Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Twenty First Century Education Resource Materials

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Parents and Guardians anxious their children comply with 21st century education can grab copies of the Computer Science textbook titled Practical Computer Education for which Coni T. Tawong is author published by Tobby Vision computers Ltd. This is a book that seeks to make young Cameroonians not only have access to information and communication technology but also familiarize themselves with it and use it with ease. It is approved by the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) for all lower secondary general grammar, commercial and technical education schools in Cameroon. It is not only going to be useful for these students but for any individual who wants to be educated on the use of personal computers particularly operating systems, word processing, Internet and in general Information and Technology concepts and productivity tools. It is clear that nowadays education without Computer skills makes the individual remain myopic in the global world. The Computer Science textbook titled Practical Computer Education has come to make Cameroonians study Personal Computer applications even without teachers in their homes. Teachers can also find this book very useful as a tool to help their students since it is a self directive book. The book is already effectively since 2012 being used in the Republic of Cameroon at CCAST Bambili, CCC Mankon, GBHS Nkambe, LCC Mankon, SAC Nso, CHS Bambui, GBHS Fundong, GBHS Ndop, PCHS Bamenda, GBHS Bonaberi, GBHS Atiela–Nkwen, GBHS Bafoussam, Reunification Bilingual College Bafossam, SIN GBHS Foumban, GBHS Mbatu, GBHS Foumbot, GBHS Santa, GBHS Deido Douala, GBHS Mamfe, GHS Bafut, GBHS Mbouda–Banock, NABICO Bonaberi, St. Frederick Comprehensive High School Bamenda, PI and Ju Anglo Saxon International College Yaounde, Complexe Polytechnic Prive; LAIC TAMA Bafoussam, St. Joseph Comprehensive High School Mambu–BAfut, St. Michael Academy of Science and Arts Nkwen, GBHS Bawock, GHS Macha–Bambui, GSS Baingo, GSS Kikfuini, St. Benedict College Mvolye Yaounde, Franky Comprehensive High School Yaounde, GBHS Bobongo Petit Paris Douala, La Maturité High School Bepanda Douala, Christ the King High School Nkwen, GHS Nsongwa, GBHS Mbeukong Ndop, GBHS Bafoussam Rural, Martin Luther King Bilingual College Bafoussam, GBHS Goauche Bafoussam, GBHS Ndu, GTHS Nkwen, GTHS Chomba, GTHS Bali, GTC Bamessing, GTHS Limbe, GTHS Mamfe, GTHS Bambui, GTHS Kedjom Ketinguh, GTC Kedjom Keku, GTHS Santa, GTC Bambili, NACHO Bilingual and Commercial College Bamenda, GTHS Mbengwi, La Fierté Yaounde, Holy Infant High School Yaounde, Holy Cross High School Yaounde, LBA Yaounde, GTHS Fundong, GTHS Alabukam, GBHS Bamenda, GBHS Tiko, GBHS Kake–Kumba, St. Joseph’s College Sasse, St. Francis College Kumba, Christ the King College Tiko, Regina Pacis College Mutengene, Mount Carmel College Muea, St. Pius X College Ekondo Titi, Regina Coeli College Kupe–Tombel, Our Lady of Grace College Muyuka, Bishop Rogan College Soppo, National Polytechnic Bamenda and the the University of Bamenda (HTTTC) in the Department of Administrative Techniques and more schools are implementing its use.
Bamenda: Pressbookshop Commercial Avenue, Standard Bookshop Commercial Avenue, Tafora Bookshop City Chemist Roundabout, Mujuta Bookshop Commercial Avenue, Friendship Buisness Centre Commercial Avenue, PAN–TA Book Centre Commercial Avenue, Excellence Bookshop Nkwen. Tubah: Tobby Vision Computers Ltd. Douala: Presbookshops situated at Deido and Ancien road Bonaberi. Kumbo: Diplomatic bookshops situated at Squares and Mbve Market. Yaounde: Presbookshops situated at Melen and Carrefour EMIA. Kumba: Presbookshops situated at Foncha Avenue and Fiango. Limbe: Presbookshop at down beach. Tiko: Presbookshop before roundabout. Bafoussam: Emboundem Bookshop situated opposite entrance to ecole normale and Progressive Bookshop Marche ‘A’. Fundong: Providence Bookshop adjacent Express Exchange. Nkambe: Christian Bookshop situated adjacent Garanti Express. Buea: Presbookshop situated opposite Prison.
For more information contact:
Tobby Vision Computers Ltd, P. O. Box 309 Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon.
Tel.: (+237) 675 42 55 51
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