Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Take Home Messsage Of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon on his peace crusade Mission to N.W and S.W Appealing to Anglophones to Lay arms and give peace a chance

1-      Cameroon is One and indivisible. We must stand up against the people who want to destroy Cameroon
2-      Wa are all involved in the process of dialogue which the Head of State has put in place. Dialogue is a continues process, it is not an event.
3-      We have the obligation to cooperate with administrative authorities and security forces, inorder to overcome terrorism, regain peace and live together comfortably in our villages and towns.
4-      We should remember that the security forces are here to help prevent the disturbances, violence, school boycotts, “ghost towns” killings, kidnappings and illegal threats which some North Westerners carry out all the time\.
5-      We have a responsibility to work with our neighbors to make sure that our neighbourhood is safe, secured and good for living together.
6-      All militants of the CPDM Party of peace and development must carry out the decisions of the Head of State in all places and at all times. The head of state is a constant promoter of peace and development.
7-      We must see the 20 May 2018 as a day for the celebration of our national pride, national unity, and living together as Cameroonians from all parts of this country. There a great strength in our diversity.
8-      We aught to love each other and learn to be one another’s keeper inorder to strengthen our unity and forster our development.
9-      Cameroon is not a perfect society. There is no perfect country in the world. Violence and criminal activities will not make us successful.
10-  In December 2010, the Head of State on his visit to Bamenda stated that the process of Nation Building requires determination, courage and patience. We ought to show patience.
North West permanent Regional Delegation of the CPDM.

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