Monday, August 20, 2012

Football Trophy of the Year; Social Solidarity Rekindled in Tubah through Sports

The Tangang’s Family in Bambui has successfully rekindled hopes in the dejected sports lovers of their community, consolidating through it, social solidarity in sport animation and leisure.
Without any strings attached, the Manger, ACC of St Louis Clinic and University Institute of Health Science and a charitable par excellence, via Family, seeing no better way than sports to unify fellow brothers of his during summer holidays and noticing that the pitch are veritable forums for real diversification, sensitization and distraction during vacations?
Took up for the first of its kind, in a grand style his own relay baton stick of cup or trophy donation in Bambui.
Dubbing it “Bambui Solidarity cup” which according to him is a combined effort of his fellow pees to ensure that this 2012 summer holiday does not pass unnoticed without sporting activities.
The “Rescue Mission” as he termed in his opening speech at the launch of the Trophy worth some hundreds of thousands at the St Peters Multipurpose sports complex, flanged left and right by all dignified officials of Tubah backed by the turn out and the décor planted together with the effervescence that played host of the scene, saw her finals played last Wednesday 15 August 2012 before the same ambiance and unique qualities with Mbiefie Football Club locking horns with Highlanders Football Club, just for Mbifie to carry and emerge victorious with one goal and Highlander’s the vanquished with Zero goal.
The act or largess, call it a symbolic cadaeu to the Bambui youths during summer holidays to thrill and evict them from idle evil effect atrocities is a commendable effort of the donor to the Traditional authorities and a big mockery to those who taught that without them, the community will be lacking during this long vacations in sporting activities. May God Bless the Giver

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