Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cameroon: “2018 Precipitated Presidential Call For Biya Basically of No USE” Foretelling End Time & Pending Doom: Biya’s Days Numbered at Etoudi

*“Sooner or Later Cameroonians should Expect the Unexpected”
“Biya’s corrupt disciples should stop wasting their time on the countless calls all over the Republic for Precipitated 2018 Presidential Election with him as their unique and natural candidate because end time signals are at the corner”
Great Nigerian and Cameroonian Prophets\Pastors have said so. Today, this Reporter Journalist comes in to look at the END Time signals from a more analytical perspective.

Based on the natural look of things and circumstances, those are bound in Cameroon, the person President Paul Biya, and God’s own purpose or timing in his life, END Time is at the corner with a pending doom.
The said shrewd and dexterous political leader or figure, in the political history of Cameroon, at 84 you will bear with me or not deny the fact that he has exhausted and accomplished to an extend the political mission for which he was assigned for Cameroonians by God. Reasons why a well deserved honour requires that he should retire and have a quiet rest, which obviously is what Biya should be looking forward after not the hypocritical calls that are hipped left and right by old fashioned and corrupt ailing Ministers\politicians who want his continues stay in power to cover their embezzlement scandals.
Thirty three (33) years just like Christ days of stewardship on earth, Biya has staged managed all type of programs, projects concepts and ideas with the aid of his corrupt disciples to reign supreme and remained astutely venerated.
Rigor to moralization, national unity and integration, vulgarization of the economy, mechanization of agriculture, creation of youth employment, social security and welfare, the fight against corruption to making Cameroon emerge by 2035 through an industrialized nation that is embracing western evolving techniques inter-alia are all the fineries of the regime that at least scores Biya a shot for brilliant and not workable ideas as efforts has seen no effect in the normal lives of Cameroonians who fly out daily in desperation and frustration.
Their forward emergency plan for a nation that has suffered and is still living economic hardship, presently subject to insecurity crisis exacerbated by the terrorist acts of the Boko Haram, had taken Cameroon to some where in the Horizon of other ever growing nations whose leaders have the people’s interest at heart.
Today with all almost said and done, with practically no head way forward, with an obviously handicapped democratic process, all, I really mean it, “is certainly moving to an end or to a crash”.
Buying to the opinion of any right analytical thinking mind, “a battery subjected to several charges or operation charging systems for it to keep functioning, (better still playing for time in the name of life sustenance) is bound to crumble without signal or an alert”. The case of Michael Jackson (who went by plastic surgery to remain permanently young and had to shrink off to death unfortunately at the least unexpected moment) is very obvious. Cameroon’s situation is moving towards that same direction because her system has been subject to several recycling mechanism up to an extend that the centre can no longer hold. It should not also surprise you when you see Biya’s old ailing Ministers\politicians, I will not go mentioning their names who are worn out in politics still power hungry, keep passing and styled young and strong in the Cameroonian political scene to move the country ahead, because it part of the polluted system.


It is also not surprising to hear them say “we are old but not tired and not old fashion, Biya is old but not tired, he remains our natural President” reasons why you hear of  the wild calls all over the Republic asking for Biya to stand for the 2018 precipitated elections in Cameroon.
“Bundle of dishonest old men in fashion who have sold their reasoning consciences to the greed to maintain grip to power in order not to be exposed of multiple embezzlement scandal or judged by posterity”  
“God has the final say whether they like it or not, all must one day come to an end and very soon” says great advocates for change and why not a smooth transition, because it must come to pass.
The present situation and the future is one no great sudsier can best predict, but following the ordinance of the fountain wheel, it has turned until it is moving to its miserable end. “EVERY BEGINNING HAS AN END! SO WHY GET FRIGHTENED AT THE MENTION OF THE END”

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