Friday, August 22, 2014

End to Tribal, Land, Grazer & Social Conflicts in the N.West: The Press Resolves *Time for the Press to take up its Responsibility is Now! -Time for Action is now, why Hatchets must be Buried *Press Reports should be Educative, not Fanning, but Reconciling

The Media, both Print and audiovisual can make or mar when it comes to peace, unity and development. This explains why a Legal Colossus, Peace Crusader cum Election Expert, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, who worked tooth and nail and waisted his energy and finances to bring unity and peace to the ever warring North West Region to no avail in the 21 Century, regretted at the end to see his hard earned efforts fizzled out with out an achievement, handed over of course to the Media the Region for them to help right all the wrongs orchestrated deliberately by some overzealous and non peace lovers for selfish end. Unfortunately for the peace crusader, the North West Media especially those of the Print and some audios, instead of being educative, meditative and resolute on the matter, were rather fanning the flames through diabolic and bias reports at the same time blowing news items out of Proportion motivated or engineered by elite and Fons. Today World Echoes Newspaper can regrettably count an unending list of warring Fondoms of the North West Region. There are: Bali VS Bawok conflict, Bali VS Ngyen Mbu conflict, Mankon VS Nsongwa conflict, Nzah, the Muslem Community VS Catholic University conflict, Tubah Elite VS Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda against decentralization of Faculties, Balikumbat VS Bambalang, Balikumbat VS Bafanji, Bamukumbit, Babungo VS Baba I, Kom VS Bum, Oku VS Mbeseneko, NSO VS Din, Nso VS Nkar, Nsoh VS Nseh, Binshua VS Binka, Nkambe VS Moh, Njirong VS Ntumbo, Ndawara Baba Danpullo VS almost all the Villages he has plantations of his tea estates and ranches, Kedjom Keku People VS their Fon who was roasted to death, Ndu genocide, just to mention these few hot spots amongst others all boarded around sovereign rights, authority, outright land grabbing, imposition, show of power and might, suppressing, outright arrogance and aggression, abuse of power, test of military might, disrespect, non payment of royalties, wrong clemency, political engineering above all horrible PRESS Reports. Most regrettably, the flames of these crises are fanned by the Press financed by elite and promoted by North West Fons, custodians of the land. The Elite When it comes to the elite, every true Press Man of the North West Region knows how the power hungry elite intoxicated the once revered North West Fons Union leadership to bite the very finger that fed the North West Fons who are now left to wallow in the absence of peace. In the name of peace crusader Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle. The then leadership preferred confusion, manipulation, division and misunderstanding amongst Fons to peace. That is why till date, the Union has known no peace as Big Fons are against Smaller Fon, likening some quarter heads, others terming themselves modern and rich Fon, some members of the Council of elderly Fons who will not seat and watch petit Fons rob the dignity of Fons into mud, moving around spraying titles in questionable areas. Conflicts within NOWEFU Because of Politics, one Fon outsmarting the other, intrigues and manipulation in the Union, NOWEFU is now in camps, divided in action and plans. No iota of peace can be plucked from the Union nor can they spray to the public or population they are called rule by nature. The in house fight has grown to open confrontation and blackmail using the Press. To borrow a phrase from Chinua Achebe’s most read novel “things fall apart” World Echoes Newspaper can comfortably posit that things have fallen apart in the North West Region and the Centre can no more hold. Role of the Press The Conflicts term it intertribal wars and infighting in NOWEFU has continued to rage on over the years tearing the Region apart, but regrettably, no single print Media or Audio of the North West Region in Cameroon has wept for the beloved Region. Shouldn’t the Print Media of the Region including audio\visual looking at the great havoc the situation is causing the Region individually and collectively dedicate pages of their Newspapers and airspace to begin calling the destroyers of the North West Region by their names, canvassing for peace, reconciling villages and Fons, condemning intertribal wars, promoting social dialogue and understanding? Meaningful dialogue and lasting solutions through media actions and Press reports, from Journalist mirror of the society remains the only formidable tool and weapon that can greatly kill the canker worm eating deep in the our society. World Echoes Newspaper for these reasons has taken up the duty and responsibility while praying fervently that other organs follow suit because it is a war we must all win GOD BEING OUR HELPER.

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