Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Uncovering the Unknown: Why Spirit of Death Hunts N.West Elite?

Tamukong Roland Angong Insightful Analyst

*The gods vexed, axe of vengeance swinging without Mercy

*N. Westerners Disappointed with Elected & Appointed Elite

*Public Crossed with the Open mafia exhibited by most of her Disciples

*”Where is Nkwenti Simon? There is need for another Leader, the Old Fox should retire”
In the North shell is what is crisscrossing the minds of worried and expectant North Westerners frustrated and disappointed with the actions of authorities or leaders called to champion the course for the collective good of the people.
From the opposition party, to the North West Fons Union, the Fons, down to the elite, most have failed woefully to reestablish value and rekindle hope in the youths and generation of today because all of North West treasure was auctioned for petty crumbs and favors from the regime in place.
Biya is now Fon of Fons, Chantal Biya mother of all mothers of Fons, Ministers carrying all the big titles you can imagine from the North West as some unscrupulous Chiefs desecrate tradition for stipends at the mercy of the established rights of the people’s culture and tradition.
These persons, plucking their strength from wayward elites of the Region can now seat comfortably at a  distance and watch how the wrath of the gods are devouring sons and daughters of the North West in their favor as they keep on with their well guided plan of action.
“The gods are not to be blamed, a big political pundit exclaimed, politics is a game and full of tact. If your adversary can buy and even push you to sell all even your birth rights, then he or she should have control and access over all, even the gods”
Vexed about all the machination added to all the curses and incantations thrown on elite called to represent the people, certainly none will see good health and live long.
Not only that, elite of the north west known very notorious and not very true to their words are bound to face the maledictions of the gods and no blessings from the people. It is no longer news in the Region that immediately an official is elected or appointed he becomes an absentee landlord.
Not only that, some even go as far as telling lies about the Region for personal interest. Not to talk of those who realize or execute projects in their private bank accounts. Worst and abominable of all is the sacrilegious acts of some NOWEFU petty Fons moving bags in hands spraying titles along Ministerial corridors in Yaounde and exchanging blow in dispute over scammed sum. A big pity isn’t!
It is no surprise and should not be embarrassing to any one because the dignity of the north westerner has completely been dragged and rubbed in the mud by those called to lead us with their misguided actions. Yet they pass for saviors when they are vampires!
North West scores high in death toll amongst high classed officials in the Cameroonian government, first because they are dishonest, not loyal to their people and are sell outs of the highest order. People who are not true to their words and live by reaping from the sweat of the people must surely crumble at any time. Even the bible admits that!
North West Politician “eye servants” most especially, disserves “nothing better than death” as another remarked “they don’t have conscience” if not, how is normal for a whole Fon Senator to say “it is my own turn to chop let them go and fuck shit” from another guru, “it is tax payers money, I will collect go and write” nauseating statements you may want to see with this analyst! With such, is there any need going back to the school of morality and good conscience?
The centre can no longer hold reasons why north westerners will keep burying top brass members of government from her extraction.
What you will want to have more is that, as the Head of State President Paul Biya is expected to reshuffle his cabinet soon, the incessant deaths amongst CPDM elite has continued to raise eye brows amongst North Westerners, most especially political analysts.
What caught the attention of all were the deaths of Senator Buchung Francis Nkwain of Boyo and Senator Njinkong of Nwa in Donga-Mantung Division.
A cross section of North West elite have intimated World Echoes that the deceased CPDM guru are responsible for their deaths most especially as they failed to respect the promises they made to their electorate before and during elections. Some went extra miles to swear on deathly oaths, but soon after winning the elections, they were unable to fulfill the promises made on oaths.
It is no more secret that in some Fondoms, some Fons summoned their subjects including even women who swore on their navels to vote CPDM failure of which, they were expected to either die mysteriously, go mad or have fainting fit. When population respected the terms of the oath by massively voting the CPDM Senators, members of Parliament or Councilors they expected unreserved loyalty from representatives which was never forth coming.
The most glaring of it all is the senators, unlike the Parliamentarians, mayors and councilors conspicuously seen crisscrossing the nooks and crannies of their constituencies reaching out to the electorate, the unfortunate case is that of the senators. In fact, there is none of the North West Senators who has spent a franc from the Senatorial micro project grant like the Parliamentarians are doing every other day.
What are known of the Senators are the posh cars they are buying for themselves while some have gone as far as getting new wives. Besides the non fulfillment of the promises made, most of the Senators are too old with most clocking over 70 years and the bible says after 70 years, one is living bonus life. With their advanced ages, it is expected that most CPDM elite of the North West Region might not be alive when the Head of State, President Paul Biya rolls out his new government especially with the putting in place of his three years emergency development plan for Cameroon which will require sincere and devoted servants who have love for the country not embezzlers.

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