to this initiative by FAWCAM officers, attitudes towards Dokey’s welfare has change tremendously in Bui. Majority of Donkey owners now understand what animal welfare means and have now been cultured or doctored on how to identify signs of distress or malaise in the animals. In all, they have also come to understand the dangers of overloading their animals and the aftermarth on its health.
In addition, they have stopped over working Donkeys which are under age, and now know the dangers of overloading a pregnant Donkey. It is now a routine exercise for them to seek the advice or concent of a veterinarian when any of the animals are sick or a community animal health worker (CAHWS) to trime most of their over grown hooves.  
Thanks to the timely intervention of FAWCAM IN Bui, hope has been given to it breeders, proper health guaranted to the animals, sustainable agriculture boasted and why not the live sustainance of the Donkey.
Most of the Donkeys in Bui now look beautiful and healthy without wounds or infection of any kind. This is thanks to the knowledge and support of the Donkey sanctuary UK, without which nothing would have been done to protect this endangered specie in Bui. With the permission of the Donkey Santuary in Great Britain after work well done in Bui, FAWCAM intends extending its tentacle to other communities in the North West Region harbouring Donkeys.

Press Release From the PM’S Office

On the instruction of the Head of State, the National Chairman of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Party(CPDM), the head of the North West Permanent Regional Delegation of the CPDM central committee, his excellency Philemon Yang effected a working visit to the seven Divisions of the North West Region from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th May 2018. The visit had three main objectives, namely,;
1-      To continue with the process of dialogue put in place by the Head of State H.E Paul Biya,
2-      To call on all the militants of the CPDM and all patriotic Cameroonians to be active participants in the fight against terrorism and other criminal activities.
3-      To prepare the militants of the CPDM AND ALL PATRIOTIC Cameroonians for the celebration of the National day on the 20th of May 2018.
During the visit, H.E Philemon Yang met with the following,
-          Members of the Permanent Regional Delegation
-          Members of the permanent Divisional Delegation
-          Members of gov’t and persons ranking as such
-          Senators and members of the national assembly
-          CPDM Mayors and deputie,
-          Section executives of the CPDM,WCPDM,YCPDM
-          Sub-section Presidents of the CPDM,WCPDM,YCPDM
-          Administrative authorities,
-          First and second class traditional rulers
     The militants used the meeting as an opportunity to;
-          To discuss freely on the current socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Region
-          Deplore acts of violence, kidnappings, killings, settling of scores, “Ghost Towns” school boycotts and all forms of criminal activities carried out by people who want to destroy the unity and stability of our fatherland.
-          Propose ways to fight terrorism and restore peace in the Region as part of the ongoing dialogue put in place by the Head of State H.E Paul Biya
-          Prepare for a massive participation at the celebration of the national pride, and unity on the 20th of May 2018
-          Express their firm determination to stand behind President Paul Biya in his quest for peace and unity in Cameroon
-          Invite Cameroonians who are involved in acts of violence and terrorism to come out of their hidings and participate in the dialogue on peace put in place by the Head of State.
The head of the North West Permanent Regional Delegation encouraged the militants to be peace loving, patriotic, law abiding, courageous, determined and patient.
In the seven Divisions, his excellency Philemon yang met with thousands of militants and sympathizers of the CPDM who appreciated his regular visits to the Region and his desire for peace and stability in Cameroon. In each of the Divisions, a motion of support was addressed to His Excellency Pual Biya National Chairman of the CPDM.

Take Home Messsage Of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon on his peace crusade Mission to N.W and S.W Appealing to Anglophones to Lay arms and give peace a chance

1-      Cameroon is One and indivisible. We must stand up against the people who want to destroy Cameroon
2-      Wa are all involved in the process of dialogue which the Head of State has put in place. Dialogue is a continues process, it is not an event.
3-      We have the obligation to cooperate with administrative authorities and security forces, inorder to overcome terrorism, regain peace and live together comfortably in our villages and towns.
4-      We should remember that the security forces are here to help prevent the disturbances, violence, school boycotts, “ghost towns” killings, kidnappings and illegal threats which some North Westerners carry out all the time\.
5-      We have a responsibility to work with our neighbors to make sure that our neighbourhood is safe, secured and good for living together.
6-      All militants of the CPDM Party of peace and development must carry out the decisions of the Head of State in all places and at all times. The head of state is a constant promoter of peace and development.
7-      We must see the 20 May 2018 as a day for the celebration of our national pride, national unity, and living together as Cameroonians from all parts of this country. There a great strength in our diversity.
8-      We aught to love each other and learn to be one another’s keeper inorder to strengthen our unity and forster our development.
9-      Cameroon is not a perfect society. There is no perfect country in the world. Violence and criminal activities will not make us successful.
10-  In December 2010, the Head of State on his visit to Bamenda stated that the process of Nation Building requires determination, courage and patience. We ought to show patience.
North West permanent Regional Delegation of the CPDM.


