Thursday, June 9, 2016

Official Press Release: Accredited Winners of World Echoes Newspaper 2016 National Media Award for Excellence Released *Dubbed 2016 Press Icons Innovation Award to Sustainable Development Actors*Slated for the 9th of July 2016 CamCCUL Building Conference Hall Bamenda, Cameroon 10.00 noon

Launching Journalist\Governor’s Network Project to Combat Terrorism in Cameroon

This years’ National Press Award @ 8th, combines Excellence Performance to Promote the Abilities of Industrious Cameroonians at the same time Enhancing values that guarantees the social security\welfare and being of the Nation while promoting the private sector economy.
The 2016 Innovators\Sustainable Development Actors National Press Icons Award is meant for those duly Nominated\Elected by the accredited Committee for haven’t distinguished themselves in a Special way in their respective works of life throughout the year.
*Man/Nation Builder N0; 1 of the Year for His Steady fight against insecurity & the Enhancement of Peace and national Unity in Cameroon
*Contributors to Nation Building,
*Architects\enhancers of sustainable development and devoted service providers to the Nation
*People whose great dynamics, intellectual know how and industriousness has impacted the lives of a community, a people by any form of alleviation or compassion.
*Those whose creative knowledge or thinking has caused Cameroonian to network more socially for their common good and welfare
*People whose enterprising abilities has helped to move the country from a public service economy to a private service economy at the same time creating employment
*Great promoters of useful service programs or projects to humanity
*Politicians of Honourable class who through politicking and gimmicks has influenced the political life wire of the country
*To Nature protectors and environmentalist who are doing all in their best to redress unpredictable nature’s situation through sustained actions and efforts.
*To Agricultural expert, great conservators, rural animators, extension workers, consultants, project Director and coordinators of NGOs, CSOs, CIGs, Cooperatives that has boast the agricultural sector to meet the emerging needs and exigencies of the country in the 21st century faced with the challenges of scientific evolution.
*To Administrators of exceptional class with visionary ideas that has boasted good governance and transparency in the country
*To great Academicians who amongst colleagues have earned favor for their intellectual works
*To Anti corruption crusaders, human right activist and advocates of peace  


Accredited Winners of the Historic/Prestigious Award of the Century in West Africa/Cameroon for Excellence to Meritorious Cameroonian and Nation Builders of Exceptional Class 

*Man/Nation Builder N0; 1 of the Year for His Steady fight against insecurity & the Enhancement of Peace and national Unity in Cameroon
*** H.E President Paul Biya Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces

*Best University Don\Educationist of the Year

- Prof. Fonche Peter

*Most Admired & Dynamic Cameroonian Anglophone Politician of the Year

-Dr Christopher Fomunyoh

*Politicians of the Year

- Sadio Alice National Chairman APF

-Ndansi Elvis of UNDP

*Most Courageous Female Politician of the year

-Mme Swiri Rose Saningong CPDM

*Best Educationist Prize Award Winner of the Year

- Dr Vussimih William HOD Accounting HICM

*Best Agro-Industrialist/Researcher of the Year  

-Prof. Carl Mbofung Moses Funtong

*Legendary Icon of the year

- Mme Asongwe Mary

-Prof. Ambanasom Shadrack

-Prof. Ben Fru Wara

*Best Philanthropist & Community Developer of the Year

-Ngwakongoh Lawrence

-Dr Tingang Joseph

*Most Courageous/influential Cameroonian Political/Social Activist of the Year

-Kah Walla Kabang

*Best Civil Engineer of the Year

-Nfor Cyprian Ngenge

*Nation Builder of the Year

-Shey Henry Nganji

- Kodiah Andrew Nyungho

*Best Regional Delegate/ Finance Controller of the Year

-Mme Nouboue Alice

*Best Director of Primary & Nursery Education of the Year

-Achuo Bertrand Abuambeng

*True Muslim Community Leader/Employer of the Year

-Alhadji Nana Bouba

*Most Industrious & Innovative Cameroonian of the Year

-James Tanyi Creator of VOLCA Electrons

*Young & Dynamic University Lecturer of the Year

-Uzor Emmanuel Emeka Specialized in Insurance & Risk Management

*Best Environmentalist of the Year

-  Dieudonne Tantoh Nforba “Farmer Tantoh”

