Monday, August 20, 2012

Transfer of Commandant Mey Heightens Insecurity in Ngoketunjia, Ndop Council’s 4th Deputy Mayor First Victim of the Under World attack

The long relative calm that Ngoketunjia Division, Ndop in particular enjoyed during the days of Commandant Abakar Mey Company Commander is gradually seeing no placement. As his absence is giving new and fresh impetus for the people of the under world to take back with their normal “copeur the Route” activities along the stretch of Sabga and go with. Penetrate the head quarters of Ngoketunjia, operate and go without trace.
This observation, goes without counter, as a week ago at the early hours of 6;30, 7;00 PM four gun men attacked the lone bakery in Ndop owned by the fourth Deputy Mayor of the Ndop Council Popularly known as Zangue Pius (Zamzam). The proprietor in an attempt to fight back, while alerting the security was fired on the neck. This gang did away with money and beverages only for the said in his pool of blood to be ferried to the hospital and is today no more. Zangue Pius (Zamzam) died last 16 August 2012 after receiving medical attention for over a week.
The death of the Number one prize winner of rice cultivation in Cameroon at the Ebolowa Agro-Pastoral show leaves and clouds the air about many uncertainties and varied interpretations. Some say it is because commandant Mey was transferred, others are of the opinion that he had scores to settle with prisoners hired to work in his varied rice farms, some say, the son has a hand and another half opined that he was not a straight man. Whether he was tall, short or small, doe not deny the fact that zamzam is death and insecurity in the Division taking another twixt and frequency. The mortal remains shall be laid to rest in his Division of origin in a month’s time in the Nde.      

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