Tuesday, August 25, 2015

University OF Bamenda Uba Opens Fuly; Admissions for 2015\2016 Accademic Year ongoing online in the Faculties of Arts, Law and Political Science, Economics and Marketing Science for 10,000 Places till October

-4000 for Faculty of Arts, 4000 for Faculty of Law & Political Science, 2000 for Faculty of Economics & Marketing Science
-Admissions to Run online & in Campus till October
*Time Out for UBa Registrar, the Deputy Director ENS, Director Medical School, HOD Chemistry & Modern letters, Director of Studies ENS etc & Time for Fresh Appointments
The news of the University of Bamenda fully opening its doors this academic year was greeted with great awe since the coming of these three faculties of Arts, Law and Political Sciences, Economics and marketing science had long over due causing parents of the North West extraction to still exorbitantly spend sending their children to other state universities around the country with a University at their back yard.
This call for celebration comes after several appeals, heated and why not hots meetings with the Prime Minister Head of government Philemon Yang at the star Building and the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Fame Ndongo asking for the University of the Future to be fully functional by top elite of the Region, who finally headed to the pleas and supplications of the people early this August 2015.  
It should be noted that since creation, six schools were functional at the University of Bamenda with only the Faculty of science offering open entrance and the others by written exams. This time, the Faculty of Arts, Law and political Science, Economics and Marketing science for a start will admit 3000 student and the number will increase subsequently as ample space and infrastructures will be provided for studies.
Admission for the academic year 2015\2016 shall runs online and in campus from the 24th of August 2015 to October.


To ensure that all the faculties kicks off in time and smoothly, elite of Tubah under the umbrella of TUP4 Tubah Union for peace progress, power and prosperity convened an enlarge elite meeting at the Bambili Credit Union building Hall on the 23rd of August 2015 to mobilize financial and material resource to assist the Vice-Chancellor execute the decisions of the Head of State President Paul Biya. Here, it was resolved that part of the vacant CCAST Bambili structures will be renovated and put into use, the class rooms of the school after normal school time, part of Agric school buildings, renovated primary school structures around Ngomushonh mabuh, Fonab secondary school kedjom keku buildings etc. 1000s of Benches were the pressing priorities for the moment and the union agreed to make available a good quantity as finance come in. They agreed unanimously that Hotel owner were to pay in a Million francs each, Delegates and owners of building material stores to pay a Millions francs each, landlords to pay in one months rents for all the rooms in the hostel for a year, companies like MTN, ORANGE, CAMTEL, NEXTEL, to donate 5 million each, brewery companies to chip in a million francs each, financial institutions and civil servants inter-alia are not left out.
At the meeting, the security, the social welfare of the people, town planning, water, waste disposal, the nature and structures of buildings in the student milieu, food sustenance and rents was a major bone of contention as the town will soon start witnessing a massive influx of students from various background and multiple comportments or attitudes from different Regions.  
With all hopes that UBa swings her doors fully open this academic year, without any major unrest, the Ministry of Higher is also faced and tasked with the responsibility to appoint new University officials as a good number of them are due retirement, we are here précising the case of the registrar Prof karl Bufung, the Deputy Director of ENS Prof. Ambanasung, the Director of the Medical school, the HODs for chemistry and modern letters and the Director of ENS Prof Bame who is likely to go in December.
When once government through the Minister of Higher Education would have appointed new officials the population of North West Region would now be left with the responsibility to manage the population boom and shocks that will accompany an increasing society made up students with their multiple odds, we are here making reference to promiscuity, arm robbery, strikes, high life, cultic practices, witchcraft etc.    

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