Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A to Z about Kumbo Water Crisis, as the Saga Rocks on: Fonlon’s Ghost Hunt BOD

*Lawyers & Bailiffs to Soon Start Audit 25 Years after
*New Status & Name Sort for the water Scheme (Nso Water Authority)
It is news and a gain saying for the socio Economic welfare of the Kumbo Water to decry what has steadily and suddenly taken central stage contrary to the wishes of the brain behind that scheme and the purpose for its creation reasons why his Spirit or Ghost (that of Sir Prof Berbard Fonlon will not lie at rest without hunting,) double minded individuals involved in the management of the water scheme.
It should be noted that, the water scheme was a donation from the Canadian government in the early 60s sort for by Prof. Bernard Fonlon for his community given the urgent need and water crisis that characterized the era (since water is life).


The venture was a community based subsidized initiative for the social welfare of the Nso Man with the intension of supplying clean portable water to all for free, not for sell. Jointly managed by the Nso Cultural and Development Association (NSODA) and the Nso Fondom, having the Fon, Mbinglo as the Chief Patron cum overall Boss of the scheme.
The early and mid 2000s, to assure some degree of legality, (that is obtaining a legal status, that will suit the interest of Canadian Continues Funding) introduced another major commitment in the Scheme that is the source of all the wahala that is almost running the project to its ruination.
The Nso community and palace decided to attaché the water scheme to the Council. While under the Council, huge sums started coming in and a board was hurriedly and quickly co-opted by those who have hijacked management of the scheme making the Fon a Board member with the head office residing in one of the Palace Buildings.
In this line and strength, things went on smoothly until the water scheme had to embarrass the public with levies for maintenance, later was water bills per meter reading, not long public taps were disconnected mindful of the questionable services the water authority offered. No accountabilities to the other parties concern, with the Council hijacking and taking full ownership control over the project.
What break the calabash, away from the outright actions of the management was the fact that, the so call front liners wanted to procure a land for ten million and construct what to them is a befitting office. With existing vacant and unoccupied structures of the project idling all around without the consent of the overall lords of the project NSODA and the Palace.
Unable to bear all the odds, the Nso People as one Man for fear that the same Government which was chased out in the scheme (as SNEC) may come in, staged a protest march to the Nso Palace where they emptied their worries to the Fon demanding a series of adjustments in the scheme or the village take control over it. Amongst the pressing demands was for public taps to be reinstated, levies per meter adequately rationed, the water quality upgraded, account be given of what has been coming in as funds from Canadian donors and above all, the head office should not move from the Palace.  
Reacting accordingly, the Fon immediately placed a traditional injunction suspending and halting the payment of bills until further notice, we are talking of last early July 2015.
The SDO Nzete Theophile addressed a quarrel letter to the Fon who replied him not competent to question the actions of a First class Fon and that the people cried to the Palace over what is theirs and were unhappy about the abusive way the scheme was being managed by its authority. Hear him and the people “SNEC was chased once by the people and from the way things are going, if allowed government will come back”.
To worsen the matter, the Fon’s authority was challenged by the same authority that passed another counter communiqué and kept collecting bills in another set up office.
Enters the Lord Mayor in a Press conference on the 23rd of July to dispel Rumor about the management style of the authority, the council being a supervisory body of the Project
Mayor Njong Donatus to dispel all rumors he termed insinuated, excited by detractors and enemies of progress lashed at false alarm in the Kumbo Council hall, retracing the origin of the scheme (that is since 1967), the developments and achievements of the projects so far and future envisaged plan of action to better the quality, services of the authority for the social welfare of the Bui community, the Mayor made himself heard.
Reacting to the worries of the people raised on huge salaries to workers, heavy bills on consumers, the non audit of the project, personalized management of the scheme, the poor water quality, the issue about the acquisition of land for the building of an office with vacant structures still standing, no accountability etc said, the highest salaries paid to KWA workers was 220,000fcfa, the Fon entitled to 2.4 million a year. On bills, it is but normal that there should be that varying rate which is not certainly the making of the scheme. On financial issues, he showed prove of several audits even the most recent which was the 2014 internal and external audit report laying claims off and saying if the general assembly is not satisfied they are charged to make request for another audit. On the plot issue and the building of a befitting structure, he observed that by virtue of the age and strength of the scheme she is supposed to have a befitting structure, and not be perching in the palace vicinity where a traditional injunction was even placed. He said KWA paid for 2000 square meters at cfa 5000 per square meters, giving a total of 10 million fcfa.On the cleanliness and the portability of water to its consumers, he rightly acknowledge the content of such water and attributed it to constant work in the system to upgrade quality and that would not go without the pipes and thanks been cleaned reasons why the quality of water may not be at its best. Rounding up the public hearing and clarification session, the mayor let out a bag full of anticipated plans for the scheme some of which are currently been instituted and others in the making.  
Mindful of all,    
Things taking its frequency, magnitude and dimension has drawn the attention of all Nso elite around the country who are bent on reinstating sanity in the scheme at all cost and honour late Sir Prof Bernard Fonlon who is probably lying annoyed in his grave seeing the terrible enjeaux surrounding the management and will not give rest most probably to anybody toiling around with the fate of a water project he personally lobbied for and brought to Kumbo from Canada through President Ahidjo.
News are abound that after an enlarge Nso meeting that was supposed to take place on the 25th of July 2015 in Ngoketunjia Division, the name of the scheme may be changed to Nso Water Authority, Lawyers and Bailiffs brought in to audit and a new status set up for the scheme. Affair a Suivre WANDERS SHALL NEVER END!


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