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2015 Bar Elections in Cameroon, Special Report: Focus on Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Fotso Candidate, Opening Pandora’s Box: As 2015 Bar Council Elections Campaigns Enters Full Gear:

Barrister Ngoulla Arlette Fotso 2015 Bar Elections Hopeful in CAMEROON

Time for a Lady to Head the Bar is NOW!
Stage Set For Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Fotso to be Elected into the Cameroon Bar & Presidency
*Stakes & Challenges Highly in her Favor
*As 3\4 Lawyers in the Republic & International Community Backs her Candidature
-To Enhance Democracy, Sustain Gender & Reform the Bar
-To Reanimate the Bar to be more Functional & Realistic in all her Operations
-To Make the Bar more Authoritative, Transparent, flexible & Free of Corruption
-To ENSURE a Smooth Practice and Promote Social Dialogue & Interactions in the Bar
-Plant, Rigorous Check Mechanism that are Automatic & Suits the Trend of Legal Evolution in the World
-Carry out Pronounce & Feasible Actions for the Welfare of the Corps
-To Restructure & Put UP a More Credible Bar
*And above all Revolutionize the System & Instill the Fear of the Lord in the Practice

Are the countless wishes and aspirations of Lawyers all over the Republic of Cameroon as they, each in their respective camps canvas for support and votes from able practitioners ahead of the grand National Assembly of Lawyers Scheduled to take place in Yaounde on the 31st of January 2015 at the Red Cross Building.
As the “D Day” approaches the stakes, challenges and encounters are high for the (60) sixty runners up who will be gunning the (15) places in the Bar Council and the one person who will eventually assume the function of the Bar President elected by fifteen Bar Council members all disposed with legibility to stand the Presidential election. 
It must be noted that amongst challengers in an encounter, with precision the Bar Council Election and the race for the Presidency there are challengers with exceptional gifts, skills, qualities and abilities.  Some chosen, other designed and designated by God!
So far, Cameroonians most especially Lawyers who have been observant and curious about what has been happening for the last months within the circumferences of the Legal corps will admit that the race up to the Council and the Presidency is a tough one this time around as all contestants are “Heavy weights” which means non of them are in the race to joke.
Fractionalization is always part of the game which is what has rocked campaigns all this while, well interpreted by contestants as the demonstration of the real democratic strength of the game. You have the Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Camps which is leading in action, impact, campaign and awareness, very set and ready to take up the Presidency of the Bar. The Sama Franci’s camps which is barely struggling to survive with a “team leader without a team” as described by most Lawyers from the North West Region, not very optimistic but hopeful. The Maitre Ngnie Kamga Jackson’s camps full of authority and imposing ideas backed by Barrister Etta Besong, leans on the fact that, once Sectary General of the Bar, he may obviously be President and there is also the Maitre Tchakounte fraction new in the attempt but still very determined irrespective of all the exhibitions and demonstration of power by his rivals.
These are already sure candidates\members for the Bar Council even before elections and are making their intentions and interest for the Presidency known afore hand.
As the race is on with rigorous campaigns taking the lead, the Legal Family in Cameroon is yet to have a cold head on the leading, the heading and the driving force behind each candidate and the strategies why not jokers or magic  they will each use to make their entrance into the Bar or be elected president. 
The tides dough still very much unpredicted, has much to ride home about as it also has so much to tell with glaring circumstances which will not deny any right thinking mind the privilege of concluding afore hand that the finals of the race rest in the hands of Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Fotso and Barrister Sama Francis Asaga or Maitre Kamga Jackson who certainly may see their demise before a female challenger who is already supported there by gender, bilingual, a Francophone by extension, is secondly a woman of integrity, substance and is disposed of all the qualities needed to head the Presidency of the Cameroon Bar Council and thirdly is God’s Chosen Choice.
At this juncture, what is certainly clear is that a lady the “Magret Tasha” of the Legal Corps Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Fotso will take up the leadership of the Bar as President and an Anglophone will take up the chairmanship of the Council’s general Assembly as was the reversed case in the Sama’s era. That person certainly, from the look of things, may possibly be Barrister Kenmende Henry of Posterity chamber Bamenda whose entrance in the Bar Council is certainly not doubted and is known renown in the corps since former President Etta Besong whom all eyes were looking after has decided to place his total and unreserved support to Maitre Kamga Jackson with growing unpopularity. 
