Monday, January 19, 2015

“Taah Nformi” Ngala Gerard: Nkambe’s Source of Glory & Pride of the N.West Bids Farewell to Bachelorhood Eight Years After Courtship with Two Kids

Taah Nformi Ngala Gerard popularly known as the “Wander Boy” of Nkambe Sub-Division for his generous qualities, compassionate actions to the needy, development oriented spirit and above all his crusade for Nation Building, is not only an inspiring source of glory to Nkambe his birth place but a pride also to reckon with of the North West Region given his exemplary deeds socially and politically.
Taah Nformi Gerard to begin with, a true and sincere son of Donga-Mantung politically speaking took his Nkambe Constituency by storm before and after the 2013 twin elections (Parliamentary and Legislative). As his hard work changed the Political tide of Nkambe Sub-Division to the chagrin of the SDF militants who have since 1990 enjoyed political hegemony over that jurisdiction.
For the first time since the advent of multiparty politics, the CPDM scored a land slide victory in the 2013 Municipal elections in Nkambe kicking out SDF from the Council. CPDM equally won the Legislative elections in Nkambe and almost butted out Hon. Cyprian Awudu of the SDF from the Glass House but for the whopping votes that came in from Hon. Esther Ngala’s Ndu Constituency.
This unprecedented change for the transformation of Nkambe was thanks to Ngala Gerard’s open handedness especially as he extends his largesse to all and sundry in Nkambe and Ndu Constituencies. He has and is continuously extending a hand of fellowship to common men like commercial motor bike riders, “buyam sellams” wine tappers, “shah and palm wine sellers”, traditional authorities, social groups and meetings amongst others which may be why he was recently baptized by a bunch of Bees in Binka after ditching out financial and material assistance to his people, a sign one should term benediction from the people and ancestors of that land.
For nothing Ngala Gerald has worked tirelessly for his Division to pull her out of the hands of handicapping politics without development which is probably the reason why the central committee delegation had to choose him to head the list for the 2013 twin election run up.

Besides being man of the people living above tribal lines, Ngala Gerald chose to organize his sumptuous and bountiful weeding at Ayaba Hotel Last 20th December 2014 in Bamenda instead of Douala his business base or Nkambe his birth place because he feels truly honoured coming from the North West and as a pride of the Region no best tribute or gratitude can be paid without celebrating at home.

The Wedding Proper
The wedding rites call it solemnization ceremony after eight years in marriage with two bouncing kids was performed before the alters of the St John’s Catholic church Bamenda between Viannie Atams Tah and Gerard Ngala an exercise that lasted for well over four hour before the massive presence of the Bamenda Public in the presence of Minister Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry, Shey Nfor Musa and others.
The colorful historic ceremony after solemn rites in church then proceeded to Ayaba Hotel Swimming pool arena where in fanfare and pomp celebrants joyously and in merrymaking paying tribute to Ngala Gerard and family prayed God almighty to grant them ferry days and long lasting lives as they live in benediction of the loving and holy sacrament.     
Ngala Gerald remains a formidable icon that has torched and sparked the lives of the youths of this generation with his exceptional qualities that drives home virtue and values needed to transform Cameroon and reform individuals. 

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