Monday, March 30, 2015

German NGO “Help the Seniors in Cameroon” Seniorenhilfe Kamerun Donates to Eye Care Centre, Bambui Community Via RECEWAPEC

The Association, call it NGO, has donated to the Tubah eye care centre and the Bambui community goods which comprises computers, a bus, medicated lenses and eye care equipment to the tune of 20millions francs CFA.

The consignments it should be noted was donated two years back to the Regional Centre for the welfare of ageing persons in Cameroon a specialized community based NGO on ageing for the eye care centre and has been in the keeping of the Cameroon’s ports Authority for port charges which rose up to 19 millions francs, just to be released early this March 2015.

The release of the items was welcomed with great joy and tribulation, as Tubah population came out in their numbers to receive the items on the 22nd day of March 2015. To them, the final arrival of the container grounds their firm conviction that the eye care centre will soon be fully operational. As it fully affirms the German commitment taken some two years back when a delegation headed by Dr Hofmann came in from “Help the Seniors in Cameroon” and promised to do all in their best to help the old in Cameroon. True to their words they are living witness to that contractual agreement and are very happy thanking God for sending the Germans.  

In the presence of the Population, the King of Bambui Angafor the II, the Delegate of Social affairs and the administration, the donated consignment of goods were unveiled and off loaded into the RECEWAPEC Regional head office and a chunk of the materials shared to old people who were about five hundred in number.

“Help the Seniors in Cameroon” is a German born Charity created some three years ago with the federated mandate to assist elderly people in Cameroon. She was born out of a common bond signed with the Cameroonian government through RECEWAPEC a specialized NGO working on ageing issues since 1990.

The association in its debut targeted the eye care centre, for the identification and treatment of eye problems which is a very common phenomenon amongst the old who are their targeted population.

The first registered consignment only confirms that much should be expected from the Germans for the eye care centre to be fully operational in Cameroon.

Speaking at the occasion, the King of Bambui expressed total gratitude and satisfaction for all the Germans have done, hear him“Accept warmest greetings and abundant blessings from our Land, a very hospitable place to all, with all its cordial affinities.

It is with another profound gratitude that I stand here, at the RECEWAPEC Regional Head Office to witness another historic occasion that will in the long run help improve on the living conditions and health of my people.

I remember some time early last year, through you RECEWAPEC, we cordially received a three Man Delegation from “Help the Seniors in Cameroon” Association in Germany Headed by Dr Hoffman in the Tubah Council Hall who promised to do all in their best to enable the eye care centre go operational in no distance time.

Today I and my people are living witness to the fruits of that promise made, with what we are marveled to see here presented to us by RECEWAPEC as equipments sent for the Eye Care centre by the Germans.

I am quite aware of the pains taken to clear these German offers from the Cameroon Port, for two good years with exorbitant port charges. I am my community henceforth promise to collaborate with RECEWAPEC in facilitating the clearance of any subsequent donation to this center. Be rest Assure!

This is what in clear terms, can be defined as honesty without reservation. My people are proud of you Prince Bengha Martin and Board members of the “Help the Seniors in Cameroon ” Germany Association. God will continue to bless you for thinking about the welfare of old people in Cameroon, most especially that of my people.

The centre I must reiterate brings to the door steps of my people a ready health care service for all their old age related problems. I lack words on their behalf! As a Patron of the success story, I do solemnly take the responsibility to assure RECEWAPEC and German Partners that, we shall guard the centre jealously. Do well to invest in our community in any form, you have our entire benediction. 

It is on this note that I exhort your actions and support to the people of Bambui in particular and to the Tubah Community in general. At the same time Praying God to continue blessing you with the means to help rescue old needy people in Cameroon.

Thanks a million times as we invite the Board of Directors Chairman to take Bambui as a second home to live on permanently with his family to also oversee the smooth functioning of the centre, which I now call our centre.


-God Bless “Help the Seniors in Cameroon” Association Germany”

-God Bless Germany

-God Bless Cameroon! Amen

The Social affairs Delegate on her part as the receiving Ministry said such actions are timely and greatly comes to assist the Cameroonian Government where she is lacking. Hear her “On behalf of my Regional Delegate whom I represent here today, I want to sincerely thank everybody for massively coming out to welcome these consignments of goods from the Germans meant for the Eye Care centre, which will be there to solve all your problems of sight at a cheaper cost.

This gesture is one of its kind, and only given to lucky ones. Bambui is today blessed to have such a donation from the Germans and will go a long way to solve all age old related health problems of the Bambui Man, Tubah Community and Cameroon as a whole, because people will come all over Cameroon to benefit of these services.

I, on behalf of the tutelage Ministry in charge of the social welfare of the people greatly commend the efforts and actions of RECEWAPEC and that of “Help the Seniors Cameroon ” in Germany who are coming in time of great need to help the Cameroonian government where they are lacking. Only such actions can help improve the lives of our people.

We know the pains you and your team have gone through to clear the consignments from the sea port, for our office was regularly informed. Hierarchy is informed and necessary measures have been taken to prevent any subsequent delay at the level of the ports authority when any such donation is made by RECEWAPEC’s partners for the eye care centre.

Not to too much belabor that point, as the recipient Ministry, I want to “Help the Seniors in Cameroon Association and its Board of Directors, praying that they should keep investing in Cameroon, that they have our full support and security. We shall all watch over the center as it grows at every lips and bounds.

Thank you for all the gifts to our old people, thank you for all the supports, thank you for all the good intensions you are nursing for Cameroon, thank you for all the sacrifices. God bless you and give you Long Live.

-Long live the cooperation between Cameroon and Germany

-May God Bless Cameroon

In all, merry making and feasting crowned the occasion graced by the special blessing of the Fon. Prior to the offloading of the gifts to the centre, they were dedicated in church and blessed by the pastor.

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