Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Following Collapse of 4 Floors Building in Tubah: All Buildings to be Evaluated, Soils Tested at the Expense of Owners

Was what was resolved by Councilors of the Tubah Council on the occasion of the mid-term Evaluation session which played host at the Council Hall on the 22nd of July 2015.
Categorically firm on the point, councilors resolved unanimously that all story buildings, including residence belt within the last ten years in the municipality be reevaluated, cross examined and soil tested by any competent engineering firm or company at the expense of owners of such buildings.
Not leaving out even those which has building permits, because most of those who obtained, did not build following the specifications there in by the council engineer or were the soils properly tested not to talk of the weight load of the building on the pillars and foundation.


This to the 35 councilors was a precautionary and preventive measure to avoid any eventuality like the one that occurred around P CCAST Bambili last week where a four story building crumbled and collapsed fortunately without snatching any human soul.
“Just the incident, is enough source for major preoccupation and need for absolute security to prevent a likely situations again”.
Hear the Mayor Tanjong Martin “owners of such buildings careless about the welfare of our children, all they think is business and planting huge structures. Our responsibility is to protect and secure the lives of Cameroonian citizens in our municipality caring less of what financial constrain it will cost investors of such big building who even deliberately shy away from paying their building permits. The time for action is now, it is either we protect the living rights of individuals harboring these structure or we wait to be called to rescue other subsequent grievous incidents that will cost lives”.  
The session amongst other issues, crossed examined the number of projects realized by the Mayor for the Tubah council which ranged from; the purchase of a new Toyota Rav4 2014 Administrative vehicle, purchase of TV Sets, installation of window shed, installation of solar lamps, construction of a pair of improved pit toilets at the Bambili Market, ten set of toilet at the Bambili Health center, purchase of a new grass cutter, purchase of motor pumps for the council, total renewal of electricity system in the council building, roofing of the fingue Fon’s Palace, purchase of 10000 litters water tank for watering of roads, purchase of a crane to be mounted on the Tubah Council 10 ton vehicle, recruitment of 16 parking guards, recruitment of 108 students for holiday job, opening of 8.5km of new roads at Kedjom Keku, construction of one bridge along the Kedjom Keku new road on going, extension of electricity to some quarters in Sabga, regular payment of Council staff and pensioners up to date, purchase of equipment for parking guards etc.. was disclosed and made known to Councilor.   

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