Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meet Fon of Nkar the Agrarian & a Social Worker of High Integrity

Fon of Nkar is Venerated for Fighting Obnoxious Traditional Practices against Widows & Promoting the Rights of the Underprivileged in his Fondom demonstrated in his unreserved love and care for all his Subject reasons why he was honoured last 27th of June 2015 as Accredited winner of World Echoes Newspaper Group Inc. International Trinity National Press Icons Award as Father of the Widow and the Underprivileged.
The Fon of Nkar Moolo II in pictures celebrate in pomp and fanfare the special prize of Honour to his Majesty for empowering widows and orphans in his Fondom thus reducing promiscuity amongst widows and vulnerability to HIV\AIDS on the 26th of July 2015 at his Palace Plaza.
This symbolic action must be scored, if not rated 100% because he happens to be the only Fon in the North West Region who has free willingly given his life and thrown for the underprivileged and has strongly condemned obnoxious traditional practices against widows in his Fondom unlike other Fons who juice at and have left their Palaces to rather fish from the tables of Politicians caps in hand who make mockery of them daily. It should be recalled that his Majesty has stood the taste of time and is a model amongst Fons in the Region. He is also highly venerated for his dignity and penofolly, soft spoken, full of wisdom and above all God Fearing. He is abundantly and exhaustively loved by his people, hear a subject “our Fon is a Model Icon, with a charm and quality given only by God, we love him with all our hearts and strength. He is a father who has offered his selfless service to us his children without reservation. We wish him long live and many more years on the thrown of the people of Nkar as he continues his good works. He merits the Award from the Press, we are proud and lucky to have him as our Fon”. the Fon it must be noted is also an agrarian and a social worker of high integrity.

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