Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cameroon; Bangolan Chieftaincy Crisis: How Apostle John Chi Caused Fon Chafah’s Dethronement

*Cameroonian Fons Should Beware of Mixing Tradition & Christianity Out rightly, which is what has obviously Landed Almighty Fon Chafah 4th grade magistrate, Former NOWEFU SG\ President and Presently SG of Cameroon Traditional Leaders Association into the MESS he finds himself battling with his one time devoted subjects and villagers over the Bangolan thrown which was for well over 25 years all his with the whole place flooded with BIRs.

Cries are abound, surprised consternation rocking the air over North West Region and over Ngoketunjia Division, specifically Bangolan Village in Babessi Sub-Division where the scenario saw effect on the 17 breaking the 18 of February 2016 and is gradually gaining momentum about the dethronement of Fon Chafah one of North West most popular Fons. Caused, as to various information reaching our news room by Apostle John Chi general oversea of the Ark of God’s Church Cameroon one of Prophet TB Joshua’s disciples of the Synagogue Church of all Nations. Who did not only introduce Fon Chafah to Christ, but caused him to abandon Islam to Christianity. An act which is considered by his villagers who are 80% Muslims faithful akin to Islam as sacrilegious and full of betrayal.
Not only that, the villagers are greatly vexed that because of the Man of God their Fon who has permanently not been there taking residence in Yaounde has methodically and steadily injected Christianity in their tradition and culture which to them is abominable. Reasons why they had to constructively put an end to it by seeking ways to dethrone him before he plunges the village to a great calamity or malediction.
An avalanches and other series of grievances, added to cook up plot by other North West Elite and Fons on whose toes he stepped on because of his great ambitions of wanting to become a member of government are responsible for his dethronement which gradually gaining grounds but for the contingent of BIRs stationed in and around Bangolan to mare any such official enthronement and coronation exercise of the incumbent.
Reliably informed, inside information holds that the villagers\kingmakers calculated and dribble Fon Chafah after the meeting on the 10th of February 2016 with the SDO Kuela Valeri and etat major in the palace to move to Yaounde knowing that all is well just for the coup plotters to have chance and space to carry on the internal rites of the “gumba” naming one Mebepa Salim a kid brother of his as Fon who was to be enthroned by week end but for the timely intervention of the administration and the BIRs.
At Press time, we are reliably informed that the palace is under siege, as Administration battles it out with the village administration to see if the decision of the people can be reversed. Other opinion holders wander aloud whether the god of Apostle John Chi is sleeping, where is his one time friend Baba Danpullo the Bamenda based business magnet to salvage the situation or his present friend Amadou Ali to help him out of the mess.


All these enjeux going on, it is not without some key subjects of the village celebrating for work well done. For  haven’t successfully gotten  rid of Fon Chafah and the Fon Senator Teche’s camp of the North West Fon’s Union celebrating the demise or the down fall of his arch enemy and rival.
Which to him, may help calm the wild temperament of ambitiousness in Fon Chafah and why not deny him access to key offices and members of government to lobby for appointment at their own mercy, since he was well known for being able to do and undo in Yaounde.
At this juncture Almighty Fon Chafah is left with no other option than to remain a 4th grade magistrate or remain a permanently resident Fon of Bangolan village under the guard of the BIRs or attempt any move and is likened by coup plotters of haven’t abdicated the thrown.  Read us along the line as we monitor the inside out of the Situation, presenting unblemished facts for your fulfilled reading attention in a world full of misguided ideas and information.