Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Panic Grips North West as Boko Harams Declares others in Bamenda

Fear, uncertainty and suspicion rocks the North West Region and her population over allegations that members of the Nigerian based terrorist group, Boko Harram, are in Bamenda, eight of them at the Regional Head Quarters of the North West Region. The rumor which started spreading like wild fire in Bamenda since last week holds that one of the elements of Boko Haram and wife all from Nso confessed in Beleiver’s Living Church in Nkwen, Bamenda III Sub-Division that eight of them are in Bamenda for the usual suicide bombing exercise which is witnessed in Nigeria daily, at the same time seeking refuge, playing the role of main informants and spies. Knowing the havoc Boko Haram has caused and continues to inflict in Nigeria and the Northern Region of Cameroon, most Bamenda dwellers in particular are afraid to go to popular places like Churches, markets, and bars. Besides, everybody suspects any strange face especially bearded men in town. Many think that the rumor about the presence of Boko Haram in Bamenda might be true given that North West Region appears to have the longest boarders with Nigeria in West Africa, given that Divisions like Donga-Mantung, Bui, Boyo and Menchum are close neighbors to Nigeria, the base of Boko Haram. Its because of the closeness North West has with Nigeria that in the on-going economic tour of the North West Governor, Adolph Lele L’afrique, took off ample time to sensitize the population about the deathly group and their eminent presence. He equally calls on each a sundry to report any suspicious faces to the forces of law and order including the administration to prevent any surprised attacks. It is worth noting that Boko Haram attacks people of all Religions including even Muslims. They bomb places, kill people indiscriminately and kidnap people demanding for ransoms amongst others. Its is feared that some individuals especially thieves may be using the name Boko Haram to rain havoc in town especially with the false alarms that comes up time again so be ware and do not minimize any information because it may be useful just at the time you or we may be rejecting.

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