From all indications, the way forward starts and end in the hands of the “Iron Lady” Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Fotso who has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that it is not by chance that she entered the race but by grace and favor from the most high God she has always been serviceable to who has never failed her and will work it out for her miraculously.
Maitre Ngoulla Arlette Fotso the Magret Tasha of the Legal Profession
Her coming with all the compatriots who are her followers brings rains of favor and grace to practitioners of the Law. Her presence in the race grieves many a people as she comes at the appointed time much needed by Cameroonian for the effective presence of the Bar to be felt in Cameroon concerning their stands with regards burning and pertinent issues concerning the state and Lawyers in particular.  
Barrister Ngoulla Arlette Fotso from the Littoral,  holds a Master’s in Business Law, is the lone female that has braved the odds to show up her head to enhance gender and decry female rights marginalization in the corps at the same time wanting to make and create history by becoming the first ever female\woman Bar President.
Very determined and optimistic and pragmatic, she has hopes of restructuring the Bar, cleaning up the profession based on ethics, enhance continues training of Lawyers, implementation of an annual budgetary system, establishment of a social security system, creation of a client common fund account, publication of the decree of application on the fees, computerization of the electoral system and the increase in the amount of professional fees etc.
As a unifying factor the Coming of Ngoulla Arlette Fotso is and will certainly be the don of a new day in the Legal field. The “future is bright with her since we have seen some degree of sincerity in her; she is frank, motherly and caring. Unlike the men who are singing those their songs, past experience has proven them not to be very reliable. With her presence in the race I think time has come for Lawyers to also taste the other side of the coin” said a prominent voice amongst Lawyers. 
She can also count and bank on a free, transparent and fair election that may end up catapulting her if Senior Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle is finally put at the head of the election management committee come the 31st of this January 2015.
Sixty Contestants this analyst initially mentioned will by vying for fifteen places, I must emphasis, with eight candidates who are already sure of their entrance into the Bar Council, Presidency, Chairmanship of the Council and the sectary General.
Barrister Ben Suh Fuh, Maitre Dieudonne Takam, Maitre Njualem Charlse, Barrister Mboke Divine, Maitre Enow Benjamin, Barrister. Mbah Eric Mbah, Maitre Anthony Nongzih, Barrister Fojou etc are potential and probable Bar Council members. They are all renowned names in the corps and have left their respective marks on the sand of our time in the Legal Profession and will richly gain the votes of fellow colleagues.
To further buttress and support the cacus and the bases of our analysis this Reporter invite you to go through the below resume of Maitre Ngolla Arlette Fotso.
*Manifestos; Maitre Ngolla Arlette Fotso “Together for a Strong Order, Ensemble nous agirons pour un Barreau Fort”
-Efficiency in action against lawyers
-Effective consideration on issues of general interest and collaborative solutions.
-Immediate measures for colleagues in difficulty.
-Efficiency in shares in respect of the society and the administration.
-Bar interventions on issues of concern to citizens
-Regular suggestions to the administration on decisions on general interest.
-Transparency in property management.
-Faithful reports on revenue and expenditure.
-Management sober funds to cover the expenses useful and indispensable
A set of rules governing the behavior of the lawyer in the exercise of his profession, will be proposed and subject to the approval of the General Assembly.
-Trimestral organization of seminars in the major regions.
-Mandatory training conferences every Saturday for those concerned.
-Regular and public debates on the issues of law.
Effective implementation and lawless on article 48(1) of law No 90/059 of 19 December 1990 and articles 6 and 37 of the internal rules.
-Adoption of the statutes of social insurance in the major regions to determine the financial aid to be granted to the confreres in difficulty and in cases of termination of activities.
-Subscription of an insurance policy for illness and death.
-Opening a simple account in which customers would pay the amounts due to lawyers.
-Opening of sub-accounts for each lawyer.
-Lobbying in parliament and at the presidency of the republic for the decree provided for in article 23 of law no 90/059 of 19 December 1990.
-Interventions on the topic in the media.
-Transmission to the competent authorities of the draft decree prepared by the council of the order after notice lawyers.
*MONOPOLY.-Transmission to the parliament and the presidency of the republic of revision proposals and projects under article 3 of law no 90/059. Mandatory of lawyer to the Supreme Court, administrative tribunals and before all courts of criminal and commercial matters.
-Regular interventions on the subject in the media.
-Letters stimulus every six months to the competent authorities.
-Biannual working sessions with officials of these bodies.
-Written denunciations of violations of the law.
