Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crying Fowl to Unorthodox Traditional Practices 1: Chieftaincy Rites & Human Right Abuse Cases in the West Region *Bouongnong Jean Jacque Victim Amongst others *Why it is Time for Action & the Press to Condemn Strongly

It’s hard to bear and disheartening to know that in the 21st century acts of human right abuse are still being perpetrated before the very eyes of the administration and the Cameroonian government in the name of unorthodox traditional practices yet the National Human rights commission and some human right NGOs/ activists watch with little attention. 

The case of Bouongnong Jean Jacque amongst others is a glaring example. Who because of subjection to succeed the late soothsayer Fon of Bagam who died in September 2013 had to escape for his dear life for fear of going through the harsh, excruciating and satanic initiation exercise. Which entails being in the “La’ahkam” for 12 months, delivering nine children within that period, with nine young virgins put at his disposal to ensure continuity in the dynasty and to take up a mystical animal in the bush through the “Totemic initiation exercise” to show strength, power and might taking authority.
Jean’s escape to be enthroned has left untold suffering to the parents, causing the father Bouognon Kendine Luc to die of serious torture in October 2013 scaring the mother Mebouo Jacqueline and other children to be permanently on the run till date for failing to produce their son for the thrown of Bagam which is under the leadership of a regent today. According to the Village council chairman Nkengfack Patrice, the family of late Kendine will know no peace so long as Jean Jacque heir to the thrown of Bagam is not produced by the family known to be under their keeping.
This case is just one amongst a good number of such banal traditional acts or cult rites that subject individuals to under go serious torture under fetish initiations that may at times last for 13 months or in some cases even two year,  drinking from funny calabashes and having sex with the late Fon’s wives .
Reliably informed as this reporter opens further investigation the entire family of Late Bouognon Kendine Luc is in danger if the said Bouongnong Jean Jacque is not produced from his hide out. News avails that the said jean Jacque helpless in the face of this situation has been wandering about disguised under the cover name Mezepo Jacque. As search campaigns and calls are increasingly being made by the North West and West Fon’s Union after the said absconded would be Fon of Bagam. 
This reporter wandering aloud finds it difficult to understand what is going on that in a modern era where Christian values are strongly being upheld, crude traditional values are still reigning supreme, witchcraft the order of the day and is tolerated by government because apparently it looks like nothing is being done as traditional fundamentalist keep violating the rights of villagers or individuals under the cover of tradition.
It is time for action which is what we of this Media House World Echoes Newspaper strongly decry, crying fowl to all the audiles bad tradition is causing innocent citizens suffering in the hands of demon fowlers and calling on government and all Human right NGOs to pay special attention as we strongly advocate for tradition without the abuse of human rights and tradition for progress. Saying no to any forceful enthronement, No to any fundamental and unorthodox traditional practices and no to outright abuse of power, victimization and man hunt.

Urgent Search Campaign for Absconded would be Chief of Bagam Since 2013
The quarter traditional Council Chairman Bagam  Nkenfack Patrice, the Cultural and development President, sons, daughters, and the Presidents of the North West and West chiefs Union has launched fresh Calls and campaign search for Bouongnong Jean Jacque the would be chief of Bagam who absconded in 2013 and has since left the thrown vacant.
This Appeal should serve as an announcement, whosoever has seen him or has an idea of where he is hiding should report to the Nearest Police station or draw the attention of the State Counsel or the Chiefs Union.
NB: A Heavy compensation awaits bearer of intelligence information about his where about

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