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Investigative Report :Inside Out of Bamali Crisis; Hon. Njingum Hands off Bamali Crisis?

Hon. Njingum Musa Qestor tor the NA MP for Ngoketunjia Nord in White

*DO Poss Speaks out “Bamali was planning to attack Bamunka”
*Chenefoua II Replies & Fires Courts Action against Looting  

 Revisiting the Crooks of the Bamali Saga as Far as Peace & Security of Ngoketunjia is concerned:  

The 30th of December 2014 breaking, 2015 leaves a sad page in the History of Ngoketunjia Division amongst warring 13 villages’ very use to inter-tribal wars.
The preliminary cause of the matter lies in the hands of the Administration’s raid to the Bamali Palace, a move termed by the authorities in question to stop, counter or avert a war situation between Bamali and Bamunka Village haven’t been notified by an authoritative source of how the Bamali People were mobilizing arms with the aid of some of their elite to burn down Bamunka,
On the bases of this premise, the Administration raided the Bamali Palace to meet a resistant population who were surprised by the allegations and out of temper, went on rampage, causing chaos in the whole palace blocking the trunk a road which is the express road linking Bamenda to Bui and Donga-Mantung Division.
Today the aftermath of the crisis leaves so much a worry and a bundle of accusations and counter accusations that may cause heads to roll as each of the parties concerned with their varied reports try as much as possible to clear oneself and probably implicate the other from what we gathered as respective opinions sampled. As we report, a handful of military officials are under going treatment, the SDO Kuela nursing his broken head, Bamali’s present Ruler with a bandage on the head threatens and fire court actions against DO Poss Alex of Ndop center for brutalizing him and looting his private belongings.
While accusing fingers points at the Honourable questor of the National Assembly Hon Njingum Musa to rub him in the mud by the Administration for having a hand in the crisis.   
Speaking to the Honourable on the 5th of January 2014 on phone declared, “I have no hand in the Bamali Crisis which met me in the village on the 30th of December 2014 visiting my sick father. Informed of the move by the Administration, and following the wild alarm that went round the village, I took the pains off to meticulously and tactfully calm and pacify the angry mob from the village right up to the junction and to inform the governor before leaving for Yaounde with regards an urgent meeting”.
“My people by nature are peace loving and law abiding. I know no circumstance or situation that may influence them to embark or attack Bamunka, a village they share a lot in common with. A week ago I was in the constituency (Ngoketunjia Nord) to share CPDM party Cards and in no occasion was it mentioned that there was a problem between two villages. As a Politician, what I need most in my Constituency is peace, the rule of law and order and above all, absolute support to the Party I belong the CPDM”
“I have always and will always be there to sponsor Political activities and not strain or antagonize relations. The public on rampage were only decrying certain actions of the authorities in question which they deemed was motivated and backed by bias judgments. My logging desire peace, which was finally reinstated from my continuous appeal to the people, is the only treasure I think should be preserved in the Sub-Division”
“God knows, there is nothing I will work for in my village other than peace with the people and their neighbors as that is the only way I can consolidate my votes and victory to my Party the CPDM”
The DO Ndop central Poss Alex Francois Speaking out on the matter to this Reporter, on the 30th December at the scene and on the 4th of January 2015 in the office respectively: 20 minute after the SDO for Ngoketunjia Division Kuela Valeri Norbert was attacked by the angry mob in an attempt to broker for peace, in anger declared “Administration ordered troops coming from Bamukumbit to reinstate peace, into Bamali and most especially the Palace to dislodge the plot a hand full of villagers were hashing or cooking up to attack Bamunka a neighboring village as reliably informed by an authoritative source”.
“To our surprise, a move that was well intended to secure the peace that should reign supreme in our Division was later misinterpreted by misguided individuals who thought we were coming for the arrest of their Fon who is not recognized by us since he does not posses all the legal documents authorizing him to rule over a people from government”.
“Where we are before the attack of the SDO, we have been subjected to several attacks from the Palace right up to this spot and very determined to send away the angry mob from the express high way without any casualties or incident. That is why I instructed my elements to only fire in the air and not in the crowd to disperse the rioters. Which is why no major incident has been recorded except for our SDO’s situation and some five elements who were accidentally caught by stray stones flung at us who are undergoing medical attention. I regret all what is happening and know the people are acting out of sensation because they are trying to interpret government actions wrongly. We succeeded in collecting five rifles from the Palace and some two others in the village”. So where did the Administration go wrong! “We are also reliably informed that they have levied men 3000frs each and Women 1000frs as funds to assemble and buy guns, not only that, their village administration not recognized, also resorted to banning individuals from the village who are for the Fon recognized by the Administration according to reports here in the office, a thing which should not happen in the 21st century”
A fact which the present ruler of Bamali Chenefoua II immediately dismissed when contacted on the 4th of January 2014 in the Palace and on phone, saying that surely those were arms they brought from warring Bamukumbit and that dues on the people were levy for development, nobody has been banished from the village in the name of taking side with the other Fon, my people are loyal to me. “Rather, they took my TV Set, my brief case containing my confidential documents with money and my cell phone”
“We were surprised; seating in our traditional council deliberation meeting, Chenefoua II recounted a group of soldiers and the Administration attacked and brutalized the Palace with some of the armed men even slapping me for nothing. Alarm was then send round the village which brought villagers agitating on account that their Fon was attacked for no just reason and that they were not hashing any plot to attack Bamunka a village with whom they have cordial links except for the fact that I am not in working terms with their Fon”.
“I have suffered much prejudice from the Administration for no reason, I don’t know what I have done, my people have no problem with Bamunka, I have a right to my cell phone, mallet which the DO carried away reasons why I and my Lawyer have dragged the matter to court so that justice should take its course”
Hear them (the Villagers), “we have no problem with the Palace administration because they have been governing us for well over six years without any problem, why should administration keep hashing motives to provoke chaos in our village? What we want the government  and by extension the Head of State whom we are strongly behind to know is that we the people of Bamali will remain peaceful and law abiding provided they leave us the way we are”.
Cueing up from two authoritative voices in the constituency the Mayor Ndop Council Mbombo Abel, Sidiki SDF Chieftain for Ngoketunjia, their reactions expressed remorse for what happened as they précised that “why has the Administration not also open the search for guns in the keeping of the notorious Balikumbat village known reputed for attacking neighboring villages? Were they having a search warrant? Why should that exercise be conducted during a delicate hour? Yes we admit the move was for security, are there any palpable proves that the people were planning to go to war? I know no such problem existing between two villages rather, what I know is that the people of Bamali have remained loyal and law abiding to the governing regime and are strongly behind the Head of State President Paul Biya. “It is really a pity and embarrassing that administration has been unable to read the hand writing clearly on the walls that the situation remains as it is and only natural circumstance will seek amends to the wishes of the Administration”.
From the above, in a divided view resume, villagers, authorities and Administrators expressed their varied opinions on the matter as the durst of uncertainty that almost destabilized public peace settle.
“Administration at every front is correct and right with the action they took because all information is useful, most especially security”. “That is why if security spared no effort in verifying information from an authoritative source, their actions should be commended and not condemned by the people who are passionate and sense danger for every action even if it is one to protect their interest, because if tomorrow a likely information liters and no prompt action is taken and it ends up occurring Administration will be blamed abundantly”. Says another pundit, “The actions of the other parties are also correct (because a man who is subjected to several attacks will even fear his or her shadow and will normally act before reasoning at the least shout) and should not boil down to blackmail, character assassination or the implication of innocent elite”

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