The Unity of Cameroon being engraved by Covenant refers to her early existence as a German territory and her Unity of 1961. After so many years living apart as colonies of France and Britain with different cultures, there was a carved out exercise of God for a continuous relationship covenanted by oath .
`The Almighty God brought together the two brothers torn apart by colonial lust to be in relationship with Him as brothers of a single entity. This covenant between God and Cameroonians was established and endorsed with an oath that can not be broken today or later. The engravement of this nation by God, should not because of some little human mistakes, cause some people to stand against God’s covenant and seek for a painful separation. All promises made by God in the engravement of Cameroon as a united and indivisible nation in Africa, are guaranteed for all its effects to be actualized as He designed, and no force can put asunder what He has put together.
Those who want to put asunder what God has put together and covenanted, should be made to understand that there are no genetic accidents in the history of creation as far as the creator and provider is concerned. The creation of the state of Cameroon (Anglophones and Francophones) was not a genetic accident for some people to take advantage and seek for separation today. All that was engraved by God, is by His good pleasure. The creation of Cameroon as a loving, peaceful and United people is on the basis of God’s agreement within the context of His divine love for peace and unity of mankind. For 56 years of reunification, Cameroonians have enjoyed abundantly God’s act of creativity as an Almighty creator, as compared to other nations of Africa. For Cameroon to have passed through so many tunnels full of temptations, to be today recognized as an entity with a sovereignty, is an act of God’s Creativity. No struggle to put it asunder can receive His covenant. The love, peace and unity in this country is engraved by God and can not be wiped out by any entity or a group of persons in the diaspora. God’s program for Cameroonians as a united and loving people, had been guaranteed by Him, for all its effects to be actualized as were designed. Those in the diaspora and brain-washed brothers at home, should know that Anglophone and francophone relationship can never be seen as a genetic accident. They did not come together in 1961 because Nigeria did not want the people of southern Cameroons, but they were brought together by God’s abundant pleasure to unite His people.
In order words, from 1961 till date, Anglophones and francophones living under a common roof of the Republic of Cameroon, just as their other brothers that got lost to Nigeria, is in the context of the Almighty God’s pleasure and nobody has a right to question. The existence of Anglophones and francophones as brothers for 56years is covenanted by God, and their relationship is a covenanted engravement by the Almighty God. The power of the covenant is responding and will be for the satisfaction of all (Anglophones and francophones) when they acknowledge and yield to God’s instructions and commands, not yielding to those of some persons of the demonic realm with ghost –towns. God in His sovereignty brought the Anglophones and francophones together as citizens of Cameroon under His guidance in order to make them partakers of His divine nature - love, peace, unity and socio-economic and political advancement, as the destiny of their children and children’s children.
Genesis 9:9 “And as for me, behold, I establish my covenant with you and with your descendant after you”.
God has taken an oath to provide love, peace and unity to Cameroonians even at a moment like this when things seem so rough as it is the wish of demons due to their selfish desires out of lust. His covenant with the Cameroon nation since reunification is a wholesome truth and seperationists should not at any moment cause the people to relent efforts to continue embracing and thanking Him. As they continue to embrace the powers of God’s covenant, it will make them maintain their relationship in the superior of that covenant, because  God has sent it for their wellbeing. Cameroon, a country of covenant, stands proud in Africa as a nation of great manifestations. These can be seen in the diverse socio-economic and political upheavals of 1990 till date. Some who died many years back, if they were to come back, they will not believe their eyes today of the Cameroon that they will be seeing. They will be seeing a Cameroon tied to the manifestation of God’s covenant. Other countries are war-torn zones, but Cameroon’s progressive force for love, peace and unity, keeps growing even though against the strong wish of mask faces. This progressive force for love, peace and unity, dates back to reunification when God spoke to Cameroonians as He did to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:26-28 “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it”.
To subdue is to take charge. Since 1961, the entire territory of Cameroon was given to Cameroonian (both Anglophones and franphones) to take charge, fill and subdue. That is the more reason that a population of about 5.000.000 inhabitants of both Anglophones and francophones in 1961, is today 25.000.000 inhabitants or even more. Cameroonians, have taken charge of the territory of Cameroon, have been fruitful and have multiplied to please God’s covenant. Today, the very God can not go into a covenant with people of faces behind   the mask, who out of greed and not with His authority, want to put asunder, what He blessed and put together in 1961 – the Republic of Cameroon that He swore and is making sure that His spoken words sent for her peace and unity, is actualized. When God speaks, every word of his does not return void, but accomplishes that which He pleases. God gave Cameroon (Anglophones and francophones) the covenant, and has sworn to make sure that every spoken word of His for the wellbeing of a peaceful and united Cameroon, be actualized.
   Isaiah 45:22-23 “Look to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth. I am God and there is no other. I have sworn by myself, the word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that in me every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall take an oath.
For 56 years the covenant of God has been given to all Cameroonians (Anglophones and francophones), to keep and work by its precepts in order to partake of its glory – love, peace, and many other benefits embodied in the covenant. Since God has entered a covenant with the people of Cameroon, they ought to respect the covenant, and close their ears to calls of separation from the Diaspora. They should close their ears to calls of separation and walk in obedience to the covenant, so as to be entitled to more blessings, that have to do with long life the Republic of Cameroon. Let the entire nation be now conscious of their covenant with God and walk with it , for they were of it since 1961.


                                                                    Rev. Prof. Tita Samuel Fon (Ph.D)
                                                                                        CPP Father/Founder