Monday, July 30, 2012

Cama-tecsu is born

Breaking News;
A CSO/CIG dubbed Cameroon CIG/CSO Association for Technical and sustainable development has been born in Cameroon. with mission
to conglomerate technical support services and programs flexible to promote sustainable development through advocacy,dialogue, preaching, social camps, round tables, and human investment programs for nation building, social integration and above all rekindle morals for social security sake in Cameroon.

Like Padre Pio & Karamchan Ghandi, they dedicate their lives to the service of humanity while winning self sustained happy souls for the Glory of God.
Cama-tecsu-Cameroonnetworks through Media & Globally sustained Technical Support Programs.
Her Pioneer National Founding President and CEO Is Tamukong Roland Angong with Head Quarters in Ngoketunjia Division and with Branches all over cameroon.

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  1. "Congratulations World Echoes Newspaper for the Giant Stride may God Continue to inspire you" Yah Constance