Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Naked Truth; How Cameroon is Governed by Seven Folk Mystical Powers

Cameroon is controlled by two major forces in play and action, you have the astral which is directly in control and black magic what we call voodoo the subordinate or companion.
Dear audiences fellow Cameroonians it will beat your imagination that for over thirty years now, moving from devaluation, into the heart of crises and the price hike in fuel with operation “ghost Town” under the regime and under the supreme pilot ship of President Paul Biya, Cameroon has not fallen into fierce war and confrontation as it is in the North and other parts of Africa. Rather, he is still talking of an emerging economy come 2035, meaning he still has 23 more years to seat and die on the thrown isn’t it? Without any complain or objection.
It beats your imagination why as days go by the power of the opposition is dwindling, weakened and pruned to many wrangles and maladies as of the 90s as opposed to the regime in power rather growing stronger.
It should also beat your imagination why most Cameroonians now and even the Fons and chiefs of Southern Cameroon prefer remaining under the present dispensation than join the liberators and the opposition who are even regarded worst.
Fellow readers it will also beat your imagination that there are many churches in Cameroon but they are unable to seek salvation for Cameroonians as we are opened to many more natural calamities and disasters daily.
Our imaginations keep beating why when good government projects introduced at the face of fruition is dumped and money swindled, nobody is there to complain because the Civil Societies, Trade Unions and NGOs have become corrupt.
It should also beat your imagination why useful intellectual Cameroonians are manipulated to act and behave cowardly for the regime in place and not in favor of the people called to serve.
And finally it should beat your imagination more, why propaganda is taking central stage within the government circle, there are manipulated arrest and unjust worthy sentences but people keep embracing it, while politicians have suddenly been derailed with money and un-insightful thoughts, why not gullible decisions.
This is because the chief pilot of the Cameroonian Economy, Government, and commander of the Arm forces his Excellency President Paul Biya posses the seven folk of powers that breeds veneration and vindication since he belongs to the largest and the most renowned fraternity in the world with base in San Jos California the seat of the Celestial Sanctum.
The Seven folks of power call it Divine or mystical, gives him prominence and omnipresence, why not potency to be every where and moment spiritually. Living with the “ever I am that I am that is in me” as a Grand Master makes him the over all lord over all astral animating forces hovering within the Cameroonian circumference.
Reasons why he can govern Cameroon in the physical, supernatural and the spiritual which is exactly what is in play and should reasonably be the answer to all the worries that has been beating our imagination through out this startling revelation adventure.
Biya the most intelligent, second to God in Cameroon, masters the science and the mystery of life reasons why there is an ever prompt and ready solution to any problem that erupts from the Cameroonian economy.
Like Jesus’s 12 disciples were thought to go into the world preach the Gospel and win many more souls to heaven, Biya’s religious Linings vested him with the ability to know who to appoint, for what ever purpose, when to sack and how to get rid of who so ever when that appointed moments comes. This is the use, dump and disciplinary tactics of the head of State 
Biya as an astute and dexterous leader has been ruling Cameroon with the powers of discernment, manipulation, propaganda, appeasement, security, intelligence and above all Love.
The love that Biya has for Cameroon is at its bream for Biya to have ruled Cameroon for over 30 years without war sparking off wither with spiritual or supernatural forces justify the absolute love Biya has for Cameroon. And it is with that love, not wanting Cameroon to fall into the hands of any hooligan in the name of change bringers have stood fast in peril not to let go the leadership of the Presidency into the hands of somebody who will wreck it by appeasing.  This is seen eve to the 2011 Presidential Elections, Biya had to introduce 25 000 recruitment to pacify, pamper and deviate attention on his over stay in government in order to secure another mandate to work for the love, peace and tranquility that Cameroonians so dearly cherish.
The BIR and arrest of Ministers and Mayors call them manipulated, is a tool by Biya and his government to measure, show honesty and how far the regime can go when it comes to ensuring peace, honesty, accountability and security. For sure it is obvious that a country plagued by corruption has no head way and worst when citizens are a threat to the welfare of the regime in place for even the Bible says it “Pray for authorities and leader” reasons why harmful elements to the regime like the Marafa’s, the Inoni, the Eve Michel’s should be kept in jail to serve as a lesson for whosoever wants to dare.
Looking at the opportunistic ways Biya has been using to rule Cameroon, you will bear with us that natural disasters and the celebration of certain anniversaries has worked greatly to facilitate the Biya Propaganda power of rule. Biya took advantage of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Armed forces in Bamenda to completely win back the minds of Bamenda people the strong hold of the opposition before 2011 Presidential elections in 2010 to his government, where he gave them a complete University, a referral Hospital, the ring road, and approved the harnessing of the Menchum fall. The Lum Pangar and Memvela Dams, the Ebolowa Agrow Pastoral show and the recent visit to the grand Nord and pending anniversaries to be celebrated, like the Re-unification anniversary in Buea, are occasions he used and will continue to use in propagating his love worthy intensions to Cameroon and Cameroonian while seeking Divine favor for some of his shortcomings.
On the discerning platform, as a true leader, you must master the science and art of wander with that, emotions and consideration has no place. This is seen in the way Biya thinks rationally and full of insight. It is only a dull man to know that people are holding meetings at his back that will allow the person to be moving around freely. It is also only a dull man who want to seat and watch people staging deceitful pictures before him, Biya is the type that reasons very accurately for himself without influence but for those who when tasked by him fall victim of corrupt circumstances and start misgoverning then the blames comes back to him.
Biya in all has no trust and believes in all for a particular moment, a practice which enables him to read farely and squarely from his oracles the historics of relevant situations which are flexible and elastic to enable Cameroon forge ahead in a peace loving way with him at the helm, reasons why he is still in power and will remain the same today, tomorrow and forever.       Tamukong Roland

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