Monday, August 20, 2012

Career Profiles of Newly Installed UBa Officials

Prof.Etienne Zé Amvela, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Teaching, Professionalism and Development of Information and Communication Technologies, was born in Sangmelima in the South Region of Cameroon.  But he is a pure and genuine product of the Anglosaxon tradition.  He was trained in the best universities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Etienne Zé Amvela is holder of the following four (04) university qualifications.
Bachelor of Arts (BA) with Highest Honours,
Diploma for the teaching of English as a second or Foreign Language, both from State University of New York, USA.
Master of Science, (Ms) from the famous Georgetown University in Washington D.C, USA, and
Ph.D from the University of Leeds in England, UK.
Among other achievements, he has limbed all the grades of the teaching corps of Higher Education.  He is now full Professor of English Language and Linguistics.  Prior to his appointment as DVC-TPDICT at the University of Bamenda, Prof. Zé Amvela has held the following five (05) top-ranking positions in Higher Education in Cameroon.
Vice-Rector in charge of Internal Control and Evaluation at the University of Yaounde I.
Technical Adviser to the Rectors University of Douala,
Director of Academic Affairs, and Cooperation at the University of Douala,
Director of the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters at the University of Buea, and
Deputy Director General of the then Buea University Centre.
In this context, we, at the University of Bamenda can only hope to derive maximum benefit from Prof. Zé Amvela’s rich and varied experience not only in English Language teaching where he excels, but also in good governance at the University of Bamenda.
Yesterday, he was pioneer at the University of Buea.  Today, he is pioneer at the University of Bamenda.  Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome Prof. Zé Amvela with a big round of applause.
Prof. Fritz Ndiva Mbua, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Research Cooperation and Relations with the Business world, previously Vice Dean in charge of Students Affairs in the Faculty of Education of the University of Buea, is an accomplished scholar with several publications.  Redoubtable for programs in education.  Specialist in Educational foundation and Administration.  He is one of those who is merely coming back home after several years of teaching in the Department of Science of Education of former ENSAB.  He should know that the house has out grown the proportion he left in the mid nineties.  Above all, he will be in charge of giving the university its most conspicuous visibility through research and publications.  By dint of his office, he shall be the ambassador ple-ni-po-ten-tiary who will carry the image of the University out, win cooperation ties and insert it in the business world.
Prof. Dashaco John Tambutoh, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Internal Control and Evaluation, previously serving in the University of Yaounde II Soa as Vice Dean in charge of Research and Cooperation in the Faculty of Law and Political Science is specialist in intellectual Property right law.  He is young and dynamic.  We shall expect him to use his  much grounded legal background and his wealth of administrative experience to promote good governance, ensure the respect for rules and regulations governing university functioning and stage an aggressive fight against bribery, corruption and embezzlement.  As the man in charge of internal control and evaluation, the image of the university in all its forms will rest in his sphere of influence.  The dimensions to improve academic, managerial quality and heuristics will depend on him.
Prof. Mbofung Carl Moses Funtong, Registrar, has been a long serving Director at the Advanced Institute of Agro-Industrial Sciences in Ngoundere.  You will be one of the central arteries of the university.  You have to assist the Vice Chancellor in the day-to-day running of the university other than those functions performed by the Deputy Vice chancellors, the Bursa and Chief librarian.  You shall also be the secretary of the Senate and Council and ensure that the policies and decisions of the aforementioned organs are implemented.  We count on you for the smooth functioning of the central administration.
To these very close collaborators are a technical adviser, Directors and  a Dean.
Prof. Tang Alice, Technical adviser, will be the brain of the system. She will be thinking and strategizing for the system.  We look forward to your innovative ideas to put to action.
Dr.  Jua Rosaline, Director of Academic Affairs, will be expected to bring to UBa the academic experience of the University of Buea and to imitate actions that will make UBa the referral source of science and technology in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mr.  SOyang Evaristus, Director of Administrative Affairs is an experienced Senior Treasury Inspector and administrator trained at ENAM.  He previously served at the Ministry of Finance.  He will be expected to give administrative assistance to the Registrar especially in matters of resource management, formulation and interpretation of legal texts and litigations.
Mr. Mboh Patrice Lumumba, Director of Financial Affairs (Bursar), is Senior Treasury Inspector with a long standing experience in the university financial economy.  Before moving to the Ministry of Finance, he served for about nine years as the Accounting Officer of the University of Dschang.  You are coming in at a time of budget constraints and unpaid bills.  Difficult as this may be, we count on the financial expertise you incarnate to expedite the financial drawbacks we are facing in UBa.
Prof.  Galega Sangena, Director of Students Affairs, you shall be dealing directly with the constituency of people who justify our mission in the University.  As the custodian of this very precious group, we shall expect you to chart actions that will keep the students comfortable and spirited.  Do well to put all the necessary safeguards against students’ discontents and strikes.  Ensure that the Divisions of housing and catering, sports and recreation, admissions and records and Health should be put to the best advantage of the students of the University.  We equally challenge you to begin preparations for the next university games in Ngoundere for the university looks forward of being the best in 2013.

Prof.  Petang Chrispin, Director of Development, Physical Plant and Infrastructure is not a new name in Bambili.  He was formerly occupying the same office in the University of Yaounde I to which ENS Bambili was attached.  He is the brain behind the new structures, from the two pedagogic blocs to all the latest constructions going at the moment on this campus.  It’s my guess that the President of the Republic sent him to complete the commendable job he started.  We shall expect you to build on this reputation but above all to conceive and design within the quickest possible time infrastructural projects to accommodate the needs of teaching, training, administration and leisure.
Prof. Lukong Conelius Fai, Director of HTTC Bamenda in Bambili, formerly Head of Division of University Cooperation in the University of Dschang, is also not a new name in UBa and to the institution he is taking office. As former head of Department of Physics, he knows precisely where he is heading to.  He is taking over a terrain on which the University of Bamenda was born.  We challenged him as pioneer Director to inject fresh ideas that will go a long way to improve on the quality of training teachers for our secondary schools and colleges.
Prof.  Akume Daniel Akume, Director of HTTTC Bamenda in Bambili is specialist in Applied Mathematics.  Before his appointment, he served as Chief of service of SIGIPES at the Ministry of Higher Education.  He shall be expected to reactivate, make real make more accessible technical education training.  The state of Cameroon has its eyes cast on you to nurse formidable technical pedagogues who will breed young Cameroonians in the art of entrepreneurial and engineering sciences, vital assets for the construction of the emergent Cameroon of 2035.  As the pioneer Director, you carry the daunting responsibility to chart a feasible development plan for the school in terms of programs, equipment and infrastructure.
Prof. Kuaban Christopher, Dean of the Faulty of Health Science, was previously coordinator of the Specialization cycle of the Faculty of Medicine and Bio-medical Science of the University of Yaoundé I.  As pioneer Dean, we will challenge him to build the faculty with a view of making it one of the best in the country.

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