Monday, January 19, 2015

Startling Revelations on Bamali Chieftaincy Crisis: Administration Exposed *Hon. MP Condemns DO’s Actions & Declarations *For Storming Bamali with Secondary Motives *For False Accusations & Wants Proves on How; -He has been Supplying Arms & Cartridges to Bamali -What proves that he is the Biological Father of Fon Chenefua II? -When, where & what for did he install the Boko Harram Terrorist Network in Bamali? -What holds him Responsible for the People’s Retaliation after Military Brutalization? *Wants Image Cleansed for Character Assassination, Open Blackmail & Threat of Life

“The War is on with the DO of Ndop Poss Alex Francois who has deliberately decided to continue fabricating lies on my person” declared the Honourable questor to the National Assembly Njimgum Musa Parliamentarian to the Ngoketunjia Nord Constituency to this Reporter on the 11th of January 2015 during private audiences in Ndop with militants on the occasion of the special follow up meeting of the distribution of CPDM membership cards and Party works or activities.
A bold remark which has since been radiating shocking waves in and around Ngoketunjia Division after the famous Bamali Crisis of 30th December 2014, as many wander aloud why their Honourable MP is rubbed in the saga by the Administration.
A rebellion stirred and caused by them (the Administration) at every front, all accusing fingers point at for fuelling and exciting genocide in the so called Bamali Village known to have been rocked by the controversial chieftaincy crisis for well over nine years when the former Fon Abdicated the thrown till date. 
The geneses of the matter owes cacus to a sensitive security information on a sheet of paper, call it a track (written in poor French) insinuating that Bamali Villagers were hashing a plot to attack Bamunka with the Support of their Parliamentarian. Which Administration clutched (after receiving bribe the DO reacted on one instance in his office “they say I received 5 Million others say 2.5 million to carry out the action) on to storm the village on pretext to avert war amongst two villages and met Steve resistance from the fumed and raged villagers that almost set the whole Division Ablaze, destabilizing traffic along the Bamenda Kumbo high ways.
Hon Njingum Musa Questor to the National Assembly

Bamali Village Council Chairman

Victims of Administration's Brutalization crying for help from the Head of State

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Today, with the durst of the matter settling, the Honourable MP for Ngoketunjia Nord Constituency not very comfortable with the behavior of the Administration, the manner at which they chose to handle information about the crisis, the assassinating declarations and reports made on behalf his person visa viz the crisis, has decided to launch and open investigation on the motivated actions of the Administration, the hidden hands behind their misadventures, denying every room for any negotiation until the truth prevails with the double efforts of the special commission of inquiry send in from Yaounde.
Hear Honourable Njingum, “the declarations made by the Administration on my person amounts to man slaughter and I will not take it lightly” “I want them to prove how I am supplying arms and cartridges to the People of Bamali to attack Bamunka another village in a Constituency that I man. Where I need to consolidate peace in order to wrought votes to stay on with my active Political life.
“I want them to prove how I am the biological father of Fon Chenefua II of Bamali, have I once been the Fon of Bamali? In other word, what is the insinuation all about? What has the birth right of the Fon got to do with the crisis?”
“I want them to prove and show the day I installed a squad of young gigantic young men to terrorize villagers in the name of Boko Harrams as they allege”
Finally “I want them to show me proves of how and when I sat and hashed the coup with Bamali people to attack Bamunka and to gain what out of it “
“I am serving judiciously and honestly my second mandate in the National Assembly and hold one of the best and clean security profiles on public administration and political governance reasons why I am highly favored by my electorate and will stand at nothing to defend their course living the most exemplary life that will always make them proud of me” Reasons why I will never, ever allow some body to temper with.
“Without mincing words, “the crisis came to rest thanks to me and today I am the accused for the false misadventures of the Administration. God having it, this matter will not end without heads rolling. I am confident with what I am saying; firm warning also goes to those fake informants and instigators. I am bent and ready at every front to affront and face them accurately.

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