Monday, August 20, 2012

After Memvele, Lom Pangar’s 238 Billion Project Biya Braces up for Menchum

In accomplishment and fulfillment of the  grand chantier promises made to Cameroonians the very first days he was re-elected in 2011back  into office to re-pilot the affairs of the Cameroonian economy again.
The head of State President of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya haven’t done with the laying down of the Memvele and the Lom Pangar 238 Multi Billion foundation stone of the hydroelectricity projects, on the 3rd of August 2012.
Have two other very hot important files on his table which shall be visited immediately he steps feet’s down the Nsimalene airport after his brief sejour in Europe may be to constitute a new list of Cameroon government officials’ void of any Pro-Marafa’s regarded harmful to the regime in place.
The first will be the Menchum Dam Project in the North West Region which will entail harnessing energy resources from the fall to boast and subsidize electricity shortage in the Region and other parts of  Cameroon at alarge.
A project which tops rank in the Biya Major accomplishment project list this 2012 will surely give Biya a solid reason to revisit the North West Region again for the sixth time I think, after the last hectic one in December 10, 2010 for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Cameroonian Armed forces day to lay the foundation stone of the project similarly.
The next stop inside Southern Cameroon will still be in Buea for the Celebration of the 50 Anniversary of Re-unification which shall be done when Biya must have finished with his appeasement, pacification and flattery program to Cameroonians with the intention to secure Cameroon’s everlasting peace, stability and enhance National integration through cajoling and diplomacy.
Looking at the Cameroonian Political landscape there is nothing much desired by the Biya Regime than peace, because honestly, citizens of Anglophone extraction are feed up with his rule policies, governance and government.
Biya also to stay long, has discovered so suddenly that there is no better way to cajole Cameroonians than confuse them with multiple launch of ongoing projects and messianic promises to clear him off any blame and over ride the reasonS of men for his favor.
Lom Pangar Funds the Hydroelectricity project is jointly funded by the Cameroonian government and five other donors, the first donor to fulfill their loan engagements were the ADB and the BDEAC that signed their loan agreement in Yaounde on January 18, 2012. Of the total amount of the loan, FCFA 53 Billion will be used to construct the Dam, toe plant and the 90 KV transmission line. Upon completion in 2014, the lom pangar project will gulp fcfa 238 billion. Of this amount, 62 billion is expected from the Cameroonian government which has already contributed 59.6 billion. The World bank has disbursed 66 billion while the African Development Bank is expected to chip in 33 billion FCFA and the Development Bank of central Africa will contribute 20 billion. The French development agency on its part will donate 39.3 billion and the European investment bank has contributed 19.7 billion. Worth noting, most of the loans have been procured through conventions signed with the government and the foreign economic partners.
The projects is being executed by the China water electric cooperation, upon completion, the project will have a reservoir capacity of 6 billion cubic meters of water and will increase the volume of the Sanaga river by 1000 cubic meters of water every second. This will greatly improve the production capacity of Edea and Song Lolou Dams by approximately 170 megawatts of energy.

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