Friday, January 2, 2015

DO Ndop Speaks out on; Why Bamali Openly Demonstrated & Brutally Retaliated to Gov’t Actions

HRH. D.O Poss Alex Francois speaking to this reporter on the 30th of December 2014 inside heavily armed soldiers on the bridge separating Bamali and Bamunka villages 500m from the Bamali square’s along the express highways of the ring road blocked on either ways obstructing free circulation of vehicles and passengers, 20 minute after the SDO for Ngoketunjia Division Kuela Valeri Norbert was attacked by the angry mob in an attempt to broker for peace, in anger declared “Administration ordered troops coming from Bamukumbit and Baligansing to reinstate peace, into Bamali and most especially the Palace to dislodge the plot a hand full of villagers were hashing or cooking up to attack Bamunka a neighboring village as reliably informed by an authoritative source”.
“To our surprise, a move that was well intended to secure the peace that should reign supreme in our Division was later misinterpreted by misguided individuals who thought we were coming for the arrest of their Fon who is not recognized by us since he does not posses all the legal document authorizing him to rule over a people from government”.
“Where we are before the attack of the SDO, we have been subjected to several attacks from the Palace right up to where we are and very determined to send away the angry mob from the express high way without any casualties or incident. That is why I instructed my elements to only fire in the air and not in the crowd to disperse the rioters. Which is why no major incident has been recorded except for our SDO’s situation and some five elements who were accidentally caught by stray stones flung at us who are
HRH.DO Poss Alex Francois

Fon Chenefou II of Bamali Village Choice of the gods and of the People
undergoing medical attention. I regret all what is happening and know the people are acting out of sensation because they are trying to interpret government actions wrongly. We succeeded in collecting five rifles from the Palace and some three others in the village”. So where did the Administration go wrong!
The Fon Chenefou II on his part on the phone in a follow up question by this Reporter on what was happening in his village said, “Seating in their traditional council deliberation meeting, a group of soldiers and the Administration attacked and brutalized the Palace with some of the armed men even slapping me for nothing. Alarm was then send round the village which brought villagers agitating on account that their Fon was attacked for no just reason and that they were not hashing any plot to attack Bamunka a village with whom they have cordial links except for the fact that their Fon do not want to recognize the Fon on the thrown”.
Hear them, “we have no problem with the Palace administration because they have been governing us for well over six years without any problem, why should administration keep hashing motives to provoke chaos in our village? What we want the government  and by extension the Head of State whom we are strongly behind to know is that we the people of Bamali will remain peaceful and law abiding provided they leave us the way we are”.
Cueing up from two authoritative voices in the constituency their reactions expressed remorse for what happened as they précised that “why has the Administration not also open the search for guns in the keeping of the notorious Balikumbat village known reputed for attacking neighboring villages? Were they having a search warrant? Why should that exercise be conducted during a delicate hour? Yes we admit the move was for security, are there any palpable proves that the people were planning to go to war? I know no such problem existing between two villages rather, what I know is that the people of Bamali have remained loyal and law abiding to the governing regime and are strongly behind the Head of State President Paul Biya. “It is really a pity and embarrassing that administration has been unable to read the hand writing clearly on the walls that the situation remains as it is and only natural circumstance will seek amends to the wishes of the Administration”.
From the above, in a divided view resume, villagers, authorities and Administrators expressed their opinions on the matter as the durst of uncertainty that almost destabilized public peace settle.
As SDO recovers quickly while the people of Bamali pick up particles of the minor casualties incurred in the course of the chaotic situation and routine or business activities goes back to normal, calm regains its place in the jurisdiction of DO Poss Alex Francis

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