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Job Oppening By Reignite Action for Development to Realize UK Big Lottery Funded Project in Bambui



Project name: NGONG* – Training the Bambui Farmers of tomorrow
Reignite Action for Development, a UK registered charity with a Project Office in Bambui, has been offered a grant to deliver a two year intensive agricultural and enterprise skills training programme to the community of Bambui and Tubah.

TheProject summary:

­ This project, based in the rural community of Bambui in the northwest region of Cameroon, aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers (680) and their families (3,400) by professionalising and revitalising the village’s agricultural sector.  This will be achieved by improving farmers’ agricultural skills and levels of productivity, whilst at the same time developing their ability to reach larger, more profitable markets. 

The project will deliver an intensive agricultural and enterprise skills training programme that will include livestock management, farm mechanisation, pest control, organic farming methods, improved irrigation methods, improved soil management and crop rotation.  It will also include training on organisational and business skills, entrepreneurship, risk analysis, marketing, leadership and negotiating skills and will also include a life skills element in relation to numeracy, literacy and French speaking training.

Training will be conducted to reach 680 individuals and given the key role that women play at the household and community levels; at least 60% will be females.  The project will also ensure that 10% of those trained will be young people between the ages of 15 to 24 years.

This is a holistic project that is looking to improve Bambui’s agricultural sector as a whole, therefore training will be offered to the general farming community, which is, organised underfive categories.  These include self-subsistence farmers (436), small agribusiness farmers (134), food processors (45), representatives from market associations (60) and traders (5).

It should be noted however that the main focus of project activities are aimed at supporting self subsistence farmers (64%) who are the most in need group of beneficiaries and which comprise the largest proportion of the agricultural market.

Size of farms
Self –subsistence farmers
Less than 0.5 hectares of land
Small agri-business farmers
Between 0.5 and 2 hectares
Food processors
Might be farmers or not
Market association representatives
Might be farmers or not
Might be farmers or not


Date and place for Registrations:

Dates - Starting: 6th July, Monday and Finishing: 31st July, Friday

Place: Reignite Action for Development Project office, in BASSUG Building, in Bambui, from Monday to Saturday. Time: 9am to 3pm.

“First in, first serve” - ??????

Date and place for Training:
Starts on the 17th August, Monday

National Polytechnic Bamenda, School of Agriculture

Benefits of the training:

1.    Weekly Practical and Theory Training sessions in National Polytechnic Bamenda, School of Agriculture, Mile 12, Bambui
2.    Monthly follow up in Farmers spots.
3.    Free transport from main road to Mile 12 (NPB Buses will be used for this).
4.    Free food while training – A meal will be supplied in each training session, NPB.
5.    T-shirts.
6.    Hand tools

Benefits of the training (continuation):

7.    Fruit trees
8.    Improved seeds
9.    Exercise books
10. Portable scales
11. Access to new funding – Njangi fund and Ngong fund, in collaboration with finance institution
12. Access to new markets in Cameroon – 10 Agricultural shows and 2 new international markets – 1 show in Gabon and 1 show in Europe.

·         Teresa de Sousa, Project Managaer& Team Leader,by email or by telephone: 652481493
·         Afunwi Denis Deputy Project Coordinator, by email: or by telephone: 676449676
·         Leonard Asubesing , Project Assistant, by email: or by telephone: 670399087
·         Website: and general email:

Who is the Funder - BLF

           76% of the project is funded by Big Lottery Fund and the rest Reignite is responsible to find funds (in the UK);
      BLF, The Big Lottery Fund was created by the National Lottery Act 2006.
      Is a UK non-departmental public body responsible for distribution of public funds raised by national lottery.
      Big Lottery Fund is accountable to the Parliament, the devolved legislatures and government of the UK, Implying that RAD’s will be accountable in  the UK parliament. Funding is part of the UK Public fund
      The funding supports the aspirations of people who want to make life better for their communities.

Who is Reignite Action for Development
²  Registered charity in England and Wales (number 1152015)
²  UK based voluntary (non – paid ) run organization created in 2012.
²  Programme Management Office in Bambui, Tubah Sub Division, where the project team have been in action since 2011.
²  UK Board of Trustees and Cameroon Board of Trustees (reorganizing stage)

1.    Radio advert English/ Dialect - One month, everyday

2.    Article in newspaper – Beneficiaries and Recruitment

3.    TV advert – publicising the project and how to take part

4.    Messangers

5.    Registrations to be done by

a.   Quarter heads to propose names
b.   Extension agriculture
c.    Project team

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