-Meetings with politicians and administrative authorities to talk about problems of the bar and the society.
-Correspondence on important issues.
-Before June 2015, tenders for the computerization of voting system.
-November 2015, effective implementation of the system.
-Adoption of the annual contribution rates by the General Assembly according to article 48 of law no 90/059 and 37 of the rules of procedure.
-Due date for contributions the past two years and current year
-Counseling of older debts.
-Propose to the government revaluation of the amount of office between 5.000frs to 15.000frs hearing in criminal matters..
-Propose to 50.000frs travel expenses.
-Table the topic for discussion.
-Contact the competent authorities every six months.
The Drama in the Race for the Bar Council & Presidency
-Maitre Kamga Jackson & Etta Bisong’s open Romance
The open romance exhibited by Rt. Former Bar President Etta Besong from the South West with his son Maitre Kamga from the West (Banjoun) has sparked so far much confusion and has caused many a lawyer to be embarrassed of his actions. To them once a president, you are held at high esteem and should be a key adviser or actor in the game not a campaign manager and wanting to be a cabinet member of the same Bar Council your were once its leader. Stoning reactions have for all this while accompanied Etta Besong’s actions making it all worst when he came to Bamenda and was amongst those who were condemning Barrister Sama Francis openly at Dreamland restaurant on the 22th of January. What was regarded by most Anglophone Lawyers as a scandalous blunder which should not come from a resourced dignified figure of the English extraction. Who should guide and backed fellow ones rather than back a Francophone  Maitre Kamga who is not much loved by his own very brothers not to talk of the way he views Anglophone Lawyers to be cheap and not composed hear him once in his popular expressions “the law profession is not made for the poor” if such a word can come out from somebody’s mouth who wants to be leader, what will you expect of him when he takes up power? Certainly marginalization!
All these mix ups and blunders are strong points playing the match favorably in the interest of the lone female candidate maitre Ngoulla Arlette we earlier mentioned who stands and has all the possibilities of carrying the day on that blessed 31st of January 2015.
Over fifteen Years of Anglophone Rule, Time for a Francophone
Who is a pace setter and should be able to deliver the goods. History holds that for the last ten years the Bar Presidency has been manned by Anglophones, to name Maitre Senze, Barrister Akere Muna who took over from Ben Muna, Barrister Etta Besong Junior, Nyoh Wakai and Barrister Sama Francis who is almost ending his mandate.
Which has caused Francophnes of late to wander aloud whether they are not also very competent enough to chieftain the Bar Presidency? 2015 obviously has come to turn the tides to the French section and most likely to a female camp following rising trends and possibilities that are working positively for a feminine folk to take control.
Proclamations of Candidatures for the Bar Council
-Barrister Ben Suh Fuh Founder and Principal Advocate of Amity Chambers Bamenda on the 24th of January 2015 in an executive chart with a cream of journalists declared his independent candidature for the Bar Council elections looking at the open mafia exhibited by team heads, leaders and those in camps. Salvation is personal! This reporter diagnosed. Not wanting to be part of the mess exhibited by some of his Anglophone brothers observed the conscience should rule and ride over all the propaganda, what the Bar Council needs is serious hands that will work collectively for the welfare of Lawyers and the profession not plans to take power and Lord over people instead of serve them. “I am going into the Bar Council to Serve my fellow colleagues and not dictate or impose or look low on them”.
As a member of the Cameroon and the Nigerian Bar Association sworn in 1999 and 1997 respectively, if voted, i will stand strongly for the payment of advocates fees which he had often done in the course of his practice, enhance dialogue and understanding why not cooperation amongst Lawyers.
If Ntumfor Nico Halle Comes in?
A most venerated international Legal icon in Cameroon cum peace crusader already earmarked to head the election commission, it is very obvious that the seat of the chairman or President of the Bar Council committee watching at an Anglophone Barrister Kenmende Henry may certainly go to him if he dare shows up. One cannot totally or completely say whether Ntumfor is not part of the show only last minutes will tell.
And What If at the End Maitre Ngoulla does not pick the crown
Confident in her candidature and from the hand writings on the wall many a people are of the opinion that she should not let it go by looking for extra judicial means to question any maneuvers that may be orchestrated during and after the 2015 Bar Council Elections. So in this line, it is very obvious that at every end Maitre Ngoulla Arlette has a say some where and the male challengers in the race must be very careful or else! We leave it here and in the hands of he who know it well and can Best handle it, God!

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