Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ndop Mayor Grants 4.5 Million to Wind Victims

Zincs worth 4.5 millions francs CFA was donated on the 1st of July 2014 by the chieftain of the Ndop Council management, Mbombo Abel to win victims answering to the call of several appeals from affected individuals and institutions from the Municipality. Reasons why the visionary developer Abel, passionate and indiscriminate the way he extends his charity coughed out of the Council’s meager resources 4.5 millions to assist his needy masses. The act and exercise falls within the framework of his ruthless development plans and ambitions in the Municipality that has spread her tentacles to torch every sector of human lives in his community. Most especially in the domain of opening farm to market roads, rehabilitation and grading of roads, provision of Portable water, health infrastructures, basic Educational amenities, social welfare services etc. At the Ndop Council Hall where the symbolic exercise played host, the Lord Mayor before the Administration of Ndop Central, headed by DO Poss Alex Francis and the beneficiaries, stressed that, it is their responsibility to ensure the Social welfare of the people reasons why, when the varied appeals came in, mindful of the Council’s crawling financial situation, he and his team decided to spare no efforts to react accordingly, which is the fruit of the ceremony currently witnessed. The DO commended such a stride by the Mayor, calling on benefactors to make proper use of it. Rev. Fr. Cosmos exalted the initiative that also gave a considering favor to Religious institutions in the Municipality. The Presbyterian Pastor on his part, saluted the effort, observing that the donation to schools is building a sound base for Nation building and taking proper care of citizen while cementing better grounds for development. The Benefactors are: -GS Ntongoh Bamunka Rural (1 Bundle of Zinc), -GPNS Bamunka-Ndop (1 Bundle Zinc), PSS Ndop (2 Bundle of Zinc), Health Center Mbissa (2 Bundes), Njoko Memorial Secondary School, Ndop (1 Bundle), Islamic Primary School, Bambalang (1Bundle), GS Mighang, Bambalang (1 Bundle), GS Tulouh, Bamali (1 Bundle), Divine Mercy Nursery and Primary School, Bmabalang (1 Bundle).

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