Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mayor Ndop Council ABEL Mbombo Chenyi Declares War against BOKO HARAM, Releases Press Release to Educate Leaders, Traditional and Religious AUTHORITIES not forgetting the Population of his Municipality to BEWARE of this COMMON ENEMY

Press Release
Alert Notice to the People of Ndop Council Area Against Boko Haram Terrorists & their Suicide Bombers

The People of  Ndop Municipality it is a Fundamental duty on our Part as elected officials to not only champion the course for the development of the Municipality but also to watch and guard over your Security in all related dimension that we can.

That is why today, given the goring and horrible acts caused by the terrorist actions of the Islamic sect the Boko Haram and the insurgencies caused for well over three years snatching away 1000s of innocent souls and displacing well over a million population as refugees in Africa,
Given that their multiplied suicide bombing actions has crossed to Cameroon in the Northern Region with ripple effects costing thousand of lives and is now extending her tentacles to other nine remaining Regions with our North West, Division, Ndop in particular a major target because of her Urban and Muslim Nature,
-I Mbombo Abel Chenyi Mayor of Ndop Municipality in the heart of Ngoketunjia Division (harboring Bamessing, Bamali, Bamunka, Bambalang) following the haphazard Bomb blast in the grand Nord orchestrated by teenaged suicide bombers filtered in by the Boko Harams and given the fact that we are linked to the Northern part of Nigeria through the Ring Road,
-Following the fact that these people are heartless and are out for a diabolic course known best to them,
-Following the fact that our lives so far are highly endangered and has no replica,
-Following the fact that the least person around us with questionable identity need not be trusted (as experience has proven that they are terrorists)
-Following the fact that we must be guarantor of each and every ones security,
-Following the fact that we stand to lost all we have worked for if we open the door for this ailment to settle
-Following the fact that we must collectively fight for Peace and security to reign in this country of ours and in our beloved Municipality in particular,
*Mindfully conscious of the fact that we have information from security that they have filtered those their suicide Bombers in the Region and Divisions,
*Mindful of our committed action and responsibility to defend the wellbeing and welfare of each another,
*Mindful of all the efforts made by the powers that be to ensure National and Regional security,
*Mindful of the national character of the situation where every one stands to be affected at every point in time,
I Mbombo Abel Mayor Ndop Council on behalf of the Council and councilors, CALL on all to be vigilant, and if note or notices is taken  of any strange persons in questionable attires, call to report for prompt intervention.  
I also exhort the church, all religious institutions and leader to make wide this call for concern, by making alarm of it every where of the presence of these Boko Haram in our midst. So that the earlier we fish them out the better!
Note should also be taken that as days go by, they are devising other means to initiate innocent souls so we should all watch at what we eat coming from the boarder towns or Nigeria as some have been poisoned and charmed by cult members of the sect.
NB. it is a Sound Note of Alert to all even you, Prevention is Better than Cure!
Sign Mbombo Abel Chenyi
Mayor Ndop Municipality.

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