Friday, August 14, 2015

Press Release - Tobby Vision Computers

Bamenda–Cameroon 14th August 2015 – Practical Computer Education Volume II, the official Ministry of Secondary Education Computer Science textbook is now global. The book yesterday was selected by CreateSpace, an Amazon Company and printing has commenced to make the book available to millions of customers on,,,,, and The book Practical Computer Education Volume II is also selected by thousands of major bookstores and online retailers. This is a great enhancer to the audience of the book's volume II whose first volume was only available and used in Cameroon.
Amazon's Print Company CreateSpace expanded channel selected the book yesterday and is printing to make it available to libraries and academic institutions worldwide. This expanded channel will also make available Practical Computer Education Volume II by Coni T. Tawong to public libraries, elementary and secondary school libraries, and libraries at academic institutions worldwide.
CreateSpace Publisher Direct which is doing the printing of millions of copies of Practical Computer Education Volume II already has contracted to make it available to certified resellers such as Independent bookstores and booksellers worldwide. The CreateSpace Direct Program will allow eligible resellers to buy Practical Computer Education Volume II at wholesale prices directly from Create Space – an Amazon Print Company. All orders and customer handling services for copies of Practical Computer Education Volume II is done currently from Create Space eStore.
The long holidays in Cameroon will soon be ending, and while most young people are anxious waiting for the schools to reopen, students of Tobby Vision Computers are taking their Computer Studies and creativity to the next level. Author and Lead Computer Studies Teacher and his team of seven are into the School Enterprise Challenge, and students are learning what it means to run a business while in school. Be owner of Practical Computer Education Volume I at a countdown deal
Practical Computer Education Volume II is a global Information and Communication Technology book for educational institutions, with the goal of making students comply with 21st century education globally, socially and responsibly in a safe and healthy environment. It was published yesterday by the Cameroonian based Publisher, Tobby Vision Computers. This book is a fantastic opportunity for students and schools to study ICTs which not only make them comply with present day education, but also inspire and develop year on year their careers. For Kindle version of the book visit
And for orders of paperback hard copies visit:
Tobby Vision Computers is an international publisher having a vocational centre working to improve the relevancy, quality, and availability of educational resources materials globally. Their pioneering approach uses profit–making school–run business to teach Computer soft and hardware and ICT educational skills. This model allows its students in a community hosting the university of Bamenda and higher institutions of learning to be fully employed and hence alleviate poverty, improve the sustainability of these employers while at the same time enable these students offer a more relevant and higher quality services.
For media enquiries and more information contact:
[Cornelius Tfurndabi Tawong,, (+237)675425551]

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