- Valentine Ache Tabifor Mendel Foundation

*Best Modern Traditional Doctor of the Year

-El-Hadji Dr YakubAhmed Bula of Najibula Health Service Institute

*Best Construction Company/ Contractor of the Year

-NAPOCAM Enterprise/Ayafor Napoleon

*Best Professional Higher Training Institution of the Year

-FONAB Polytechnic

-FAPTRAC (Fidelity Advanced Professional Training Centre)

*Best Managed & Well Innovated Higher Institution of Learning in Cameroon

-Paul’s Computer Institute Bamenda (PCI)

*Best Manager of Schools in the North West Region

-Mumbari Joseph

*Most Innovative & Proximity Cameroonian Private Radio Station of the Year

-NDEFCAM Radio Bamenda

*Best Professional Inclusive Educational Training Institute of the Year


*Service to Humanity Icon of the Year

-Mme Nungu Magdalene

*Best Parliamentarian\Politician of the Year

-Caroline Mbibey MP for Nkum\Mbiami

-Edene Mbah Enih MP Mbengwi

*Traditional Ruler of the Year

-HRH Kumachou Albert Kawzuh  II Fon of Esu

*N.W Traditional Authority of the Year

- HRH Kevin Shomitang II Fon of Bambalang

- HRH Fon F.S.N Azehfor III of Nkwen

*Young & Dynamic Fon of the Year

-HRH Samkie Elvis Gahnyam  Fon of Baligham

- HRH Baakeng Fonguh III H.T Fon of Ku-Bome

*Best All Round Mayor of the Year

-Ngabir Paul Bantar Mayor Nkambe Council

- Gwe Phillipe Mayor Fonfuka

*Best Female Mayor of the year

- Atianjoh Bridget Mayor Andek Council

*Pragmatic & Most Realistic Mayors of the Year

- Arouna Mayor Nkum Council

*Best Deputy Mayor of the Year

-Ajara Danjuma 4th Deputy Mayor Nkambe Council

-First Deputy Mayor Mbengwi Council

* Best Divisional Delegates of the Year

- Munda Nwufor Mathias DDSE Mezam

-Lonang Serge (Divisional Delegate MINEPAT Boyo)

*Best Computer Training Institute of the Year

-Tobby Vision Computers

*Best & Most Transparent DO of the year

-Ngwa Martin Manjong DO Balikumbat Sub-Division

*Best Mincro Finance Expert & Manager of the Year

-Tientchou Jonas GM CamCCUL

*Model Agricultural Scientific Research & Training Institute of the Year

- Nazareth Agro-Pastoral Training & Production centre

*Best Customers Service Credit Union of the Year

-Santa Central Cooperative Credit Union

-ALAMANDOU Cooperative Credit Society

*Best Credit Unions\Micro Finance Institution of the Year

-Tikar Credit Union

- MC2 Santa

*Best Credit Union President of the Year

-Ngoh Ajong Sylvanus Bobgima Bali Centre Credit Union

*Best Micro Finance Bank Manager of the Year

-Akaaba A. Jacob GM Bali Centre cooperative Credit Union

*Entrepreneurs of the year

-Wanyam Sama Pascal

*Most Enterprising & Dynamic Businessman of the Year

-Alhadji Bekwa Yaya Bonuh Samira Shopping Centre

-Tata Gideon Kehla

-Wirba Oliver Sahfon

*Best Traders Association (CSO) of the Year

-BATEO Bamenda Traders and Economic Operators

*Trade Unionist of the Year

-Tse Kevin Anye

*Best Social Security Actor/Dynamic Youth Community Leader of the Year

-Charles Loogha

*Best Economic Operating Establishment\Employer of the Year


*Best Building Material Supplier Company of the Year

-Nzudie Ltd

*Most Assiduous & Devoted CBC Worker of the Year

-Monju Johnson

*Best GBHS Principal of the Year

-Nfor Harrison Principal GSS Binshua

*Best GTHS Principal of the Year

- Garba M. Emmanuel Principal GTHS Bamenda

-Mme Atanga Ngum Phebe GTHS Nkwen

*Best Private Secondary Schools of the Year

-Christ the King College Bamenda

-FONAB college Kedjom Keku

*Young and most Inspired\Enterprising Cameroonian Business Manager of the Year

-Huseni Baba Danpullo GM of Ndawara Tea Estates 

*Best\Prominent\Modern Primary & Nursery School of the Year

-Gratitude Primary & Nursery school Bamenda

*Life Impacting NGO for Elderly Rights & Social Welfare

 - LAFTA Cameroon Living Alternatives for the Ageing

*Best Community Based & Grassroots Dev’t NGO of the Year

- Sustainable Run for Development NGO

*Most Influential Ngoketunjia CPDM Woman of the Year

-Mme Kibong Geraldine Ngoketunjia Nord

-Sama Dorothy Ngoketunjia South

*Best Medical Doctor of the year

-Dr Achu Ngam PAUL Specialized pathologist

*Best Bamenda Regional Hospital Staff of the Year

-Fung John Service Manager

*Best Health Surgical Operator of the Year

-Dr Kwah of Ndop Hospital

*Best Mental Health Care\Centre for the Disable

-Treasure Centre

-Good Shepherd Home Abangoh Bamenda

* Best Modern Traditional Doctor of the Year

-Blessed Modern Traditional Clinic

*Most Enterprising & Dynamic Cameroonian of the Year

-Ihimbru Vincent Bache

-Atemko Moses

*N.W Best Social\Veteran Club of the Year

- Noble Veterans Basketball Club Parcour Vita Bamenda

*Best Hotel of the Year

-Atmiralty Hotel New Road Up Station

-Apple Gate Hotel Ndamukong

*Best Tailoring workshop of the year

-Aurel Tailoring Academy

*Best Printing Press of the Year

*Shiloh Printing Press

*Best Bakery of the Year

- King Claude Bakery 

*Best Petrol Station of the Year

-Goshen Patrol Station

*Best Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministries in Nigeria

-Mercy Land Ministry of Prophet Jeremiah

-Champions Royal Assembly of Brother Joshua Iginla

*Best Nigerian\Most Renowned World Pastors of the Year

-Dr Paul Enenche of Dunamis International

*Best Signs & Wanders Ministry of the year in Cameroon

-Kingship International Ministry

-Omega Fire Ministries International

*Most Inspired Cameroonian Pastor of the Year

-Pastor Warah Solomon Che of RAMAH Christian Centre

-Rev. Nchanji Therese of Holy Ghost Zone Ministry Yaounde

*Best Service to Humanity NGO of the Year

-Home of Pearls Foundation

*Winner of Agro\Industrial Prize for Innovators

-Nteuhboh Pillipe

-Institute of Industrial Reformation

*Best Media Innovation Award Prize of the Year

- Comfort Mussa Sisterspeak232

*Best Musical Artist & Gospel Singer of the Year

-Sis. Elizabeth Tekeh

-Evan. Nkemngu Valentine

* Best Décor Establishment in Cameroon

-Smiling Décor Sonac Street

*Best, Safe & Reliable Travel Agency of the Year

-Grand Jeannot Express Company Ltd Bamenda

*Best N.W Photographer of the Year

-Atub Deni Proprietor Denisco Photo Studio

*True Muslim Community Leader of the Year

-Alhadj Ardo Juli Bobo President Ardos Union

Sign by 

Award Committee Chairman
Michael Ndi
Publisher of Cameroon Concord\Regional Bureau Chief of the Guardian Post
General Coordinators
Jato Richard Tonga
Radio Hot cocoa\Regional Chief of Radio TV Siantou
Akumbom Elvis Mackati
Publisher The Era Newspaper\Chief of Programs Radio Afrique Nouvelle FM
Assessment & Evaluation Board
Rev. Prof. Tita Sameul
Cornerstone Theological Seminary Israel\ BOD Methodist Church in Cameroon
Rev. Mifang David
Director Science of the Mind Institute\CEO LISAC-Cameroon & World Mission
Managing Director of the 2016 National Press Award
Tamukong Roland Angong
Publisher\Editor World Echoes Newspaper Group (of Activities) Inc. International
CEO (Camatecsu-Cameroon) Cameroon Association for Technical & Sustainable Dev’t
Promoter of the Journalist\Governor’s Network Project to Combat Terrorism in Cameroon
Our Lawyers;
Fairfields Chamber Commercial Avenue
Bamenda Beside International Hotel

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